2013 election will “be bloodier than 2008″ MDC Minister Makone admits!

February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

“This election is going to be bloodier than 2008, the makings of a horror election is there in front of us for all to see,” admitted the MDC Home Affairs Minister, Theresa Makone on S W Radio Africa Hot Seat programme. This raises three questions:

a) MDC has been telling the people to vote yes in the referendum based on the argument that there will be no violence. So why has the party been lying to the people?

b) There were a raft of reforms agreed in the GPA which would have ended Mugabe’s dictatorial powers and freed institutions like the Police and Judiciary to carryout their statutory duties in a none partisan manner. Why were the reforms not carried out?

c) You now admit the violence will be bloodier than 2008 because MDC failed to have the reforms implemented. The only way to stop the elections going ahead now is if people vote no in the referendum. Why is MDC not campaigning for a no vote in the referendum and save the nation a “bloodier” election than 2008?

Ultimately it is the people themselves who, in this case, will cast the deciding vote. Are the people going to still vote yes and let the “bloodier” than 2008 elections go ahead? Or will they come to their senses and vote no and save the nation the “horror” they can see with their own eyes and is now within their own voting power to avoid?

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  1. @Adam
    This has nothing to do with NCA or what they stand for. If MDC had any common sense then they would be pushing for this. Any Zimbabwean regardless whether they will vote yes or no should be asking for more time for people to read what it is they are being asked to vote on. Look the nation is going to spend nearly US$ 100 million in this referendum the least we can do is at least make sure that the results are a true reflection of an informed electorate.

    If the referendum goes ahead on the 16 March 2013 then we would have fooled no one than this was an honest attempt to get the people’s point of view! It will only serve to underline that the dictatorship in Zimbabwe is alive and well!

  2. “ZANU-PF is under siege. They are in a corner and this is a desperate act from a party that is losing power,” Tsvangirai told the mourners at Christpower’s funeral. “Power”, that is all he ever thinks about any like Mugabe he too will happily see hundreds if not thousands more Zimbabweans lives lost in his ill advanced and reckless attempts to grab it from Mugabe.

    Well that is true, Mugabe is under siege and losing power but has not lost it yet. So how many other innocent lives is Tsvangirai going to sacrifice in his mad rush to seize power from Mugabe. If Tsvangirai had implemented the reforms Christpower would be alive today.

    If people vote yes(which is what Tsvangirai is asking the people to do) and the elections then go ahead, there will be alot limbs will be broken and a lot more lives lost. A no vote will force the implementation of the reforms and save the nation the agonies of yet another bloody election. When is Tsvangirai going to put the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans above his own selfish ambitions of being president?