If Zimbabweans want to be taken serious, then we must demonstrate we are serious about free elections!

January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Rugare Gumbo, Zanu PF Publicity Secretary, says Zanu PF politburo is “delighted” with the Copac constitution approved by the principals last week.

Of course Zanu PF is “delighted” all the parties have endorsed the Copac constitution, as Gumbo said: Mugabe wore the smuggest grin ever when he announced the agreement with his feloow principals; the constitution suits Zanu PF to a t. The constitution guarantees the party’s de facto one party dictatorship agenda; they are even granted the opportunity to use everything the party needs including the dirtiest trick one can think of including the party’s favourite weapon violence to retain political power.


I have read and listened to many points of view on Zimbabwe’s Copac constitution. No one, absolutely no one denies that the constitution will do anything to stop Mugabe and Zanu PF using violence, wanton violence at that, to “win” the next elections.


What begs the question then is why is the nation going through an election process whose result will not be a true reflection of the free democratic will of the people, as happened in 2008, AGAIN?


Everyone knows that Prime Minister Tsvangirai is “a flawed and indecisive character” as USA Ambassador Chris Dell said back in 2002. The PM has made one blunder and after another. It is pure folly to follow his advice and endorse this Copac rubbish.


If Zimbabweans want to world to take us seriously then we must for once demonstrate that we will take the serious issue of denying the people their basic right to free and fair elections with the seriousness it rightly deserves!

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  1. Mangwana said: “As Zanu (PF) we got our way regarding the constitution making. ‘Mudhara’ (Mugabe) warned us against compromising on the most important aspects of the constitution.”

    Well there is a surprise!

    Well the single most important aspect Mugabe won in all this shoddy business is how the tyrant returned his party’s ability to overwhelm the whole nation with violence. The party had its militia, the total control of the Police, Army and CIO and, the icing on the cake, the money from its secretive diamond mining operations was pouring in.

    Not even in his wildest dreams would Mugabe back in 2008 have believed he would get away with not even implementing one reform and a constitution that has everything Zanu PF wanted.

    Mangwana has let the cat out of the bag, he has confirmed something we have all known all along but some would not admit; Tsvangirai and MDC sold the nation’s hopes and dreams cheaply to Mugabe and Zanu PF.

  2. MP Mangwana has let the cat out of the bag; Mugabe “dictated the new constitution”! Well after all the posturing and chest drumming by Mr Monzora pretending he was the co-author of the Copac constitution. He carried and talked about the constitution as if he was Leonard De Vinc carrying the Mona Lisa. Now it turns out that he was nothing more than a copy typist! All that time and money was really wasted; what a pompous and useless snob!

  3. If you really consider Mugabe accepting that the president can serve a maximum of two five-year terms a compromise then yes Mugabe gave in on that one.

    What did Mugabe get in return? He got his wish that none of the democratic reforms would be implemented and not even one saw the light of day. The consequences of this was that there was no media reform, no security sector reform, no judiciary services reform, no election supervisory commission reform, etc. In short Mugabe and Zanu PF will be able to use all manner of dirty tricks included their most trust one of all – wanton violence – to once again deny the Zimbabwean people their basic and inalienable right to free and fair election to “win” the next elections.

    Only an idiot would consider that a fair bargain! Do you really think Mugabe is worried about retain power ten years from now? He is 88 years old and sickly for Christ sake!

    Our inalienable (which means it must never be denied, withheld, etc.) right to free and fair elections is our only guarantee of ever getting a competent and accountable government. To trade that in for another five/ten years maximum of corrupt and tyrannical rule on strength that another tyrant or incompetent idiot will be impose on the nation is folly on a monumental scale!

    Compromise my A***! That is sell-out and betrayal pure and simple. For the last five years Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have enjoyed a lifestyle they never even dreamt was possible thanks to the generosity of Mugabe and his gravy train. The MDC leaders repaid the favour by allowing Mugabe “to dictate” everything!

  4. @Chimurenga

    Tsvangirai has the intellect of someone who herds goats and was hardly a challenge to Mugabe. I hate Mugabe for his thirst for human blood including over 30 000 innocent black Zimbabweans he murdered, still I do admit that he is a man of intellect!

    No doubt one of the things that have irked Mugabe ever since Tsvangirai broke on the political scene is why people would choose such a buffoon over him! It is bad enough to be unpopular but to lose an election to a buffoon is an insult no human can endure!

    After this Copac debacle, if Tsvangirai was a man of honour this would be the point he would fall on his sword. Sadly, he is a simpleton a simple; “Comrade Tsvangirai, you should go back to herding goats!” would be more appropriate! But I do not think he would want to give up power; he feels MDC is Tsvangirai and Tsvangirai is MDC.

    Power is, without doubt the most addictive drugs ever; taste it and you are hooked. If you are someone of average intellect like Mugabe worse a feeble minded person like Tsvangirai you can get so hooked on power you will kill just to be President/ Prime Minister one more day!

  5. @ Sarungano

    Exactly! Mugabe is mortal; he knows not even the 10 trips a year @ US$ 3 million to the Far East will keep him alive for much longer. He certainly did not lose sleep over the prospect that he would not be allowed to stand for election ten years from now. Only idiots would even boost of this as a “compromise” by Mugabe.

    When Mugabe saw people wanted to put an age limit of 70 years to presidential candidates he had that removed. When he heard people wanted the two five-year limit applied in retrospect, he had that too struck down. After serving for over 33 years the man had already overstayed insisting on having a ten year maximum life cap would have saved the nation from someone in future rewriting the constitution just to reset their presidential term clock!

  6. If Mugabe was sincere about having peaceful, free and fair elections then why did he not allow the democratic reforms to be implemented? Tsvangirai is even more to blame, because should have known Mugabe would not want any of the reforms to be implemented and therefore pushed hard to make sure that they were implemented. He did not get even one reform implemented in four and half years; he did not even try.

    The sheer childlike incompetency shown by Zimbabwe’s politicians is nauseating. How can anyone with any grey stuff between his ears be calling for security sector reforms now, a few months before the elections. The truth is the idiot actually believes the reforms can still be implemented and that also happens to be the official position of PM Tsvangirai and MDC still, as far as I know.

    “This is what we have agreed as the MDC-T Youth Assembly. We have had sham elections since 1980. So it’s either we have a free and fair election or we have no election,” said Solomon Madzore, MDC-T Youth leader.

    So MDC is out campaigning for the nation to vote YES and approve the Copac constitution; a constitution one would expect to guarantee the right to free and fair elections but in fact does not in this case and hence the call for the reforms to be implemented. Once the Copac constitution has been approved it is impossible to see why elections should not go ahead.

    The reforms will certainly not be implemented before the referendum.

    So MDC has two options either get the Copac constitution approved and then try to boycott the elections the party has itself set into motion or reject the Copac rubbish and force the implementation of the reforms and then hold the elections with cast iron guarantees they will be free and fair.

    My bet is on MDC muddling through; give Mugabe the referendum victory he is after and then be torn between taking part and boycotting the elections – doing one thing today and then doing the exact opposite the next day! The party is after all led by a “flawed and indecisive character” as Ambassador Chris Dell once said of Tsvangirai.