Botswana President Khama warns Zimbabweans of repeat 2008 violence over Mugabe and Tsvangirai’s heads!

February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Botswana President, Ian Khama spoke to the Zimbabwean people over their leaders’ head to warn them about the real danger of the wanton violence of 2008 being repeated again this year; contrary to Zimbabwe’s political leaders’ lies and empty assurance that there will be no violence.

“I think that they (Mugabe supporters) are still capable of trying to engage in intimidation, deploying the security services to bring that about … telling the people in the security services how they should vote. The potential for that is still there,” President Khama told the Botswana Business Day.

No one in SADC and the international community at large wants to see another bloody elections process in Zimbabwe. If any of them had a vote in the upcoming referendum in Zimbabwe would they vote yes? Of course they would vote NO because by so doing they know they will force the implementation of the reforms BEFORE elections are held.

We can all criticize President Jacob Zuma of SA for not being more forceful with Mugabe but the one thing he has been consistent throughout is the need for the parties in Zimbabwe’s dysfunctional GNU to follow the GPA roadmap.

“Follow the yellow brick road!” Follow the GPA road map!

The GPA roadmap is clearly sign posted; implement the democratic reforms and write a new DEMOCRATIC constitution. All SADC have heard from Harare is bickering from the politicians and their wild spending sprees. Meanwhile more and more ordinary Zimbabweans have continued to pour into their countries as economic and/or political refugees.

President Khama is clearly frustrated by this carryon and instead of speaking to Zimbabwe’s errant politicians he is now speaking over their heads directly to the Zimbabwean people themselves. And his message to the people is very simple: contrary to what your leaders are saying to you, nothing has been done to stop the wanton violence of 2008 being repeated. Whilst he cannot tell Zimbabweans how they should vote in the referendum the message is clear enough; you should vote to force the implementation of the reforms, i.e. vote no!


If the Zimbabwean people continue down this disastrous path and disregard the sound advice from SADC and the international community then they must know there will be a price to be paid. SADC and the international community will wash their hands of Zimbabwe. SADC and the world at large will not allow Zimbabwean refugees of whatever color destabilize their own country and they will trade openly with whatever regime is in Harare. Zimbabweans, we will be on our own! And Mugabe is not finished, that man is not going to rest until he has completely destroyed that country and murdered a few more tens of thousands!

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  1. I will be doing better than voting no in the referendum I will do all I can to ensure Zimbabweans open their eyes to this real danger. Zimbabweans would much rather trust what their leaders tell them than what they can see with their own eyes!

    I believe President Khama is speaking to Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe as well as those in the diaspora both in SADC and beyond. SADC and the international community are real fed up with Tsvangirai’s duplicity. One day he is crying to SADC leaders to help him pressure Mugabe on this issue and the next day he is the one tell them to leave Mugabe alone.

    Tsvangirai is like a neurotic woman whom everyone advised that she should not marry a good-for-nothing brute but, ignoring the good advice, she marries the brute. After years of beatings and abuse she finally comes back home with a swallow eye and broken arm. Everyone says enough is enough; they get the Police and Lawyers in to have the matter sorted. When brute shows up, he blows a kiss at her and she is all over him like a rash! Love is blind, nonsense; that is a severe cause of neurosis!

    Mugabe has stubbornly refused to implement all the reforms that would have made free and fair elections free of violence possible. And now has the audacity to call for free and peaceful elections, only a goat would believe he is sincere. A hyena calling for a peace conference in the dead of night; not even a stupid goat would believe it is peace he is after.

    President Khama is now addressing the ordinary people of Zimbabwe to appeal to their common sense and not go through yet another totally meaningless election process that will only end up in more suffering and chaos. If Zimbabweans are really sincere about ending the country’s political and economic crisis, then we must implement the reforms BEFORE the elections. We, the ordinary Zimbabweans are as neurotic as Tsvangirai then we took will fall for the hyena’s midnight peace overture and face the consequences of one of the strongest crashing jaws on earth.

    When I worked and lived in Bulawayo, I got to know my neighbour’s gardener, everyone called him Woza. It was short for Woza Friday, a public hit by Johnny Clegg and Juluka. Woza loved Fridays, especially the first Friday after pay day; he would go to his favourite nightclubs and Shebeens; come Sunday morning he will not have a cent in his pocket!

    He would survive the rest of the month as best as he could. He would come clean and admit where he has spent his money, how he has had to walk ten kilometres or whatever because he had no money for the bus and, yes it was coming – he was just laying the foundation, then “Can I borrow some money from you?”

    Woza would pour his heart out and borrow money from everyone. If the stray dog had any money, Woza would have told it all his troubles and borrowed money from it!

    That is the other thing about Woza, he “borrowed” money from everyone with all the intention of paying it back although in practice, he never did. Woza Friday – the nightclubs and the shebeens always milked him dried before he could repay any of his debts!

    You try to tell him he must act more responsibly and he would listen with the patience of a saint, I tell; especially if he has not yet pitch his “borrowing.”

    Next time you meet him and he is penniless again he would start his pitch with “Mukoma nhamo ine nharo!” (Big brother, poverty is stubborn!)

    Woza talked of his love for the good life Woza Friday offered as if it was some devilish imp, all-powerful, very stubborn and would not listen to reason; come payday Friday the imp would have him in trance tracking off to the nightclubs and shebeens again.

    Of course, Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems are like Woza’s woos, they are self- inflicted. “Kurumwa nechokuchera!”

    Zimbabweans should really take a grip of the country’s political and economic problems, SADC have identified the way forward and if we are not going to get our good-for-nothing political leaders to do so then must not expect other nation to carry the burden of our own neurotic stupidity!

  2. What you say is so true. There is a saying that a nation gets the government it deserves. This is certainly true in Zimbabwe.

  3. It is strange that, the moment I saw Morgan going into that agreement and becomming PM, I already know this is the end of his good work. This is the beginning of the end. He wil not die a hero. It is so tragic since there was a time when some people saw Morgan to one day be the ‘Madiba’ of Zim, now that dream is dead.

    But I hope and pray taht 2013 will be the year of changes in Zimbabwe.

  4. MDC says it has found out that Zanu PF continues with the voter registration but only of Zanu PF loyalists.

    “The MDC condemns the selective registration process of people which targets security personnel and people aligned to Zanu Pf. The exercise is flawed and reminiscent of the rogue processes employed by the drowning party towards democratic elections,” said the MDC statement.

    Well other than issue meaningless statements there really is little else MDC can do. If the party had implemented the democratic reforms as agreed these things would all not be happening because part of the reforms included cleaning up the voters roll and making sure all Zimbabweans who wanted to vote are registered in a transparent way!

  5. @ Keith

    Did the people vote for Tsvangirai in June 2008? Of course not, they were forced to vote for Mugabe that is what the use of violence is meant to achieve and that is what it will do again this year.

    What is the point of wittering on and on about “people will vote for Tsvangirai if there are free and fair elections”. These are not going to be free and fair elections unless the reforms are implemented. What will it take to get that through your thick head, stupid!?

    If you vote yes in the referendum it will be too late to do anything about getting the reforms implemented and getting free and fair elections. God, did you really need to create so many idiots?

  6. @ Proud Zimbabwean

    Well you are getting more and more desperate now aren’t you? Are you trying to say only someone born in a that particular country is the only one competent to govern it? Well I take it Mugabe was born in Zimbabwe and look what a mess he has made. Where is your theory now.

    The trouble with people like you Hon Proud Zimbabwean is that you have the education, you can write and speak beautifully using flowery language like Douglas Mwonzora, Chamisa and Professor Jonathan Moyo. You only problem is that you really have no common sense. Vana Chanda ngwinyira shavi rebenzi. Munopedza zuva rose muchingo hwahwata zvataura hapana! You call yourself a proud Zimbabwean and you have been defending a murderous tyrant all these years. Mugabe murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans how can you be a Zimbabwean who support such a murderer? What is there to be proud of in that?

    If there is another bloody election many more innocent Zimbabweans will be beaten, raped and murdered. You are bound to have a relative or friend who will be caught up in that chaos one way or the other. These politicians will be back on the gravy train, winning and dinning and the same corruption and misrule will continue; I do not care a f****k which colour of the rainbow they will be. What I care about is that so many innocent Zimbabweans would have risked their life and limb only to be cheated again.

    I am wasting my time explaining to an idiot like you. You really are the scum of this earth! Proud Zimbabwean, my a***!

  7. Tsvangirai is proving to be one of those nightmare in which you wish it is a nightmare and you will wake up but know this is for real. The nation is walking straight into a deadly Zanu PF trap and he is leading the people straight in!