Belgian want restriction on trade in Marange’s bloody diamonds lifted: upping stakes on NO vote!

February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

The EU is under great pressure from the Belgian government to end the restrictions in the trade of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds; knowing fully well these are bloody diamonds.

“Global Witness’ investigations point to a serious risk that diamond revenues could be used to fund violence in this year’s election. The Belgian government is claiming concern for the Zimbabwean people; however its true interests are closer to home in the diamond markets of Antwerp,” said Global Witness diamonds campaigner, Emily Armistead. “EU members seeking to promote democracy and stability in Zimbabwe should avoid a ménage-à-trois with Belgium and its diamond dealers this Valentine’s day.”

This is raising the stakes for every thinking Zimbabwean out there. We really need to sort out our political problems now, not in five years’ time, not next year, but this March 2013 in the referendum. Zimbabweans need to sort out our political problems and end this chaos. We need to have the GPA reforms implemented now by voting no in the upcoming referendum.

If people vote yes in the referendum then Mugabe and Zanu PF use violence and go on and “win” the elections. The outside world will throw in the towel and want the relationship with Zimbabwe normalized; the Belgians are not the first one or are they the last to want this.

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