Tsvangirai looks like rapoko when he is the obnoxious shawi weed: need discerning voters to tell!

January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Morgan Tsvangirai is like the obnoxious weed, “shawi” thriving in a rapoko field.

It takes a discerning eye to separate the shawi weed from a rapoko plant. Rapoko is drought resistant crop of the millet family which produces ten or so stems which grow to one meter height, produce an ear with four or five fingers each five or so centimeters long heavy with red or dark brown seeds one millimeter in diameter. Shawi will produce two or three times as many stem only thinner and its ear is a lot flatter with dark brown or black seeds a quarter the size of rapoko.

Shawi are spread by animals feeding on the ear and plant and the seed going through their digestion system without being damage whereas rapoko seed will be damaged. Like all weeds shawi is a vigorous weed out competing rapoko or other crops. Rapoko is grown by broadcasting the seed and so at weeding time it is necessary to take out the weeds and thin out the crop. It is easy to leave a vigorous shawi and take out the rapoko plant. It really takes a discerning eye of an experience rapoko farmer to ensure one does not end up with a field of rigorous shawi weeds instead of rapoko.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was elected in 2008 on a ticket to bring democratic change, indeed his party is a movement for democratic change. The GPA agreed on a whole raft of democratic reforms, which implemented would have brought very significant and far reaching democratic changes to the body politics of Zimbabwe; sadly not even one of these reforms have been implemented. Throughout the five years of this GNU, all the PM has done is talk about these reforms but never acted.

The other significant democratic change the PM and his MDC could have brought was a democratic constitution. The Copac constitution MDC have signed onto is everything a tyrant would have wanted; notably it is too weak and feeble to deliver basic rights like the right to free and fair elections and even the right to life.

Although the PM maintains the Copac constitution was “negotiated” and “compromise” document there can be no doubt that Mugabe “dictated” the document as his Zanu PF representative in the constitution writing committee, MP Paul Mangwana has admitted. The Copac gives Mugabe the license to use all the dirty tricks included his favorite one of wanton violence to “win” elections. MDC has made heavy weather of how Mugabe has “compromised” and accept the president will serve a maximum two five-year terms. For an 88 old sickly man, that is hardly a compromise!

It took Zimbabweans 15 years after independence to see Mugabe for the murderous tyrant he is. Zimbabweans are being asked to vote in a referendum to judge whether or not PM Tsvangirai has delivered on the democratic reforms and constitution; they do not have the luxury of 15 years to decide. PM Tsvangirai has failed to deliver any democratic changes; he looks like rapoko plant but he is in reality a shawi weed.

If Zimbabweans approve this Copac rubbish then they will know the day after the referendum that the elections free of violence was a lie as Mugabe rolls out his terror machine; they will then know what they assumed was a bumper rapoko crop was a field of the obnoxious shawi weeds. Zimbabweans need to be discerning voters, the country’s lack of free media and freedom of expression is conspiring against them, and reject this Copac rubbish or the nation is in for some nightmare years ahead!

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  1. @ G Galloway

    US Ambassador Chris Dell said way back in 2002 that Tsvangirai is “a flawed and indecisive character” and of course he was right. Ever since the idiot has blundered again and again and if the Ambassador had wanted to tell the full story then he should have added “the Zimbabwean populous are even worse!” Everyone agrees this Copac constitution will never deliver free and fair elections and this referendum is essentially asking that question: will the Copac constitution deliver free and fair elections? And you are absolutely right, the people of Zimbabwe will vote yes! How stupid is that!

    Frankly I am not surprise Mugabe has managed to get away without implementing even one reform and “dictating” a constitution to suit his de facto one party dictatorship agenda. Mugabe is a tyrant, a murderous one at that, still he is smart. I know he was pitted against some one how is not a full shilling still I never thought that Tsvangirai would be as stupid as he has turned out to be!

  2. @ Chimbwido

    After the sham 2008 elections Mugabe was on the hook when no one would recognize him then as “legitimately elected head of state”. He was luck he had Tsvangirai who foolishly let him off the hook when he signed the one-sided GPA. This time Mugabe will not be so lucky. Tsuro haiponi rutsva kaviri! Not even Tsvangirai will dare let Mugabe off the hook this time. This fight has only started and it is not over until Mugabe is out of power.

    The weapons are not sticks and guns he is used to but words and ideas. This is a fight for the minds of the Zimbabwean populous; the regime has done its best to brain wash the people over the years but it does not take much to get the brain fired up and asking the search questions again.

    Mugabe and you lot are in a panic because you know Tsvangirai was a walkover but know gone are the days when you could confidently expect all the millions who voted for MDC in 2008 to vote as Tsvangirai direct them in this referendum. You know that with each passing day more and more Zimbabweans are realizing Tsvangirai is lying about this Copac rubbish delivering free and fair elections. And they will vote NO in the referendum.

    2013 is a very important year for Zimbabwe we will have to see which one of us is the “daylight dreamer”; you or me!

    Even with Tsvangirai unwittingly helping Mugabe and Zanu PF stay in power still the dictatorship will fall!

  3. “Our destination is clear. Our future is where Africa’s wealth enriches all of Africa’s people,” UN Secretary told African Leaders at the AU summit in Addis Ababa. “African countries have reached a remarkable 5% growth over the past decade and are projected to grow even more than 5% by 2014. Economic expansion is not an end in itself. Wealth cannot remain in the hands of the few. Inequality is a recipe for instability.”

    There is a message there for Mugabe and his cronies; their all-out looting policies in the name of black empowerments has concentrated the nation’s wealth in the hands of the very few whilst driving the overwhelming majority into depth of economic poverty and despair.

    If Africa’s economy grew by 5% in the last decade it shows that MDC’s claim of having “saved the nation from the abyss” is nonsense. The Zimbabwe Economy only managed to grow by 4% during the life time of this GNU; given the very low point the economy had sunk it should have grown by 15% or more if the political environment had been right!

  4. Ezra Sibanda explains to Lance Guma on Nehanda Radio why he wants to contest the Vungu parliamentary seat in the coming elections in Zimbabwe.

    This is an excellent interview my compliments to both Lance and Ezra.

    To me the meat of this interview was what Ezra said in these two paragraphs.
    “To rule out rigging in Zimbabwe will be fooling oneself. We just have to be more vigilant, try and prevent any form of rigging. We just hope the new constitution will prevent previous illegal deeds of stealing elections.

    “We just need the voters roll to be sorted and remove the dead people in there who have been used to steal elections. I trust and believe if all the reforms are met and fulfilled as per the GPA then there is no chance of rigging these forthcoming elections.”

    I pleased to note Ezra is aware of these very serious shortcomings. I would have wanted Ezra to forcefully condemn MDC’s failures in all these areas.

    Surely it is unacceptable that one has to “hope the new constitution will prevent previous illegal deeds”. A good constitution must be strongly and precise to deliver such basic rights like the right to free and fair elections and the right to life and not be wishy-washy as the Copac constitution.

    A party that so readily compromised on such basic tenets of democracy and good governance can never be considered a party of “excellence”!