Senator Gutu warns against politicians taking people for granted and yet advocates doing just that!

February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Senator Obert Gutu, MDC Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, in his regular diatribe column warns politicians not to take the people for granted and then dedicate the rest of the article telling his party how to do just that.

Here is one Senator who says a lot and loud! Sadly it he will either be contradicting himself or it is nonsense!

He started by saying politicians should not take the people for grants in one paragraph: “it is always dangerous to take the people for granted”.

And then in the next, he says: “Elections will be held in Zimbabwe around July, 2013.That is a fact accompli.” What makes you, Senator, so sure that Zimbabweans are NOT going to vote NO in the upcoming referendum? Is it because, like your party leader Prime Minister Tsvangirai, you believe a yes vote is “a formality”?

MDC had nearly five years to implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA and not even one reform has seen the light of day. Not one! Everyone agrees without the reforms there is no way the nation can repeat the violence of 2008. You, Senator, and PM Tsvangirai know it. PM Tsvangirai made his mad-dash for the Netherlands Embassy when the going got tough. Where were you hiding? Did you stay in a distant relative’s house locked, with the curtains drawn, no radio, mobile phone off, sweating with fear each time someone knocked at the door?

Whilst you MDC leaders were in hiding millions of Zimbabweans had their whole lives turned upside down and turned inside out. Do you know that hundreds of thousands were beaten and or raped? Do you know that over 500 were murdered? Do you know that not even one of the thugs responsible for all these crimes was ever arrested and send to prison? You should; you are the Deputy Minister of Justice!

And now you want the nation to go through this all over again?  That is taking the people for granted, Senator.

So what deal did you strike with Mugabe? That you the big wigs in MDC will not be harassed or arrested but we the ordinary mortals are to face the music?

We both know that if the people vote no in the referendum then the elections will have to be post poned until the reforms are implemented. But by lying to the people that there will be no violence, deliberately keeping them in the dark about your capitulations to Mugabe on the reforms and now forcing them to vote before they have even seen what this rubbish Copac constitution; you can confidently say the yes vote is in the bag and elections will go ahead.

Well Senator, you are not just taking the people for granted but arrogantly so and contemptuous of how many will be beaten, raped and murdered! I can only hope that Zimbabweans wake up to this reality and vote no before it is all too late!

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