Magaisa PM Tsvangirai adviser, defending Copac: some adviser!

February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

This opinion piece like the Copac constitution it is meant to support is not worth the space it occupies!


“Clearly disappointed by the “No” vote in the 2000 referendum, Zanu PF had thrown a tantrum and abandoned constitutional reform as a non-issue. The MDC consistently fought for a new constitution and the fact that the process has taken place and that the draft constitution has been achieved is down to MDC’s patience, persistence and resilience of the people.” Alex Magaisa wrote.


The need for implementing democratic reforms and write a DEMOCRATIC constitution was agreed by all parties in the GPA. SADC played a key role in the set tasked agreed and yet we are being told something else here!


Implementing the democratic reforms has been a key task and having the Copac constitution with the reforms has been like buying a new car but without the engine. Copac on its own without the reforms will never deliver free and fair elections. Who are you fooling here but yourself!


“The Copac draft does a far better job than the current constitution in both respects.” We are told.

You were tasked to produce a DEMOCRATIC constitution and not “something better than the current constitution” There are no democratic credentials in Copac to talk about are there?


“The principle of checks and balances, under which the powers of one arm of the state are checked and balanced by one or more of the other arms, is a critical part of the draft constitution.” You say. So where are the checks and balance between the ZRP, Judiciary, etc and Mugabe in the Copac rubbish? Indeed the reforms if you lot had implemented them would have ensured the independence of this institution and a change of guard in many cases.


MDC has tried to get Chihuri, Tomana and a few others replaced but having clearly failed the party now pretend we can still have a none partisan Police, etc. with these individuals still running the show. Get real!


“The Copac draft makes it very clear that the defence, police, intelligence, correctional services and the civil service must be politically non-partisan and must serve the national interest without the constraints of politics.” You say.


This simply will not happen without implementing the reforms.


If this is what you have been advising PM Tsvangirai then he should get a more competent adviser, you are a waste of time!

2 responses to Magaisa PM Tsvangirai adviser, defending Copac: some adviser!

  1. George Charamba in his weekly column rallies the Zanu PF paratroopers. The “revolutionary party (Zanu PF) gears itself up for that (fighting a reunited MDC), the better for the cause of all nationalists,” wrote Charamba. Well only the very naive would believe that the coming elections will be anything else but bloody!

    This is like a live time enactment of George Orwell’s Animal Farm; the Pigs have hijacked the revolution and growing fat on the sweat and blood of the other animals and yet still insist it is all part of the original revolution.

    Comrade Charamba, please explain to us; how gearing for another blooding election, which is what you are calling for here, is still part of the “cause of all nationalists”? I thought the cause was to fight for freedom and human right for all Zimbabweans.

  2. If the EU lifts the sanctions then will Mugabe get to sell his diamonds and thus get a few more billion dollars to finance his terror machine!
    Well PM Tsvangirai you have campaign long and hard for the sanctions to be lifted. You can now go and open that bottle of champagne you bought on you last globe-trotting trip especial for the day the sanctions are lifted!
    Mugabe too will be celebrating; he knows all the sanctions will soon be lifted regardless what he does during the coming elections. Well Tsvangirai and the whole world know there will be violence all he has to be careful about is to not to go overboard but rather be subtle. Or as one would say in Shona, “Kurova zvamakafira mberi.”
    I have never know anyone on a world stage shoot themselves in the leg as frequent as Tsvangirai has done! We all make mistakes, with Tsvangirai it is something else; he is the idiot who goes out of his way to bring a disaster upon himself. Sadly as a national leader his self-inflicted injuries turn from mere ripples into tsunami when the reach the ordinary people. Mugabe will use terror machine, well-oiled with money from Marange diamonds, to break limbs and kill ordinary people!
    The EU should delay the lifting of the sanctions until after the referendum; Mugabe will roll out his terror machine as soon as the results are known, if he going to.