“Empty Drum” Jabulani Sibanda says Tsvangirai is “an agent of the devil”!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Jabulani Sibanda, Zanu PF’s trail blazer, is out campaigning for a Mugabe and Zanu PF victory. He calls Tsvangirai an agent of the devil, a puppet of the West, and tells the West to stay out.

“When they (the Americans) come here, they should respect our laws,” Sibanda said.

Yeah we all know exactly what your mean comrade Jabulani “Empty Drum” Sibanda, the self-appointed prophet of doom. The only law you and Mugabe know and respect is violence, violence and more violence. Anyone who threaten complain about Zanu PF corruption and looting and how it has driven millions of Zimbabweans into a life of abject poverty and despair your only response it to beat, rape and murder the people into submission.

Mugabe has seven University degrees but judging from the sorry state of Zimbabwe’s economy, political and social life; one has to wonder why he has not put even one iota of what he learned into practice. He has boasted of having “degrees in violence”; when he has certainly made full use of that one! And in Jabulani Sibanda Mugabe has force the empty drum, empty drums makes the most noise, in which to drum out his message of violence!

Both Mugabe and Sibanda are angry with the Americans, the British and everybody else out there who has dared criticise them for subjecting the defenceless people of Zimbabwe to all this mindless brutality and abuse.

I am tempted to say I was wrong; I thought comrade Empty Drum and all the other Zanu PF thugs would be told to “cool it”, fill him up with Chibuku or something, until Zanu PF had the yes vote safely in the bag. I thought Mugabe would not want even this sabre rattling rhetoric to spook the electorate; he wants all Zimbabweans, especially MDC supporters to believe MDC’s message that “there will be no violence in the coming election” and vote yes in the referendum. Once the yes vote is safely in the bag, Mugabe would then release Comrade Empty Drum, Chipangano Gang and all the party’s terror machine on the electorate, like wolves amongst the sheep.

Well is this is comrade Empty Drum at his “coolest” I hate to think what he will do when he has his licence to beat, rape and kill!

The only way to prevent yet another blood bath in Zimbabwe is if people vote no in the referendum. If the yes vote wins the day and many innocent lives are lost; I hope Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC hypocrites will spare us the platitudes when we bury the dead since it is their deliberate lie about there being no violence that would have fooled the nation into voting yes when they should have voted no.

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