MDC Slogan “My Voice Is In!” – When 60% Do Not Even Know What Copac Draft Say!

January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

“My Voice Is In!!! My Vote is Yes!!” Runs the MDC slogan for the upcoming Copac referendum.


One of the key democratic reforms the two MDC factions should have pushed through but did not is media reform. If Zanu PF’s monopoly of the radio and TV media and grip on the large public print media had been broken and the party’s muzzle on the tiny independent print media removed and there was freedom of expression and a free media in Zimbabwe today we would all have confidence in the result of the referendum being a democratic expression of an informed electorate. As things stand, clearly that will not be the case.


At least 60% of the Zimbabwean electorate be voting in the referendum but without the foggiest idea what exactly they are voting for or the consequences of their vote. Not only is this Copac draft constitution an negotiated document between the three political parties in the GNU in which the ordinary Zimbabweans been denied an meaningful say throughout – whatever the public said during the outreach stage has all been thrown out.


In a true democracy with a free media the paper, radio and TV will be buzzing with people discussing and dissecting every section and clause of the proposed constitution. Not in Zimbabwe, the whole nation is silent; they will only get to hear about this Copac constitution when they are being instructed to vote YES.


By failing to have the media reform implemented MDC effectively denied the people a voice and now the party has the cheek to say the people views in this Copac rubbish have been heard! Most people will not even know what is in this Copac constitution much less their “voice in” it!


The results of the referendum on this Copac rubbish will not be the democratic wishes of the Zimbabwean people no more than the new Chinese leaders are the democratic choice of the Chinese people. At least the Chinese Communist Party did not bother going through the charade of a fraudulent voting process!

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