Mugabe, Shamu, etc on an all-out charm offinsive – the laughs of a laughing hyena!

February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

“You do not win elections by beating people up. If you do that, they will not vote for you. So it is very important as a party to look for persuasive ways of winning back our supporters who voted for MDC-T in the previous elections,” said Muchinguri.

Yes that is right; it was Oppah Muchinguri of Zanu PF, the same Zanu PF led by Mugabe, who actually said that!

Mugabe and Zanu PF have stayed in power all these 33 years because they used every dirty trick in the book to win elections – including violence.

The statement released by Zanu PF Minister Webster Shamu in connection with the murder of Christpower Maisisri said the Zimbabwean society is founded on the principle of sanctity of life and any actions that are shown to undermine the principle will attract the full wrath of the law.

Yes of course Minister, no doubt you are still chasing those responsible for the murder of over 500 innocent Zimbabweans during the 2008 elections. We also know what you mean about “full wrath of the law”; 29 MDC supporters accused of killing a Police Officers can testify to that!

The Headlands murder has spooked many people into taking the threat of a repeat of the 2008 violence with the seriousness the issue demands. If the is one thing Zimbabweans would not want repeated in the nightmare of 2008. Mugabe knows very well that voting no in the referendum will give the people that chance to ensure the violence of 2008 is not repeated. A no vote for Mugabe means the reforms he has spent the last five years dodging will finally be implemented and then there will be truly free and fair elections and regime change will follow as day follows night! That is simply unthinkable to Mugabe!

Mugabe and Zanu PF will be mounting an all-out “peaceful election” campaign, yes even to the extent of distorting the party’s and country’s history. All this for one end and purpose; calm everybody down into believing once again Zanu PF would not hurt a fly, the country will have peaceful elections. Indeed Mugabe may even extent his hand of peace to accepting that some of the reforms will be implemented after the referendum.

Mugabe will promise and do anything just to get the people to calm down and vote yes in the referendum, anything.

No doubt Mugabe has already hatched a plan B to boost the yes vote in the referendum – we may discovery for example that Zimbabwe a more over 18 years than we thought!

Once Mugabe has the yes vote safely in the bag, all this talk of none-violence will stop and the beating, raping and murdering will start in earnest.

Machingura’s message of love and fraternity; is nothing more than the hyena laughing to win the trust and confidence of the lamb to encourage to come out of hiding so he can clamp those bone crashing jaws on it!

“The President told the Commissioner-General of the Police (Augustine Chihuri) that police must account for all cases of politically-motivated violence regardless of the status of those involved,” Mr Charamba said.

This laughable; over 500 were murdered in 2008, how many have been arrested? No doubt Mugabe have some people arrested this time because he wants people to vote yes in the referendum.

The President said he does not tolerate violence as the country prepares for the referendum.

Until the referendum Mugabe and Zanu PF with be whiter than white.

With the yes vote safely in the bag, he will deploy his murderous thugs just as happened in 2008!

Mugabe is nothing more than a laughing hyena seeking to win the trust of him victim and luring it to come out of hiding only to be greeted with those bone crashing jaws!

I hope Zimbabweans are going to have the good sense and vote no in the referendum and thus force the implementation of the reform BEFORE elections are held and thus avoid the bone crashing bloody elections!

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