Only NO vote will force the implementation of reform and avoid repeat of 2008 violence!

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Minister Biti says MDC have a massive dossier of events in the past months where a number of party activities have been killed, intimidated, assaulted and prevented from registering to vote in general elections expected in July.

So there has been a lot more violence taking place than MDC has let on! Until the tragic death of Christpower Maisiri over the weekend, MDC have maintained the position – the party remains confident there will be no violence and a repeat of 2008. A position the party has to hold to get Zimbabwe to vote yes in the referendum.

Even when President Khama of Botswana contradicted the MDC position pointing out that it would impossible to avoid a repeat of the 2008 violence since all the elements behind that year’s wanton violence were still in place. Prime Minister responded by saying he would seeking a special SADC summit to address that very issue! A move designed to calm povo; those who are more politically savvy knew this was MDC kicking the issue into the long grass. If such a summit was to be called SADC would only repeat what they have said a thousand times already – “Implement the agreed reforms!”

If the people were to realize that by voting no in the referendum they would force the bloody reforms to be implemented at long last and since the election will be held AFTER the reforms are implemented the nation will be spared the agony of another bloody election. Of course they would all vote NO. MDC does not want people to realize that and hence all this elaborate scheming and lying about no repeat of 2008 and hiding dossiers proving the violence was already happening.

MDC have gone to all this trouble of lying that there will be no repeat of 2008 and hiding the evidence of it happening already because they want the nation to vote yes and accept this Copac Constitution. They are desperate to see this happen because this constitution is the only thing the party can claim to have done in all its time in this GNU. MP Douglas Mwonzora, MDC rep on the drafting committee, has carried it around you would think he was Leonardo De Vinci carrying the Mona Lisa.

Zimbabwean can either vote yes in the referendum and these are the consequences:


a)      save MDC and MP Mwonzora the few blushes by having their Copac constitution child accepted by the people


a)      we stuck with this Copac rubbish because it was designed to save Mugabe and the dictatorship.

b)      we will have forfeited the last real chance to force the implementation of the reforms

c)      we will immediately move into elections which because the reforms were not implemented are bound to be a repeat of 2008; many limbs will be broken and many lives lost.

d)     whatever election result we get Mugabe and Zanu PF are bound to have more influence than they electorally deserve because they were able to use all the dirty tricks including violence because the elections were not free and fair. Because they are not democratically accountable, they will continue to do as they please and so the corruption and oppression will continue as before.

e)      SADC and the world at large will give up on Zimbabwe ever sorting outing out its political mess and lift the sanctions and just deal with whatever government is in Harare regardless of how corrupt and oppressive it happen to be.

A no vote will turn all the yes vote advantages into disadvantages and similarly with the disadvantages.


a)      a no vote will throw away this Copac rubbish and a new democratic constitution will be written.

b)      A no vote will force the implementation of the reforms

c)      Elections will be delayed until a) and b) above are complete and then free and fair elections will then be held – with a free media, free of violence, etc. There will be no broken limbs and body bags for the first time ever since Zimbabwe became independent – guaranteed!

d)     Zimbabwe will have a truly democratic government accountable to be people and the difficult task of climbing out of the hell-hole Mugabe landed the nation can finally start in earnest.

e)      SADC and the international community who really did not want to see the violence of 2008 repeated will be glad to see the Zimbabwe crisis resolved and they will do their best to help the country get back on its feet.


a)      MDC and MP Mwonzora will blush to see the rubbish Copac constitution rejected

Minister Biti told journalists MDC will send the dossier to SADC with yet another request for a special SADC summit to discuss Zimbabwean’s worsening political violence.

“Events in the country are degenerating into what happened in 2008. SADC must act now to prevent the escalation of violence,” Minister Biti said. “All the outstanding issues must be implemented before the elections.”

Yeah it is all tediously familiar. Of course if the people vote yes which is still what MDC want them to do the nation will move into election mode and none of these “outstanding issues” will be serious considered. This is MDC doing what they do best; referring the problem to SADC knowing fully well the problem is the party’s own making so they can fool the gullible into believing problem was caused by SADC but they are now taking over and will have it sorted! Thus MDC is once again stringing the people along making them believe the violence of 2008 will not be repeated and so they should vote yes in the referendum confident this will be sorted soon thereafter.

Mugabe will no doubt be telling his thugs that they must hold their horses until after the referendum. Mugabe will be doing a lot more than blush if the no vote was to win the day; he and Zanu PF will be finished!

It is now boiling down to whether the people are smart enough to see the violence is not going to stop, they can see all the evidence of the violence everywhere with their own eyes; or they chose to accept the lies and empty assurances from MDC and follow the party blindly and vote yes in the referendum!

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  1. MP Mwonzora says the Copac constitution is the full loaf!

    “It is not true that we are giving people half a loaf as claimed by one speaker here. We as a party are actually delighted that neither we nor our coalition colleagues got all they wanted during negotiations and if you add up what we got it becomes a full loaf for Zimbabweans.

    “People will overwhelmingly vote for this document because its contents though compromised, by and large represent an incremental gain for democracy,” Mwonzora said in apparent reference to remarks by Mavambo leader Simba Makoni that Copac had given people half a loaf when they needed it full

    This Copac Constitution can not deliver the basic right to free and fair election – free of violence – and the right to life! An innocent 12 year old was burnt to death in a gruesome reminder to us all of Zimbabwe’s culture of political violence. This Copac constitution if it been approved and was the supreme law of the land, there was nothing it would have done to stop this heinous crime or making sure those responsible are punished.

    How many innocent lives are we supposed to sacrifice every time we have elections? Christpower did not have to die and such a terrible death! If the reforms had been implemented as agreed then Christpower would be playing out there like every other 12 year old.

    MDC agreed to this Copac rubbish because they had failed to get the reforms implemented because they too busy enjoying the benefits of being on the gravy train.No intellectual worth his/her salt should allow themselves to be a part to this pathetic act of betrayal of the people by endorsing this rubbish!

    If this Copac constitution cannot deliver the right to vote and the right to light then whatever else it delivers it is not worth a crumb much less the full loaf loaf MP Mwonzora is wittering about!