MDC want elections to go ahead “whatever the magnitude” of violence, Chamisa confirm!

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MDC is certainly not a party of excellence but more a party of blundering incompetency!


Tuesday 29 January 2013

MDC Secretary General, Tendai Biti, reportedly tells the media MDC will boycott the elections if the “hooligan” CIO and military officers in ZEC are not replaced. It is a reasonable position given that partisan bias of personnel in this two security organs. In 2008 ZEC played a despicable role in delaying the announcing of election results by a staggering five weeks; many people believe they cooked the results.


So it is very reasonable that there should be significant reforms of ZEC and individuals whose political impartiality is in doubt should be removed.


Why MDC has failed to have this done for the last five years; is another story.


Thursday 31 January 2013

MDC National Organising Secretary, Nelson Chamisa, denies MDC ever said the party will boycott the elections.


“The people of Zimbabwe have embraced the MDC and have placed their hope in the party;” Chamisa said “hence, whatever the magnitude of the persecution from which ever quarter, the people will vote in their numbers for a new beginning and real transformation which will be brought about by the MDC government.”


Excuse me Mr. National Organizing Secretary; the people did vote in their numbers in 2008 and there was NO “new beginning and real transformation”! The only thing that changed was that you and your fellow MDC leaders got on the gravy train.


As for the people, Mugabe and Zanu PF were swift and ruthless in delivering the punishment for voting for MDC in March 2008. In the presidential run-off that followed the people were subjected to some of the worst election violence in modern human history. Mr Chamisa neither you nor any one of your fellow MDC leaders were there to stop the violence or comforted the relatives of the over 500 murdered. You all disappeared like mist in the African morning.


The people were promised in the GPA, of which MDC was a party and signed to, that a number of democratic reforms will be implemented and a new democratic constitution written for one purpose only – to ensure the next elections are free and fair and the violence of 2008 is never be repeated ever again. Sadly in five years none of the reforms have been implemented and the Copac constitution MDC has endorse is not even worth the paper it is written on.


Mr. Chamisa you and your party owe the people of Zimbabwe an apology for your failure to implement the reforms and rubber stamping the Copac constitution “dictated” by Mugabe, a tyrant. You owe the people of Zimbabwe an apology for leading them back to the political nightmare they faced in 2008 with no democratic constitution and the scourge of political violence a daily reality!


Yes MDC could have implemented the reforms and all the other things that would have guaranteed free and fair elections, ensured the people’s rights were safe guaranteed and no one would ever be beaten, raped or murdered in political violence. They would have had the full backing of SADC and the international community and, most important of all, of the long suffering people of Zimbabwe. MDC did not implement the reforms because the party did not have the political will and did not care!


All Mr. Chamisa and his MDC friends care about is that they get back on the gravy train regardless what beating the people get and how many are killed, regardless how dysfunctional the government that emerges. “Whatever the magnitude of the persecution from which ever quarter,” MDC National Organizing Secretary Chamisa said!


Zimbabweans have heard it from the horse’s own mouth; MDC does not care. It would be folly on the part of the people to follow MDC and vote yes in the referendum and thus go through an election process which everyone agrees will be a repeat of the 2008 violence!

3 responses to MDC want elections to go ahead “whatever the magnitude” of violence, Chamisa confirm!

  1. Whilst MDC leaders have their eyes totally focused on getting back of the gravy train “whatever the magnitude” of political violence; Zanu PF meanwhile are more pragmatic and are focused on getting the referendum to approve the Copac rubbish first. If Zanu PF was to hold its party primary elections now before the referendum, everyone knows the party will find it near impossible to rein in its unruly supporters to hold back on the violence. That would be disastrous for Mugabe and Zanu PF because if there is one thing that would spook the Zimbabwe electorate into voting no in the referendum is violence on the ground.

    After the referendum the election date will then be decided. Mugabe and Zanu PF will then decide what would be the most advantageous date, for the party to hold its own party primary elections, have campaign and then the polls.

    MDC keeps talking of having more reforms implemented but the truth is once the referendum approves the constitution there will simply be no time for that. A yes in the referendum is the point of no return; no reforms will be implemented after that. Zanu PF will have its party primary elections and as night follows day the party will roll out its campaign of violence! There will be nothing MDC can do to stop the violence or stop the elections.

    Political violence is a serious problem, the one thing that would have the greatest impact in this election process; MDC is wrong to take their eyes off this issue and the party and whole nation will pay dearly for it!

  2. The Copac constitution was “dictated” by Mugabe giving Zanu PF the licence to use all manner of dirty tricks to “win” elections including retainings its struggle hold on the media and wanton violence. It is no surprise that all the party’s cronies and propagandists including the country’s greatest flip-flopper Professor Moyo are cheering the would process as a great success.

    “The call by all parties to vote “Yes” is a sign of maturity which we should all emulate and cherish,” Moyo tells us.

    How can writing a constitution than denies the people the most basic rights including the right to own property, right to a meaningful and free democratic vote and the right to life itself be a “sign of maturity”?

  3. @ Chimbwido

    I am not against Chamisa and MDC asking the people of Zimbabwe voting them into power even when MDC has not told the people their programme.

    What am I against is MDC telling the people lies about the next elections are going to be free and fair. The party knows fully well it has let the people down by failing to implement the agreed reforms without which it is impossible to stop Mugabe and Zanu PF carrying out their usual dirty tricks including ensuring there is no free media and the use of wanton violence to deny the people their right to free and fair elections.

    MDC not only knows there is going to be violence, the party has gone one step further the party’s leaders have accepted this reality. And yet they still want the election to go ahead, they want the ordinary Zimbabeans to risk life and limb in an election process that, if people voted NO in the referendum, can still be stopped, necessary reforms implemented and then the elections held with all the guarantees of no violence and being free and fair.

    I am against Chamisa and MDC’s reckless and selfish resolve to hold the elections “whatever the magnitude of the persecution from which ever quarter”. Millions of Zimbabweans will vote yes in the referendum because they believed MDC that there would be no violence and,, because the country has no free media, they never got a chance to understand that there was a better option – a NO vote!