Fire CIO “Hooligans” in ZEC or MDC will boycott Elections, Biti says!

February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

MDC will boycott the elections “if Zanu PF-aligned spies working in the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) secretariat are not flushed out”, reported Daily News Live. This is only begs the question: has this dysfunction GNU competent completed the tasks, implementing the democratic reforms and producing a democratic constitution, so that the country will have free and fair elections whose outcome will not be disputed?

“We are not going for polls if these hooligans are the ones still in charge of running the elections,” MDC Finance Minister Tendai Biti told a news conference. “It is well that (SADC) observers are going to be sent to monitor the elections.”

MDC claims Zec is full of intelligence (CIO) and military officials.

It is not for me to question the validity of MDC’s claim or discount the negative effect of presence of the said “hooligans” would have on the whole electoral process and results. What I am questioning is why MDC has failed to ensure these were addressed and sorted years ago.

MDC has had five years to implement all the democratic reform and write a democratic constitution. At the end of the five years of this dysfunctional GNU we find not even one of the reforms has been meaningfully implemented and they produce this Copac constitution that is not even worth the paper it is written on.

If the agreed democratic reforms had been implemented timeously and the respective institutions restructured and re-staffed, if necessary, to ensure their independence and effectiveness in carrying out their respective functions then there would none of all kerfuffle of “hooligan” running a key institution like Zec!

Whilst no one objects to the presence of elections observers; the nation must rely on its own robust democratic constitution and institutions to deliver free and fair elections and not outside election observers. Zimbabwe is supposed to have spent the last five years making sure it has a robust democratic constitution, etc.

It is none other than Minister Biti and his party leader, Prime Minister Tsvangirai, who are arguing Zimbabweans to approve the Copac constitution knowing fully well Zimbabwe’s constitution and institutions are not robust enough to deliver free and fair elections. Once the Copac is approved Mugabe will not even be interested in implementing any reforms even if MDC threatens to boycott the elections. The referendum is the point of no return!

If the elections go ahead with the hooligans still in Zec, MDC will lose some parliamentary seats; the biggest losers will be the nation whose democratic vote would once again have been denied and have to live with the consequences of yet another imposed government to emerge.

Zimbabweans must disregard the MDC lies that this dysfunctional GNU has done near enough to deliver free and fair elections and vote NO in the referendum. Only a no vote will force the full implementation of the agreed reforms and the writing of a democratic constitution instead of the Copac rubbish now before us!

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  1. @Ruhanya

    Whilst Ruhanya may have a point about violence being “in the DNA of politicians”, that hardly explains what Tsvangirai is doing here. Mugabe knows that he cannot win free and fair elections and so naturally he was done absolutely everything to make sure can use every dirty trick he can, including wanton violence, to retain political power. The GPA gave Tsvangirai the opportunities to force Mugabe to implement democratic reforms and write a democratic constitution which would have stopped Mugabe using violence. He has had five years to get this done and failed. That is hardly because he has DNA for violence; after all it is his supporters who are always at the business end of the whipping.

    Tsvangirai’s failure to force through changes that would have ended Zimbabwe’s culture of violence can only be attributed to one thing and thing only; his breath taking incompetency! Talk of someone being promoted beyond their level of competency; Tsvangirai is nothing but a goat herder holding the office of Prime Minister!

    For the good of MDC and the nation, Tsvangirai should just go back to herding goats!

  2. Why would Zanu PF be “uncomfortable” with having international observers, unless they have something to hide! Still, it seems Professor Ncube is making have international observers a “pre-condition” to holding elections (I assume) because he failed to get the reforms that would have made it impossible to have violence implemented. That is pretty stupid particularly since Mugabe is known for disregarding written laws what more some stupid condition dreamt up by a failed leader to impress journalists!

    Why does these two clowns, Tsvangirai and Ncube, just admit that they were stupid not to have implemented the reforms and very stupid to rubber stamp Mugade’s “dictated” Copac rubbish and therefore they withdraw their endorsement of the Copc Constitution. And if the referendum goes ahead, they will campainging for a NO vote. Mugabe will know he will not win the referendum and call off the whole thing. That will save the nation wasting a lot of money and time!

  3. @ Tora Bora

    I have have tried to find a reason why Tsvangirai and Ncube ever agreed to having elections knowing fully well they had not implemented the security sector reforms and all the other reforms.

    The only reason I can come up with up to know is that having been allowed on the gravy train for the last five years they had no choice but to agree to whatever Mugabe wanted. It was their thank you to Mugabe in true gravy train tradition he who pays the piper calls the tune. “Vakadzidza kudya vanyerere” as one Zanu PF crony once boasted!

    Well Tsvangirai certainly had a ball; all that globe trotting and womanizing at taxpayers’ huge expense and a US$ 3 million to top it all.

    Still everyone in MDC must be deeply regreting this political folly because it is becoming more and more difficult to square the circle; how do you tell people there will be no violence when violence is there everywhere!

  4. @ Member in Charge

    All mankind is made of flesh and most of them will admit to enjoying sex but that is not to say they are obsessed about sex and trivia.

    Zimbabwe is in a real big mess; 33 years of this corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF regime has driven millions into abject poverty, life expectancy – the acid test of standard of living – has plummeted from 68 years in 1980 to 34 years today; millions of our people have left the country to become economic and political refugees; our education and health services have all but collapsed because of the chronic under funding; the country’s vast wealth and resources are being plundered and wasted and so the list goes on.

    We have a real chance to get out of this mess if we can implement the democratic reforms and come up with a democratic constitution. And the country is bang in the middle of this critical debate and so for people to be so easily distracted by some trivial story is, to say the very least, very disappointing.

    We are in this hell-hole because we failed to distinguish what is important from what is not important and, until we learn, we will remain in this hell-hole. If Zimbabweans vote yes to this rubbish Copac constitution then their future is grime indeed and they have only themselves to blame for it!