Mugabe’s step-son seize a gold mine – it is business as usual for those who live above law!

October 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Russell Goreraza, Grace Mugabe’s son by her first marriage, has seized control of Tolrose Gold Mine in Kadoma. Mugabe’s indigenisation policies in practice!

Those are worrying times for the mine’s 325 strong labour force because most of these political seizure very often end up with the workers going for months on-end without pay or being dismissed. Look what happened to the farm seizures; 95% of the farm workers lost their jobs.

Political commentator Lameck Mahachi said the manner in which Goreraza has carried out the takeover indicates the way ZANU PF does business.

“This is no different from the on-going company and land seizures where ZANU PF officials walk up to anyone whose business they fancy and declare themselves sole owners.

“This is not procedural or legal. Goreraza is using his position as the son of the First Lady to throw his weight around and this is a culture within ZANU PF. They don’t respect any laws. There is no indication that there were any boardroom discussions or meetings with the other shareholder regarding him joining the mine,” said political analyst Lameck Mahachi.

“This paints a dark picture of Zimbabwe to those who may be interested in investing in the country. How can you want to invest in a country that operates like a kangaroo court,” he concluded.

What is most amazing here is not what Goreraza did but the naivety of people like Mahachi. Mugabe and his cronies have blatantly rigged the elections with the world’s spotlight on Zimbabwe; they did not care. And yet people like Mahachi talk of Goreraza’s seizure of the mine as painting “a dark picture of Zimbabwe” as if this is the first time Mugabe and his cronies has acted as if they are a law unto themselves and, until this happened, everything was perfect!

There is no one as blind as those who simple refuse to see what is there before their wide open eyes; Mugabe and his junta are above the law and have no respect for the rule of law.

Mugabe and his junta rigged the July elections, they are illegitimate. Zimbabwe cannot start the difficult task of rebuilding the country’s shuttered economy and restore the rule of law until this illegitimate cabal is forced out of office!

3 responses to Mugabe’s step-son seize a gold mine – it is business as usual for those who live above law!

  1. @ King

    Tsvangirai betrayed the people for his own selfish gain just as Mugabe has been doing these last 33 years!

    To excuse Tsvangirai on the grounds that he “was the only one who had the guts to take on Bob” is no different from Mugabe’s own nonsensical claim that he was the only one who had the guts to take on Ian Smith. Indeed Ian Smith was a greater challenge and he and his Zanu PF members were subjected to great hardships than Tsvangirai and his MDC friends ever faced.

    What matters here is both Tsvangirai, Mugabe and their respective parties undertook to advance a national cause – fighting to end injustice and human suffering. To then turn round and abandon the cause and betray the people because the political change offered them the chance for self and selfish advancement.

    I am sick and tired of you Tsvangirai and Mugabe apologists always excusing these greed idiots whilst turning a blind-eye to the heart breaking suffering of millions of ordinary people- the real victims of the greed and betrayal by Africa’s political leaders! You apologist-idiots should shut up.

  2. @ King

    The vote rigging was blatant but you idiots are more comfortable pretending it did not happen because if you accept the true then you have to deal with the difficult question; “What are you going to do about?”

    We all saw on TV voters being bussed in to vote at one polling station after another? Where is the world have you 25% of those who voted being turned away from casting their vote because their names were not in the ward they expected it to be? How is it possible that 10% of the constituencies are 100% over turnout whilst Chipinge East had 141%? You want evidence of vote rigging, my foot! What you nincompoops want is to get your heads out of leaders’ like Tsvangi-rai’s backside!

  3. @ Justice

    Just because you are nobody whose sense of existence is validated by belonging to a political party and then follow the leader blindly you think it must be the same for everyone! I am not a member of NCA.