Mugabe force a four week stampede to referendum: hoping many will blindly for yes!

February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

MP Eric Matinenga has just announced that the referendum will be 16 March 2013.

This dysfunctional GNU took four long years of endless bickering before Mugabe “dictated” the Copac constitution. The Twiddle-dees and twiddle-dums in MDC rubber stamped it.


Members of Parliament and Senators, 300 or so in total all based in two buildings in Harare, had nearly a month to rubber stamp the document; and they had been involved with the drafting all along. And now it is the people’s turn to have their say and suddenly there is no time they must do so in four weeks!


The Copac Constitution has yet to be translated into all the major languages, printed and distributed to all the corners of Zimbabwe – that is 13 million people spread in a country over 390 000 square kilometres.  Even if the regime overwhelms us all and get the copies out there in two weeks; these ordinary men and women, who will have their other daily chores since this is the busiest time of the years, must read and digest the 200 page document in two weeks!


If Mugabe had been serious about enlightening the people on the contents of this new constitution then for the last few months the country’s main public newspapers, radios and TV should have been buzzing with discussions and call-ins. Instead there has a deafening silence. He did not want the people talking about it; no doubt, the least said the better.


I hope Dr Lovemore Madhuku and NCA will succeed in forcing Mugabe to give the electorate time to read and understand the document before they vote. Two months is not asking for too much. But knowing how partisan the judiciary is, it will not be surprising that Mugabe is granted his dictate.


For years Mugabe has kept Zimbabweans in the dark over everything; the corruption, the looting and the ruthless political oppression. Mugabe and Zanu PF have been the crocodiles in the dam always churning up the mud so that us the people, the fish, never get to see more than a few inches all round. For years we have been forced to go around half blind, not know where those snapping killer jaws will come from next.


Mugabe must be really worried that the demands to have the reforms implemented BEFORE elections are held are becoming increasing loud and his confidence in the yes vote being a formality is rattled. If the people vote no then Mugabe will be forced to implement all the agreed reforms and that is something he has resisted these last four years and is NOT going to allow to happen now or ever. Hence the crocodile’s mud churning frenzy; the water is so dirty the fish are totally blind! By forcing people to vote before they have even read the document, Mugabe wants the people to vote totally blind.


Some people had given Mugabe the benefit of the doubt as to his true intention in failing to implement the reforms. Let us hope this deliberate and calculated act to repression and abuse of power will open their eyes; they now can finally see Mugabe for the cunning and cynical tyrant he is.


Anyone who has understood this Copac Constitution will know that even with the best political will in the world it will never deliver free and fair elections and stop the repeat of the 2008 violence. All the reforms must be implemented if there are to be free and fair elections. And to force the implementation of the reforms one has to vote no in the referendum.

As for the Zimbabwe populous my advice is simple: if you have not read or understood every section or clause of this document then vote NO. Mugabe is keeping you ignorant deliberately; ask yourself why he is doing it, what is he hiding from you? It is not out of love that fish should have mud-bath that the crocodile goes into a mud churning frenzy; when that happens it is wise for the fish to stay well hidden.

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  1. @Shumbar

    You may well be right there, the Lancaster House Constitution (LHC) is in such a mess that it is not really difficult to have something better. But what you have completely failed to grasp here is that we didnot set out to write a constitution better than the LHC with all its 19 amendments – amendments which it worse and not better. We set out to write a DEMOCRATIC constitution, not just any constitution but specifically a DEMOCRATIC one.

    This Copac rubbish may be better than the LHC but is it a DEMOCRATIC constitution?

    Let us forget all the nonsense you have been told just answer me this: Will this Copac rubbish deliver and guarantee free and fair elections – freed from the usual political violence, with a free media, etc.?

    We both know the answer to that is no. If this Copac constitution can not deliver this basic right then how can it be anything else other than rubbish.