Eureka! I have figured it out: Zimbabweans have everything back to front!

January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Eureka! I have figured it out; Zimbabweans have everything back to front. We, the people, do not what we want and our leaders do not know where there are going; is it any wonder then that we are stuck in this hell-hole in a country with the potential of being paradise on earth!


You can talk until the cows come home about football, Arsenal FC or Man U, or X Factor contestants. The New Zimbabwe Forum had its heaviest traffic over a story of some woman videoed shagging in the presence of a child! Talk about the Copac Constitution, human rights activists being arrested, anything that affect us all and it is light out! No one is interested or care.


During the 2010 Soccer World Cup competition there was a report that government had given ZESA strict instructions to make sure there was no power cut during certain day Zimbabweans are likely to be watching the game. The government feared the people might riots if that was to happen.  So the people have tolerated the corruption and looting that have destroyed the national economy and thrown millions into abject poverty with saintly patience but would face all the regime’s brutal riot police can dish out if they cannot see a football game on TV.


When you have an electorate whose attention span on national issues is two minutes maximum, you can promise them anything. You do not have to bother keeping your promise because the next day they will have completely forgotten what you promised. In 2008 Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai promised to bring democratic change, remember? Why has he then failed to implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA? He has had nearly five to implement these reforms and yet not even one meaningful reform has been carried out.


We all look with envy at the other nations living in peace and prosperity, of course we too would like to Zimbabwe enjoying peace, justice and prosperity. These things do not fall from the sky like rain; we, the people, have to make sure they happen.


We have a real chance to define what kind of Zimbabwe we; not Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Zanu PF or MDC but we, the people; by writing a democratic constitution. The Copac constitution this dysfunctional GNU has produced is what Mugabe wants; he “dictated” it and the others just rubber stamped. After the nightmare elections of 2008 the one thing every level headed Zimbabwean wanted in the new constitution is cast iron guarantees that there will be no more political violence! How can this Copac rubbish then claimed to be a people’s constitution when it cannot deliver the people’s greatest concern.


Mugabe is counting on the Zimbabwe public’s greatest weakness, the almost inert inability to discern what matters from all the distractions of life, to get the Copac rubbish approved. The story of the shagging women has a lot mileage still, Mugabe will be thankful to her for providing the distraction!

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