Zimbabwean to vote in the Copac referendum end of March: Donors have voted already!

January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

It has taken this dysfunctional GNU over four and half years of endless bickering to produce the constitution, a task they had pencilled in to take one year and a half. And surprise, surprise the people of Zimbabwe will be given less than five weeks from the publication of the constitution to voting in the referendum. No doubt most of the people in the rural areas will be expected to vote yes before they have even seen the document!

How can the result of this referendum be considered democratic expression of the people’s wishes when they are deliberately kept in the dark and then herded off like cattle to a dip tank?

The international community have already cast their vote of this Copac constitution by refusing to fund the whole shoddy affair. The GNU has already sent out Finance Minister Tendia Biti to beg for the US$ 100 million required to conduct the referendum and so far the international community has not contributed a penny.

There are four good reasons why the usual donors have not been forthcoming to fund Zimbabwe’s Copac constitution referendum project:

1)      The Copac constitution writing process as already costed a staggering US$80 to 100 million and most of it was paid to the country’s politicians in allowances. The politicians insisted they must take part and demanded US$ 100 a day in allowance at a time civil servants wages were US$ 200 a month!

2)      The outreach programmes were disrupted by unruly Zanu PF supporters

3)      Whatever was gathered during the outreach phase was completely discarded by the three political parties in the GNU as the started the horse trading on the Copac constitution.

4)      The final Copac constitution was “dictated” by Mugabe and it has completely failed to guarantee even the most basic  rights life the right to free and fair elections and the right to life.

The whole Copac constitution writing exercise has been such a waste of time and money to fund the referendum would be throwing more good money after bad. The only good outcome from the referendum will have to be a NO vote so the whole exercise can be repeated from scratch. It is an extravagant way to spend US$ 100 million to get the Copac rubbish thrown out; it would recklessly irresponsible if the result was to be the opposite!

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Acting chairperson Mrs Joyce Kazembe told journalists her commission was ready to begin work on the voter registration (the voters roll is still a chaotic mess with many voters’ names missing and many dead people still on the roll), the referendum and then the general poll as soon as it gets the necessary funds. With the referendum set for end of March, 8 weeks away, it is impossible to see how the commission will have all this done properly.

If a job is worth doing it is worth doing right! This dysfunctional GNU could not be trusted to organize a piss up in a brewery how can it then be entrusted to write something as important as the national constitution? Everything this GNU has done has shown just how hopelessly incompetent it is. Zimbabweans must go on mass and vote NO so that the important and critical tasks of implementing the agree reforms, writing a democratic constitution and holding a referendum are done properly and produce the desired end result of guaranteed free and fair elections and good governance!

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  1. @Dr Kuraivanavevhu

    It all very well asking people to be “forward looking and conciliatory” but unless this new constitution is the democratic constitution we wanted this will be yet another false start comparable to the Zanu PF – PF Zapu unity accords. Instead of bring the peace and good governance the swallowing of PF Zapu by Mugabe consolidated his de facto one-party dictatorship.

    This new Copac constitution was “dictated” by Mugabe and surprise, surprise it is not going to deliver free and fair elections but instead grant Mugabe the licence to use the same dirty tricks including wanto violence to “win” elections. Is that what you want us to look forward to? Another bloody election process followed by five years of this corrupt and repressive dictatorship?

  2. @Kwidz

    The GPA and GNU were all set up to implement agreed democratic reforms and write a new constitution so that the sham elections of 2008 would not be repeated again. The referendum was to give the people a say in whether they are happy with the new constitution but also with the GNU in implementing the reforms and delivering the objective of free and fair elections.

    If the people should reject what is put before them; it would be totally illogical for the parties in the GNU to then seek to punish the people by bringing back a constitution everyone had rejected already, particularly when they are the ones who failed to perform.

    Everyone knows the Copac constitution will not deliver free and fair elections and that there will be violence. All Zimbabweans are now trying to do is find excuses why they should still vote yes and go through with another bloody electoral process.In short they are looking for excuses why they should accept being denied the vote and risk life and limb. They are being plain stupid and, of course, there is no excuse for being stupid!

    Giving up one’s right is plain stupid, period!

  3. @Dumbu

    The right to free and fair election is the very rock on which good government stand without that right the only form of government you can build is a tyranny of one shed or another. To give up that right for some ill-defined “step in the right direction”; what direction, no one knows or care. This is the stuff monumental follies are made of.

    In 2008 the then American Ambassador to Zimbabwe, James Mcghie described the GPA MDC was negotiating with Mugabe as “Swiss cheese” with holes so “big one can drive a truck through”. The Ambassador, a seasoned diplomat had, no doubt, tried to advise the MDC against signing such a one-sided agreement but warning was not going through. He was airing his opinion in public out of sheer frustration.

    Everyone including Ambassador Mcghie said the GPA would never work and long behold after five years of endless and utterly pointless bickering we can confirm that Zimbabwe had one of the most dysfunctional GNU in human history.

    Today history is repeating itself. Charovedzera charovedzera, gudo rakakwira mawere kwasviba!

    Today Prime Minister Tsvangirai is accepting this Copac constitution, “dictated” by Mugabe, which will deny the people by basic right to free and fair elections. The MDC leader is also accepting that the elections can go ahead although he of all people knows the critical reforms to ensure free and fair elections are not been implemented.

    There is simply no rational reason why Tsvangirai accepted the Copac constitution; no rational reason why he would want elections before the reforms are implemented; just as there was no rational reason he signed the one-sided GPA agreement in 2008. None other than he is so disaster prone; he would the street just so he can step on a banana-peel, slip and fall.

    Now as happened in 2008 the MDC leadership, membership and much of Zimbabwean public are all falling behind Tsvangirai without ever asking where he is leading them. They all follow him like sheep to the slaughter!

    If Zimbabweans follow Tsvangirai and vote yes then they rightly deserve the violence that will follow and the tyrannical regime that would emerge. If the electorate is that stupid to keep following a blundering fool again and again then they clearly lack the mental aptitude to appreciate the value of free and fair and to understand the subtlety of its application in a functional democratic government.

    In short, if Zimbabweans do not see the GPA as one big disaster PM Tsvangirai has made then they will follow him again on this even bigger disastrous path he was chosen and sadly they have not learnt the lesson and therefore will pay dearly this disaster too.