Mugabe says “presidency is sacrosanct” and he has divine right to rule forever!

February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe claimed that he had been charged by God to lead the country and insisted he would see through his “divine task” as he celebrated his 89th birthday.

Well what more evidence do we need to know what is really going on here! Here it is from the horse’s own mouth, the dictatorship is “sacrosanct”!

Mugabe has stubbornly refused to implement all the democratic reforms, agreed in the GPA. These reforms are absolutely necessary if we are ever going to end this brutal dictatorship and move into the light of democracy and good governance. Whilst the nation has waited patiently all these five years for the reforms and democratic changes not even one of the reforms has seen the light of day.

Whilst Tsvangirai would want the nation to believe that although he had failed to get  even one of the reform implemented, still he had managed to salvage something -although he has been very careful not to say what exactly that something is, we are expected to just trust him on this – and we should vote yes in the upcoming referendum.

Tsvangirai has insisted there will be no violence in the elections if the nation should vote yes in the referendum. All the evidence on the ground says the wanton of violence of 2008 will be repeated. Once again, Tsvangirai wants the nation us all to just take his word he is right and just disregard what we can see with our own eyes!

Mugabe on the other hand has refused to implement the reforms; he did have to tell us, we can all see it, we can see the continued partisan behaviour of the ZRP, Judiciary, etc. with our own eyes. He has his Zanu PF terror machine primed for another bloody and has secured the funding for it, as much as US$2 billion according to some NGO report, from the sale of Marange diamonds.

The copac constitution is weak and feeble, it will not do anything to stop the political violence and end the dictatorship; read it for yourselves, for Christ sake!

Mugabe is the quintessential medieval dictator who viewed themselves as way above everyone else, mere fallible mortals; they were infallible because they specially chosen by the Gods to rule! It is not just senior Zanu PF loyalists like Vice President Joyce Mujuru who, singing for their dinner, were blubbering on and on about Mugabe being divinely appointed to rule; Mugabe himself believes all that nonsense too.

“There is nothing wrong in people having ambitions and discussing political issues with their wives. They should not, however, tamper with the presidency; it is sacrosanct. These positions come from God, they do not just come!”

Tsvangirai capitulated to all Mugabe’s demands; refusing to implement the reforms, commandeering a significant chunk of the Marange diamond wealth, etc., and above all his outrageous claim to being divinely chosen. Zimbabweans have the opportunity to reclaim their right to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country by voting NO in the referendum. To vote yes is to capitulate and accept the nonsense Mugabe has God’s divine vote!

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