Dysfunctional GNU parliament rubber stamp Copac Constitution and celebrate!

February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well we sure have our fair share of really naive people! We have had chance after chance to turn this country into a functioning democracy and chance after chance we have wasted them all and the referendum will be our very last chance to turn away from this torturous route of intimidation, beatings, rapes and murder we have been travelling for the last 33 years. And some people are keen as mustard to vote yes, to say yes this is the route we want to travel!

It is one thing to say you can take a horse to the river but you cannot make him drink. What do you say to a nation on suicidal path?

I do feel sorry for those, because they are young or for no fault of their own are ignorant, who are being dragged into this nightmare. But that is why children are said to pay for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers one can stretch that into the future and past for generations!

Let it be said that on this day 6 February 2013 Zimbabwe’s dysfunction GNU parliament rubber stamp the rubbish Copac constitutions and there were scenes of great jubilation and singing!

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  1. Sadly Zimbabwe’s CSO is not exactly renowned for making sound judgments; more often than not they are as dysfunctional as the GNU! A number of the CSO attended the Second All Stakeholders’ Conference to discuss the Copac draft as invited guests of one of the political parties in the GNU. After all the hoo-ha and expense; they generated more heat than light!

    “While the (Copac) draft is not perfect it is much better than the existing Lancaster House constitution (LHC),” CSO source said. The GNU was tasked in the GPA to write “a democratic constitution to deliver free and fair elections whose results will not be in dispute!” The GPA had already acknowledged the LHC was not fit for purpose.

    A few weeks ago, Human Rights Watch report warned against the many serious shortcomings in the Copac constitution including the failure to have meaningful media reforms. Clearly none of the local CSO read the report.

    In a country with no free public media and the little private media there is is muzzled by oppressive laws such as AIPPA and POSA many Zimbabweans will be looking to the CSO for guidance as to how they should vote in the referendum. So instead of telling the public about how this Copac constitution will not stop the scourge of violence, for example, and therefore they should reject it. They answer a question no one ever asked just to muddy the waters and mislead the voters into voting yes.

    The ancient Greeks used to consult Oracles at times like this; and they got some very clever and mysterious advice with two or three meanings. If Zimbabwe’s CSO are the modern day Oracles; well s****t!

  2. @ ZATO

    Mugabe will tell you the same thing but that did not stop him murdering 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans!

    You and I both know that ever since Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Ncube, etc. got on the gravy train they saw Mugabe through rose tinted glass.

    “(Mugabe) is a very, very, very good charmer…” said MDC minister Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

    Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T Minister of Information and Communication Technology, once thought Mugabe was “unbalanced”, but adds: “sitting in cabinet with him, I admire his intellect. He has dexterity of encyclopaedic proportions. He is bad leader but a gifted politician.”

    Finance Minister Tendai Biti talked of the dictator as “unflappable” and that he was “Zimbabwe”.

    As for Tsvangirai we all know that the only time he ever threatened to pull out of the GNU was when Mugabe would not allow him to stay in State House or Zimbabwe House. When he got the US$ 3 million to build the house he now lives in; Tsvangirai has been as malleable as mud!

    Now I want you to put the following case to yourself very carefully now: what if these MDC leaders have come to the conclusion that their best chance of keeping their seat on the gravy train was if they cooperated with Mugabe, after all it does not make sense to bit the hand that feeds you. They have accepted that Mugabe was not going to give up power, not without a fight and they had no real appetite to take the tyrant on especial if they were assured of a seat on the gravy train.

    So here is the deal Mugabe gets to keep his top job and to be sure of that he will be allowed to have control of the Army, Police, CIO and have his man running the RBZ, Judiciary, etc. So the reforms that would have seen all these things changed are kicked into the long grass. MDC will be allowed to win some seats during elections.

    Of course both parties will keep their identity and they will be allowed to insult the other for public consumption.

    Well this is the only explanation I can think of why MDC would agree to have the reforms kicked into the tall grass, agree to a weak and feeble constitution and go into elections they know will be marred by violence. I challenge you to come up with a better explanation and I promise, I will be campaigning with you for a yes vote!

  3. @ Sabudo

    And you are jumping the gun. I know there are leaders like Mugabe who have regard the law or the rule of law that should not be and never be an excuse for us who love and appreciate the importance of law and rule of law to have no law or to accept a weak and feeble law.

    God knew well than mankind would murder, commit adultery, etc., etc. Are we then to argue that He should not have bothered to give mankind the Ten Commandments?

    To have allowed Mugabe, a tyrant with no regard for the law or rule of law, to “dictate” the Copac Constitution was tantamount to God asking Mugabe to compose the Sixth Commandments. It would read something like “Thou shall not kill, unless you the president and have to for political gain!”

    It is surprising how many Zimbabweans out there agree this Copac rubbish is weak and feeble; yes, it will not stop Mugabe and Zanu PF using violence to “win”; and yes it will not therefore deliver free and fair elections – the very thing the GPA said it MUST deliver. But instead of therefore rejecting the Copac rubbish they are searching high and low why for excuses why they so accept it without having to admit that they are incapable of making any rational decision and so will do as their political leaders instruct them regardless how stupid the instructions should turn up to be.

    Spare me all you pathetic attempts to be rational. There is NO rational reason for doing something that is stupid! Just do it!

  4. @ Mike Rook

    At least “Motor Mouth” Mwonzora must have been inspired by the Chinese when he came up with his greatest “gain” of a fixed two five-year term for the president. We the electorate will be beaten, raped and hundreds killed as we are forced to vote for whoever Zanu PF want us to vote for; that is acceptable to Motor Mouth. All he wanted was that he serve a fixed term! The Chinese are better off, the get their dictator imposed and do not have to pay for it in beatings,etc.!

    Motor Mouth, what the people of Zimbabwe wanted above all the rubbish you are giving them is that they have a meaningful say in who becomes president and not one imposed on them through fraudulent and undemocratic election!

  5. @ Chimbwido

    Did you know that 82% of the “O” students failed to pass five subjects or more. And these young men and women will be joining the army of the unemployed, 80%. This is a lost generation and for no fault of their own.

    In 2008 these students had a total of 23 school days, they learnt nothing that year and the following year they were pushed on like cattle.

    Last year, this GNU spent three times as much on overseas trips for Mugabe, Tsvangirai and a few others – just overseas trip alone not counting what the nation is paying for Mugabe’s daughter for her umpteenth degree or Tsvangirai’s US$ 3 million mansion, etc. – than it spent on the country’s 300 000 schools!

    It is this corrupt and dysfunctional GNU that condemned these 82% failed “O” level students to a life time of hopelessness and despair!

    When you say the people “have the faith and trust in their leaders” I am sure you are not counting these failed students, or their parents, or the 80% unemployed, etc. I have to ask you who these people are? You keep making these sweeping statements that are nothing but figments of your imagination

  6. @ Justice

    Well there will be a referendum first and then, we will see about the elections. You can waffle about having the referendum and the elections on the same day but that is not going to happen.

    “The referendum will be a formality, we have the yes vote!” said Tsvangirai. Well that coming from the man who signed on the dotted line of a document “dictated” by a tyrant that sure makes one worry does it!

    Not only do we have a murderous tyrant who have nothing but contempt for the suffering common people but now he has Tsvangirai on his side too! In case you have not notice we have a dictatorship in Zimbabwe that has stifled all meaningful political discourse and emergence of quality political leaders. I take with a pitch of salt the “all major political parties in Zimbabwe” since there are no political parties in Zimbabwe of substance!