Tsvangirai, thankful for something to do, announce ZES and ZRC chairs – Mugabe loyalists!

February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Prime Minister Tsvangirai announced the appointment of Jacob Mudenda, a former Zanu PF Governor, to be chairman of Human Right Commission. Needless to same nothing has been done to address the many issues Professor Austin raised when he signed in frustration because the commission was a paper tiger.

Prime Minister also announced the appointment of Rita Makarau, herself a former Zanu PF MP, to chair ZEC. We all know part ZEC played in 2008 in cooking election results to suit Mugabe and Zanu PF. It took Zec five weeks to announce the results; there was a lot of cooking to do no doubt!

I wonder how long it is going to take some Zimbabweans before they realize that every institution, the ZRP, ZNA, CIO, ZEC, Judiciary, Registrar General, you name it, every one of them are all operating to the same rules as in 2008 and they are all being run by Mugabe loyalists indeed many of them the same guy as in 2008! Nothing has changed, absolutely nothing has changed. Once this penny has dropped it is impossible for anyone not to come to the conclusion that Mugabe has absolutely no intention of holding free and fair election.

Mugabe will use every dirty trick he can think of to win the elections. He has the public media already on his side – there is no free media. Many will find they cannot vote because their names are still missing in the voters roll although known Zanu PF supporters are still being registered, just to be absolutely sure they are on the roll. And then there is Mugabe’s own personal favorite, violence; it is simply impossible to see how a repeat of 2008 can be avoided.

Mugabe is banking on the penny not dropping until after the referendum when he will, hopefully, have the yes vote safely in the bag. It will not matter then if the pennies rain down, and they will when the Zanu PF terror machine swings into overdrive, it will be too late.

And to help create this false sense of security Mugabe has Tsvangirai announcing the Zanu PF political appointees! Tsvangirai, after five years of twiddling his thumbs he is only too pleased to be doing something for a change even if it is digging his own grave!

There will never be a factual movie on Tsvangirai and some of his blind loyal supporters; even those who are witnessing these things will not believe the storyline, it is simply impossible that anyone can be this stupid!

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  1. President Zuma calls for a democratic Zimbabwe in his State of the Nation address. “What we need in Zimbabwe is to ensure that Zimbabwe is democratic, that’s why we talk to all of them, let the Zimbabwean people decide which party leads them. We can’t interfere,” he said.

    It is good that President Zuma called for “democracy” in Zimbabwe but he could have done more.

    President Zuma could have made a more powerful statement about this disastrous path the errant political leaders in Zimbabwe are taking the country. Anyone can see Zimbabweans are being misled by all the three political parties in the GNU into yet another violent election process. President Zuma could have spoken to the people of Zimbabwe over the heads of their political leaders and warn them of the dangers of yet another bloody election, President Khama did.

    The whole region will suffer if the violence of 2008 are repeated in again this year Zimbabwe.

  2. Zimbabwean war veterans are back with fresh demands for money and a share of the Marange diamonds loot! Why not; if Mugabe and other Zanu PF chefs are multi-millionaires from looting, it is no surprise everyone else should want a piece of the action, particularly when you live in abject poverty as many of these Vets do.
    The organization has 50 000 members and they are demanding US$ 20 000 each in fresh gratuities for their role in the liberation of the country. Someone has to tell them the country is broke but when the leaders always find the money to pay for their extravagant lifestyles the Vets or anyone will be foolish to accept that excuse.

    The War Vets got Z$ 50 000 in 1997 which they have frittered away as many now live “like paupers” the leader, Shadreck Makombe told a Parliamentary committee.

    This time they are thinking about tomorrow too; they want diamond mining concessions. Well if serving Police Officers and Soldiers have been granted concession to top up their normal earnings, why should they not have a piece of the action!

    Mugabe and Zanu PF have used the War Vets as the party’s “shock troopers” especially in staging the violent occupation of white owned farmers. A few of these War Vets were allocated some small farms – nothing compared to huge farm(s) the chefs got. But like the chef the War Vets too have since learnt that putting the farms into productive was easier said than done. “Munda hauzvirimi!” as my late mother would say.

    The War Vets know Mugabe and Zanu PF will need them to win the coming elections. They expect to be deployed and so they are naming their price up front! Mugabe will need his shock troopers and so he will have to make so vague promise just to appease them until after the elections.

    Everything points to one thing; Mugabe will have to resort to violence to win he simply cannot afford to lose the elections!

  3. @ Chimbwido

    Sure, sure; your tyrannical master, Mugabe, murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans and have driven millions into a life of abject poverty and yet you still say he is “siding with the people”! You really live in your own imaginary world where everyone else is but just another nincompoop like Tsvangirai you have at your beckon and call. Even Tsvangirai is waking up to the reality that Mugabe is using him!

    I understand at this Monday Cabinet meeting Tsvangirai suggested that the referendum date should be changed to allow the people to at least read the Copac constitution, such as it is, before they vote. You may not agree with anything else Madhuku has said but saying people should be allowed time to read the constitution is such a common sense position only an idiot would seriously object. Guess who objected; that’s right, Robert Gabriel Mugabe! Your man of the people doing his usual best of “siding with the people” by shafting them, again!

    Mugabe is so desperate for a yes vote in the referendum, he will do anything. Now that everyone over 18 years of age will be allowed to vote; I would strongly edge every Zimbabwean to go out and vote or Zanu PF will “vote” for you. If people do that then, no doubt the results will show sudden and very significant up surge in the country’s over 18 age group! Mugabe the man of the people, the man of the moment, in “siding with the people” has been known to get even the dead to vote for him!

  4. Jacob Madenda the man PM Tsnangirai announced was to be chairman of the ZHRC turns out to be the least suitable person to hold the position.
    Everyday, it seems, something comes out to show that Tsvangirai is nothing but Mugabe’s poodle! How could he have endorsed Madenda the man who stood by saw nothing, heard nothing and said nothing although he was the most senior government official, Matabeleland North Governor no less, when that area experienced its worst human right violation in the Gukurahundi massacre. How can such a man be suitable to chair the human rights commission?

  5. Jacob Madenda the man PM Tsnangirai announced was to be chairman of the ZHRC turns out to be the least suitable person to hold the position.

    Everyday, it seems, something comes out to show that Tsvangirai is nothing but Mugabe’s poodle! How could he have endorsed Madenda the man who stood by saw nothing, heard nothing and said nothing although he was the most senior government official, Matabeleland North Governor no less, when that area experienced its worst human right violation in the Gukurahundi massacre. How can such a man be suitable to chair the human rights commission?

  6. @ G Torpedo

    In Botswana the flog people and that is “barbaric”! In Zimbabwe hundreds of thousands were beaten and/or raped and over 500 murdered in the three months of madness in 2008 and that is ok? Indeed you want that repeated again this year!

    A no vote in the referendum will mean the reforms agreed in the GPA will have to be implemented BEFORE elections are held. The reforms are there to ensure the Police act in a none partisan manner, there is a free press, the voters roll is cleaned up.

    These reforms should have been implemented soon after the signing of the GPA in 2008 but Mugabe said no and Tsvangirai, Ncube and company accepted this as a matter of course. If they had stood up to Mugabe on this SADC would have given them their solid backing. Even then a no vote in the referendum will allow SADC to intervene and force the full implementation of the reforms.

    A yes vote here will say Zimbabweans are happy not just with this Copac constitution but more significantly that it will deliver free and fair elections – free of violence. Well only a moron will not see that these elections are not going to be free and fair!

    If you do not understand that, I do not know how else to explain it other than to get admit to myself that you will never understand anything because – well – because you are a moron! Nothing person but only a moron will shoot him/herself in the foot. Voting yes so that you can have a repeat of the violence of 2008 when you can avoid the violence by voting no is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot!

    And that is exactly what President Khama has been trying to warn Zimbabweans against and the only thanks he is getting from morons like you is insults!

  7. Only Tsvangirai would still say there will be no violence in these coming elections; the electioneering has start and the intimidation is intensifying by the day. It will get a lot worse when Mugabe has the yes vote safely in the bag.

    No one in SADC or the international community wants to see Zimbabwe go through another bloody election. No one that is except Zimbabweans themselves! If they vote no then the reforms Mugabe has refused to implement will be implemented.

    The MDC’s decision to accept going ahead with the elections without the reforms have left most ordinary Zimbabweans confused. They are not used to making decisions for themselves; or better still, they have been conditioned to accept whatever the leaders tell them and follow blindly.

    For the ordinary Zimbabwean to realize they can actually vote no and save themselves the dare consequences of a meaningless and bloody election requires a quantum leap of faith on their part! When you have brainwashed all yourself that you are a worthless brainless monkey and treated as such everyday your self-esteem is zero. Although the people can see for themselves that MDC are lying that there will be no violence still they will feel obliged to vote yes as instructed!

  8. @ Chimbwido

    The right to not being assaulted and to life is clearly not important to you but not to those at the business end of the assault weapons and murder weapons wielded by Changano gangs will not think so.

    Implement the agreed reforms, that is my blueprint. The only chance of getting the reforms implemented is if the people vote NO.

    Just because Tsvangirai did not have the political will, vision and/or courage to have the reforms implemented does not mean the nation no longer needs the reforms. Zimbabwe needs free and fair elections and good and wholesome government now as ever before.

    Zimbabweans are being dragged into yet another bloody elections, the people do not deserve this, but the only way to avoid this nightmare is by voting no in the referendum!

    All you want is that people should vote yes and then Mugabe can use violence to secure another “victory”. You are getting desperate aren’t. Well you should be; a no vote will mean the end of Mugabe and Zanu PF and for you the sudden drop and quick stop! For the first time in 33 years this is becoming a real reality! I told you before; I have you in my cross wires!

  9. @ Yepec

    To you Yepec a simple and straight forward argument is neither simple nor straight forward but might as well be as complex as Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and as crooked as crooked can be because you have shut you mind to reason and reality. Well there is nothing I can do for you my friend!

    “Let it be repeated here that “even the best Constitution crafted by the people themselves if not respected by those in power”, is not a guarantee against dictatorship,” you tell us.

    Well that is nonsense. The reforms were meant to cut “the umbilical cords” tying Mugabe to the ZRP, ZNA, Judiciary, etc. as I said. These institutions would then be independent and free of Mugabe’s corrupting influence and enable them to carry out their duties and functions as expected in a democracy. The problem here is that Mugabe has said no to the reforms and Tsvangirai capitulated. It is not up to Mugabe to say no. Allow him to dictate and he will dictate!

    Carry out the reforms and you will dismantle the dictatorship “brick by brick”, I said.

    You keep wittering about a “political strategy”; would you know one if you saw it? If you did not have the filter to your brain super-glued on stopping the enlightenment from anyone except the nonsense your great leader SAVE then you would have seen the strategy I have repeated over and over again.

    1) vote no in the referendum

    2) SADC will institute a body tasked to implement the reforms and write democratic constitution, just because SAVE was incompetent that does not mean there are no Zimbabweans out there competent to see the tasks through

    3) organize fresh free and fair elections will guarantee you and the nation they will be free and fair in every respect.

    4) the new democratic government and the nation can start the difficult and odious task of climbing out of the hell-hole we find ourselves stuck in right now.

    You keep wittering about strategy as if you or SAVE have one? He capitulated to Mugabe’s stubborn refusal to implement reforms. He capitulated to a Copac constitution that is weak and feeble because the reforms were not implemented and it had to leave those areas untouched. He capitulated to another election process that is not going to be free and fair, a repeat of 2008. He is now lying to the people about the violence of 2008 not being repeated just to get them to vote yes in the referendum. He capitulated on allowing the people time to at least read the Copac constitution before they have to vote. Tsvangirai’s only strategy is one of appeasing and capitulating!

    You, Yepec, you are here defending an incompetent SAVE. I feel sorry for you always trying to make sense of his flip-flopping and blundering. You are trying to make sense something that does not make sense and so always end up talking nonsense yourself!

    Take off the filter lens to your brain before it is too late, before you become mentally blind!