12 year Boy burnt to death: first victim of Tsvangirai’s failure to implement the reforms!

February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

A 12 year old boy burnt to death in a political attack in Highlands. The boy’s father is a leading MDC official in the area and has had his hut burnt on nine other occasions by known Zanu PF supporters loyal to Zanu PF Minister Didymus Mutasa.

MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti told journalists in Harare Monday the party will approach SADC to deal with the upsurge in violence in the country in recent weeks. This is the usual nonsense the nation has come to expect from MDC.

SADC has said again and again that the agreed democratic reforms should be implemented. President Khama of Botswana expressed his concerns that the Zanu PF machinery responsible for the violence in the past is still there and hence he could not see how a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008 could be avoided.

SADC will only restate the obvious; implement the reforms!

Prime Minister Tsvangirai would you please stop lying about there being no violence in these elections, for we are already in the elections process. Please tell the people the truth that you failed to get the agreed GPA reforms implemented and that until and unless they are implemented the wanton violence of 2008 will be repeated.

You lying that there will be no violence to get people to vote yes in the referendum is compounding your failure in that it is misleading the people and drawing into this Mugabe death trap. If people knew the truth about your failure to implement the reforms and that by voting no in the referendum they will force the reforms to be implemented and the elections will be delayed until the reforms are implemented and thus avoid a repeat of the wanton violence of 2008.

This tragic death of Christpower Maisiri, burnt to death – a gruesome death – is to your account Mr. Prime Minister for you having failed to get the reforms implemented.

All politically motivated death after the referendum, if the yes vote win the day, will be to your account Mr. Prime Minister for lying that there would be no violence!

Please, please Mr. Prime Minister spare the nation of your platitudes and pontifications of this young boy being a “national hero”. He was just an ordinary 12 year old boy whose life was brutally cut short to gratify Mugabe’s continued hold on power. The death could and should have been avoided were it not for your; you Mr. Prime Minister, breathe taking political incompetence.

Zimbabweans must now stop looking at failed leaders like Tsvangirai for answers to this nightmare; we all can see everything is geared for a repeat of the violence of 2008. We all can see the only way to stop this is by voting NO in the referendum. One should never follow anyone blindly and it is first class folly to an incompetent leader blindly, especially when your own welfare and life and those of so many others is at stake!

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  1. “I have been informed today by our friends in the security forces that they have a plot to assassinate our leadership to instil fear into our supporters. They cannot win any elections without using violence but we are not afraid of anyone,” said Biti.

    Well if I can believe the report and trust that Zanu PF thugs will confine all their beatings, rapes and murders exclusively to MDC leaders and leaders alone then I will be truly relieved! If MDC leaders knowingly decide to go into an election in which they know they will beaten, raped or murdered then who can stop them. They clearly believe the good life on the gravy train should they win is worth the risk!

    In 2008 hundreds of thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans were beaten and/or raped and over 500 were murdered. None of the MDC leaders were not amongst the victims. When the going got tough they all disappeared like the morning mist; Tsvangirai performed his Usain Bolt mad-dash for the Netherland Embassy. Minister Biti and others all went into hiding spending days and nights in dark room and no doubt would have soiled their pants if Chipangano thugs had paid them a visit in the dead of night. I know I would have if I was in their shoes!

    I am in the shoes of the ordinary Zimbabwean, povo. Senora Biti, what does your “friends in the security forces” say about the violence against us, povo? It is all very well for you Senora to say “we are not afraid of anyone”, last time you disappear leaving us to face the music alone!

    I repeat, can you assure the nation Zanu PF is not going to repeat the wanton violence of 2008 against us povo?

    We all know that whatever violence Mugabe may dish out to MDC leaders, it will be nothing compared to what he will have against povo! To both Mugabe and Biti, we povo are nothing more than pawns in their political game!

  2. Prime Minister Tsvangirai received an honorary doctorate from the Sun Moon University in South Korea, in recognition of his efforts towards democracy and peace in Zimbabwe. What democratic change did Tsvangirai bring to Zimbabwe, is what I would want to know?

    Tsvangirai’s failure to have the agreed democratic reforms implemented these last five years has brought Zimbabwe to this unhappy situation where the nation may go through yet another bloody election process because the dictatorship the reform would have dismantled brick by brick in still in place.

    “We have stood steadfast by our principle to pursue our cause of democratic reform through peaceful and non-violent means. Where others in similar circumstances might have been forced to use forceful means and violence, we have remained true to our word, believing that peaceful means are the ultimate agents of sustainable transformation,” said Tsvangirai in his acceptance speech.

    For a nation with such a democratic history and world leaders in many fields, honouring someone like Tsvangirai for task so badly carried out must be something South Korea will want to forget as soon as possible!

  3. @ Iguana

    If people vote no in the referendum then the nation will have to go back to the drawing board and carryout the two tasks agreed in the GPA – implement the reforms and write a democratic constitution and not this Copac rubbish dictated by Mugabe.

    It is beginning to sound like a one-song radio station I agree but if that will get Zimbabweans to to grasp the reality of our situation then so be it. It I told playing another song will help the cause, I would play it. But so far it is the one song I have and I will play it!

    If someone had played the one-song and got Tsvangirai to implement the reform then the violence that took this 12 year old would have been prevented. That, too me, is priceless!

  4. The two parties argue their position regarding the appeal to have the referendum date moved from 16 March 2013.

    This is a common sense issue that does not require someone with a legal back ground to comprehend! There is no way government is going to get copies of the constitution out to the people and allow them time to read it given a population of 13 million and spread over 390 000 km sq! Why does the Judge not ask whoever is going to distribute the constitution to say when they hope to get the job done!

    The problem with a corrupt legal system is that common sense has gone out of the window, the Judge is clearly looking for loophole that will help the case for his pay master – Zanu PF!

  5. Senator Obert Gutu pointed out that as long as perpetrators of the June 2008 violence were still roaming freely, there was likelihood the electioneering period this year will be bloody

    If MDC really believed that then:

    1) why did the party fail to get the democratic reforms aggreed in the GPA implemented?

    2) why is MDC endorse the Copac constitution knowing fully well on its own it would not end the violence?

    3) why is MDC lying to about that there will be no violence just to get them to vote yes in the referendum?

    4) Why is MDC asking people to vote yes in the referendum although the yes vote will meaning the electionwill go ago?

    This is the first victim of MDC’s failure to get the reforms implemented! How many more innocent lives will it take before MDC would finally admit they made a blunder

  6. MDC cannot ask SADC to do anything when the regional body set out a very specific road map Zimbabwe was to follow; implement the reforms and write a democratic constitution and MDC itself has done little to get the reforms implemented and the agreed to a rubbish Copac Constitution, What else does MDC want SADC to do?

    “Events in the country are degenerating into what happened in 2008. SADC must act now to prevent the escalation of violence,” Biti said. No, it is you who must act.

    Zimbabweans are looking to MDC for concrete action but all they ever get from MDC is it dashing off to SADC. MDC must stop hiding behind SADC like a shy little girl hiding behind the mother’s skirt!

  7. Cont Mhlanga says people should not just think of helping hispitals like Mpilo which are dying from neglect but look at the underlying cause which is Zimbabwe’s bad governance.

    I would like to thank Cont Mhlanga for talking about the elephant in the room – “bad political leadership”. Those going around with a begging bowl and those throwing something in the bowl are no doubt touched that such a great institution as Mpilo has been allowed to fall into such a sorry state but we should all know that until we deal with the root cause of the problem nothing will ever change.

    I am not saying people should not give the patient the pain killer but that they must remember pain killers are never a part of the cure regime. Giving someone with a broken finger pain killers alone will result in the patient losing the finger, the hand, arm and ultimately die!

    The problem of bad governance is the elephant in the room, we must talk about it not next year or next month but NOW!