Tsvangirai calls for SADC summit: hoping against hope for an excuse for bloody elections to go ahead!

February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tsvangirai is calling for a SADC summit hoping they can give him the excuse he desperately needs to go ahead with elections he knows will be bloody.


“We will have a special summit on Zimbabwe on conditions for free and fair elections with SADC. We will not allow a repeat of the culture of violence and abuse like what happened in 2008. I do not want to be part of a war against the people.” This sums Tsvangirai beautifully, in his effort to be as decisive and in control he shows the exact opposite, the real Tsvangirai indecisive and completely confused.


SADC have given you the tasks of implementing the democratic reforms and writing a democratic constitution. Not even one reform has seen the light of day and you are taking to the nation a constitution so weak and feeble even you know it will never stop the violence. SADC gave you the condition for free and fair elections already and you failed to implement them what else do you WANT from SADC?


You are asking for this SADC summit because you know they will be violence and you are hoping they will come up with something to help. And yet you are already out telling the people they will be no violence just to get them to vote yes! How confused is that?


“We will not allow…” Please, since when have you been in a position to allow or not allow anything of substance? You are just a puppet and Mugabe has been pulling the strings! As Mugabe’s puppet you are now “part of a war against the people.”


You want SADC to say something that you can then twist as assurance from SADC that the elections will be free of violence. So if the violence, we all know is coming, sweeps the nation you can then blame SADC. Well President Khama’s comment is as clear as a whistle; in the present set up, there is no way the violence of 2008 can be avoided and anyone saying otherwise is lying!


The very least you can do for the people of Zimbabwe, especially the millions who risked their lives and limbs voting for you and your MDC friends is tell them the truth: you failed to get the reforms implemented, there will be violence if the elections go ahead and therefore they must vote no in the referendum!


What a complex web we weave once we start lying; Mr Tsvangirai you are caught in your own web of lies, even with the best will not even SADC can get you off!

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  1. @ Gindody

    The point is we would all be benefiting Marange diamonds if there was good governance and hence the need for free and fair election. If the next elections are a repeat of the 2008 then we will never get the good government we so desperately need.

    It is pointless morning about it. What is more important is what can we do about it? We should have had the reforms implemented – MDC f**ked up on that one. The best wat out now is to vote no in the referendum and force the implementation of the reforms BEFORE elections are held. If is midsummer madness to vote yes and then go through another 2008 bloody election process!