Tsvangirai ratted about Zimbabwe being “safe” so the British could deport diaspora Zimbabweans!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

The British government has stepped up its deportation of Zimbabweans on the advice of Prime Minister Tsvangirai that the country was now “safe” and Zimbabweans should return to help rebuild the country.

The sheer incompetency of Tsvangirai knows no boundaries. Only an idiot would say Zimbabwe is “safe”!

It is Tsvangirai who has sold out by failing to get the reforms agreed in the GPA implemented; only after these reforms have been implemented can the nation finally end Zimbabwe’s culture of political violence. Instead of facing up to his own failures and at least save the nation from yet another bloody election and allow the people to vote no in the referendum. He is now lying that the reforms will be implemented and there will be no violence just to get the people to vote yes.

As long as the reforms are not implemented there will be violence; that is as certain as day follows night. So Tsvangirai wants Zimbabweans in UK to be thrown back into the thick of the certain fire of violence. Zanu PF thugs have always Zimbabweans in the diaspora as MDC supporters and therefore ease meat!

Tsvangirai should tell the British the truth; a mere apology to those who have been deported or would-be deportees is hardly adequate.

The country has a nauseating 80% + unemployment rate; it is not the lack of workers the country need but quality political leaders to end the corruption, looting and lawlessness fuelling the country’s continued economic meltdown when there should be recovery.

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  1. In a rebuff to PM Tsvangirai’s ill-advised and downright stupid statement to the British about Zimbabwe being “safe” for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to be deported back; the MDC faction led by Professor Ncube has issued a more reconciliatory statement.

    “To send misleading communications to foreign governments about the need for our children to be send home sounds inconsiderate and misguided,” read the statement from N Dube.

    “The MDC under President Ncube will form a partnership platform that will enable both sides to have a meeting place on what can be done to make the situation work. There should not be an arbitrary or single-handed approach to this return plan, neither should there be a dictated solution through abuse of office.”

    The most telling party in the state was “The current political and economic system remains fraught with loopholes that must be politically addressed.”

    Yeah, we all know about these “loopholes”, the dangers they pose and, more significantly, the despicable role Professor Ncube and the rest in his party have played in not only creating these loopholes but now in camouflaging these death traps.

    For the last four and half years this dysfunctional GNU, of which Professor Ncube was one of the decisive players, has failed to implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA. This failure has created the deathtrap “loopholes” Mugabe and Zanu PF will use to cause a repeat of the political violence of 2008. By lying to the people that these reforms will be implemented BEFORE the elections MDC is hiding the reality that they will never be implemented so the people vote yes in the referendum and then it will all be too late to stop the election going ahead!

    Professor Ncube was quick to cash in on Tsvangirai’s blundering statement about Zimbabwe being “safe” to the British; but is he not saying the blundering nonsense to the Zimbabwean populous in this referendum?

  2. @Mpisolo

    If Professor Ncube does not agree with the Copac rubbish, knows that implemeting the reforms is absolutely necessary if we are to avoid the blood bath then he should stand up and say so NOW. Spare us all this nonsense about “tribal tendencies”, the Copac constitution was in English, the negotiations were conducted in English, etc., etc.; if there was anything he did not understand then he should have asked before he signed his name.

    Are you supporting Ncube so blindly because you are from his tribe? Well people who support blindly for whatever reasons are the reason why the country is in this mess and will stay there until you idiots open your eyes!

  3. “About seven police officers on Monday afternoon raided the offices of the Zimbabwe Peace Project in Hillside claiming they had a warrant to search for the “illegal entry of goods or persons or communication equipment”, reported the Zimbabwe Mail.

    Every week for the last two months there has been a reported arrest of a human rights activists or some harassment. It is naive for anyone to even think Mugabe intends to hold free and fair elections! That is not going to happen. Once he has the yes vote in the referendum safely in the bag, Mugabe will roll out his big guns for sure

  4. @Mugabemust

    I never said you should not have a choice only I asked is the basis of your choice. No need to be so defensive. There is no shame in admitting that you will vote yes because Tsvangirai told you to do so, if that is indeed the case. It would be a foolish thing to do because one should make that kind of decision on the basis of conviction and have to be instructed, not even be the Great Leader Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe Save Richard Morgan Tsvangirai! He has made some jaw-dropping blunders, but what of them; to his blind followers they were all water off a duck’s back. Panderi nacomrade SAVE!!!

    I ask you again, I you voting yes out of conviction or because Save, the Great Leader, Chibwechitedza, Chamatinhari, Garudzo, (mbeva mbeva zvayo yakafukamwise yayo if you ask me) instructed you to vote yes? Go on answer, no need to be so blushful man!

  5. The current crop of Ministers and MPs are demanding to be up to US$ 30 000 in unpaid allowances plus perks like House stands before the end of their five years joyous ride on the gravy train.
    What these Ministers and MPs have to accept is that if we added what they have received already in basic salary plus the allowances, benefits, etc. then they will find they have done a lot better than everyone else. These people were paid US$ 100 per day for the constitution outreach programs at a time civil servants were paid US$ 200 per month!
    There is no doubt in any thinking Zimbabwean’s including these Ministers themselves that holding public office is viewed as a way of getting very rich and living it up at the public’s expense. No wonder all these politicians are so desperate to be elected, so desperate some will kill for it.
    The lack of meaningful democratic competition in which the aspiring candidates are forced to say what they stand for has only helped the murderous thugs to have a long term career in politics. Kenya’s aspiring presidential candidate had their televised debate. We need a free media and freedom of expression in Zimbabwe, desperately!
    Zimbabwe is poor, desperately poor and these public officials must not expect a desperately poor country to pay these British Premier Football player salaries. Isn’t ironic that it is thanks to the incompetency and/or corruption of these same politicians that the country is not only in this mess but stuck there!
    The salaries of politicians must be tied to that of senior civil servants; for example a Minister must not earn more than twice what a Supreme Court Judge earns who must not be paid more than five times that paid to a newly appointed teacher. Maybe then we may start attracting people who want to serve the nation more than they want the nation to serve them!

  6. @ G Galloway

    If the people vote yes in the referendum it was clear to anyone who is anyone that THAT was the point of no return. Tsvangirai could dream all he wish no one expected Mugabe to agree to any reforms being implemented at this the eleventh hour. The key is for the people to vote NO in the referendum – anyone with an brain saw that all along!

    I also told you SADC would not even consider going back to the Lancaster House Constitution; well now you heard it from the horse’s own mouth!

    You keep wittering about all the three parties agreeing to do this or that. The ball is in the people’s court now, it is for them to say. And only an idiot would say getting a yes vote “it is a formality”!

  7. UNPD will pay for Zimbabwe’s referendum and elections, Biti announced.
    UNPD is not doing the ordinary people of Zimbabwe any favors by bankrolling this corrupt and dysfunctional regime. It was the UN that bankrolled the writing of this Copac Constitution rubbish, of course that was money wasted. Now they are stepping in to finance a referendum which already shows it is not going to be fair given there is no free media and freedom of expression.
    Is this the same UNPD which penned the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Or has the UNPD forgotten that there is the right to meaningful say in the governance of the country and the people of Zimbabwe deserve this right too!
    If the UNPD is going to fund this referendum it should insist that Zimbabwe’s public media, which at present a Zanu PF monopoly, is freed up so Zimbabweans get to hear the two points of view on this Copac constitution before they vote in the referendum; at the very least!

  8. The real battle is over the referendum, if Mugabe gets the yes vote in the referendum then Zimbabwe will go into the elections. Anyone who thinks the elections are going to be free and fair and not a repeat of 2008 is naive. Zimbabweans’ only cahnce of forcing Mugabe to have free and fair elections is by forcing Mugabe to implement the reforms BEFORE elections are held. And the only way to force him is by voting NO in the referendum!

    Give Mugabe the referendum victory, the yes vote, and we may just as well kiss goodbye to the elections!

  9. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Retired Justice Simpson Victor Mutambanengwe has resigned. He has retired on health grounds. The right honorable judge was not ZEC chairperson at the time of the farcical 2008 elections, he was appointed in 2010. Still, with a few weeks before a make or break referendum, why is it that the voters roll is still in a mess.

    Let us hope someday these right honorable judges will tell us what really happened in the 2008 elections, more specifically why it took five weeks to release the result of that election; why thousands continue to be denied their right to vote? His honor will depend on him telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

    Zimbabwe is in this hell-hole today because we have had too many his excellences who are not so excellent, too many honorable this honorable that when the one thing these individuals were not is being honorable!