The greatest tribute Zimbabweans can pay to Christpower Maisiri is to make him the last victim of Zimbabwe’s culture of violence!

February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have said a thousand times and will say it again Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leadership’s incompetence is truly breath taking! Ask yourself what would a NO vote do to Mugabe?

It will mean a new body will be instituted to implement the reforms and write a new DEMOCRATIC constitution. No one would accept the three political parties constituting this GNU can be trusted to carry out the same tasks when they clearly failed to do these last five years.

Implement the reforms and write a democratic constitution will mean free and fair elections – with no violence, a free media, etc. That is the one thing Mugabe and Zanu PF DO NOT want.

Of course implementing the reforms will mean the party’s own performance coming under the full free media scrutiny and a real competition of ideas will ensue. New political players quick off their feet and smart as a whistle will emerge in this new democratic green valleys with cool mountain streams. Given this MDC current crop of deadwood and flawed and indecisive leaders, will they survive the new competition? I do not think so! So it would seem MDC as it is presently constituted would too be better off with the chaotic status quo fighting a discredited dictatorship in this politic Sahara desert were their own competence is never closely scrutinized. So a yes vote would be in Tsvangirai and MDC’s best interest.

Yes I agree that a yes vote would be in the best interests of Mugabe and Tsvangirai, the best interest of Zanu PF and MDC in their own selfish and narrow minded kind of way.

But when the people cast their vote in the referendum it is not what is in the interest of Mugabe, Tsvangira, Zanu PF or MDC that they should be concerned about but what is in the best interest of themselves as individuals, the nation at large and posterity. There is no doubt that there is a convergence of the interests of individual, national and posterity in having the reforms implemented now and move the nation finally out of the Sahara Desert of tyranny and corruption into the green valleys of democracy, freedom, liberty and prosperity – Kudyiwa zhezha nechirimo!

A yes vote in the referendum means people agree to go ahead with elections although the reforms have NOT been implementing. Whether or not the people fully appreciate the consequences of that is irrelevant; it is assumed that they do, ignorance is no excuse; and the consequence is that there will be a repeat of wanton political violence of 2008!

Mugabe has his terror machine well-oiled with money from the sale of Marange diamonds. He has sworn there will be no regime change and he is not one to mince his words. There will be election violence; that is certain!

The gruesome death of that 12 year old boy, Christpower Simbarashe Maisiri, should be the wakeup call to all Zimbabweans to stop and think before they commit the whole nation to yet another meaningless and bloody election process. People must vote no and force the implementation of the reforms so all future elections are free and fair – free of all this mindless violence.

The greatest tribute Zimbabwe can ever pay to Christpower is not that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and x number of his Ministers attended his funeral but that he was the last victim of Zimbabwe’s culture of mindless political violence! And Zimbabweans can pay him that tribute by voting no in the referendum!

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  1. @ Chimbwido

    The political will of the people is the law, the constitution, a strong constitution which no one can disregard. A strong constitution should be the North Star by which we can all navigate. Mugabe is refusing a strong constitution because he does not want to be tied down in any way, he ways to dictate the law holding us all beholden to his whim whilst he remains beholden to no one!

    Zimbabwe has been totally lost these last 33 years because we allowed ourselves to navigate not by a fixed star, or a wandering one which is difficult but not impossible but using a dead dwarf – a burnt out star that no longer produce light only the heat of its dying umber. Is it an wonder the nation is totally lost.

    We will implement the reforms and write a proper constitution, the North Star by which this nation will navigate!