Eddie Cross join in fray defending MDC’s denials and lies!

February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

MDC MP Eddie Cross joins in the fray in defence of the Copac constitution, no surprise there!

“Once again I find myself defending the MDC under conditions where people who criticize us simply fail to take any account of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. That is not good enough,” wrote the right honourable MP to Zimbabwe Vigil.

“It’s clear to me that no matter what we say you will not accept our explanation or strategies. Be that as it may, I can do nothing about that but to fight on doing what I have been doing since 1999 and that is working for peaceful democratic change.”

Working for peaceful democratic change? Well you people never seize to amaze me!

MDC was supposed to get a number of GPA agreed democratic reforms implemented and for four and half years you lot have failed. Without these reforms it is impossible to see how the nation can avoid the repeat of the violence of 2008.

Please tell me, if there is violence again how can that be “peaceful democratic change”?

The circumstance MDC finds itself in defending a weak and feeble Copac constitution and now having to lie through your teeth about there being no violence to get the people to vote yes in the referendum; these are all circumstances of your own making; you failed to get the necessary reforms implemented. What some of us find totally intolerable is all this lying to cover for your incompetency and dragging the whole nation into another futile bloody election process!

MDC leaders will be held accountable for every broken limb and body bag as if you broke the limb and took the live with your own hands because you are lying about the violence!

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