After Four And Half Years GNU Agree On Copac Draft: Mugabe To Name Date Of Referendum and Elections – How Arrogant!

January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

With the usual pomp and fanfare the GNU leaders announced they have finally agreed on the draft of the Copac constitution!


It took these clowns four and half years at a cost of US$ 75 million to write a constitution that will not guarantee the citizens’ right to free and fair elections, not evens the right to life itself!


They kicked the democratic reforms, everyone agreed are necessary for free and fair elections, into the tall grass four years ago. They will never implement any of these reform before the elections or ever.


Now they want to hoodwink the whole nation into vote yes to this Copac rubbish, have another bloody election in which the three parties will once again share the spoils of office just as they have done these last five years.


Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Ncube, etc.; they are always fighting in public but when it comes granting each other generous overseas travel allowances, ministerial cars and other perks they act as one. They are like wild cats; there is a lot of angry growling but many kittens! When you think they are fighting; they are in fact making love!


They do not care how many innocent Zimbabweans will be beaten, raped or murdered during the coming elections. All they care about is that they get back on the gravy train by hook or by crook!


Many people would have noticed that none of the MDC “big fish” have been arrested or otherwise harassed in the last three years; they are not to be touched – a direct order from the very top! It is the “small fry” in MDC and us ordinary mortals who will face a repeat of the 2008 orgy of violence or worse.


This time Zanu PF terror machine will have US$ 2 billion from the Indigenization Fund plus another billion at least from the party’s Marange Diamond mining activities. The machine will well-funded, well-equipped and well-motivated (many of the thugs have loot to protect and a murderous past to keep under wraps).


All the three principal and Professor Ncube were so confident Zimbabweans will approve the Copac draft in the referendum Mugabe was already talking of announcing the date of the referendum and the date of fresh elections! How arrogant! How presumptuously arrogant and dismissive!


The people of Zimbabwe own it to themselves to stop the repeat of the 2008 orgy of violence. We must stop this Zanu PF juggernaut that is already wreaking havoc across the land before thousands more are beaten up, raped or murdered by voting NO during the referendum.


A no vote in the referendum will stop the election process we all agree will be a repeat of 2008 or worse and force the full implementation of the agree democratic reforms.


This dysfunctional GNU has taken the people of Zimbabwe for granted these last five years; the people must put their foot down and demand the implementation of the democratic reforms before elections, that is our only guarantee of free and fair elections free of violence!

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  1. @ Chimbwido

    You Chimbwido you are the greatest guru of Political Commentators! I salute you Oh wise one!

    Zimbabwe is at a cross road, if we allow these clowns to have their way and continue with an electoral processs we can already see can not be free and fair then the nation will suffer. The reforms MUST be implemented first, that is the only sure guarantee of free and fair elections. And unless elections are free and fair; they are a waste of time, an unnecessary risk to life and limb and are guaranteed to produce to yet another dysfunctional government at best or else tyrannical one!

    Chimbwido will not be allowed to distract anyone with your usual attention seeking antics

  2. @Yepec
    I have never said Mugabe and Zanu PF will allow any democratic reforms to be implemented when the GPA was signed, before the elections or at any other time in the future. Zanu PF cannot afford the luxury of free and fair elections because they will lose that election.

    Professor Jonathan Moyo, said Mugabe would lose to a donkey in a free and fair election; that is how unpopular he is!.

    Prime Minister Tsvangirai is stupid and naive but not that stupid and naive to believe Zanu PF will ever implement the reforms. He has resigned himself to that reality; that is a different kettle of fish.

    My quarrel with the PM and his MDC friends is why they are lying to the people that the reforms will be implemented BEFORE the elections to get them to approve the Copac draft constitution. We all know ever since they got on the gravy train and Mugabe started pampering them; generous allowances, countless overseas trips, US$ 3 million mansion for the PM, US$ 1 500.00 per person per night holidays on the best Sea Liner for the PM and his flavor of the week, etc.; they all forgot they were elected on a ticket of bring democratic change. Implementing the reforms would have brought the democratic change.

    Now it is payback time and the PM is repaying Mugabe by delivering a yes vote to the Copac draft. So the PM is having to lie to the people that the coming elections will be free and fair knowing fully well they
    will not be just to get them to vote yes..

    If the people knew the truth; that Mugabe and Zanu PF plan to roll out a campaign of intimidation, harassment, beatings, rape and murder comparable to that of 2008 or worse; they will never ever vote yes to the Copac draft. Especially if they also know that by vote NO the will not just stop the elections going ahead but more significantly they will force the full implementation of the reforms and replacement of the Copac rubbish with a truly democratic constitution!

    If the people reject the Copac constitution they would also per se have rejected the GNU as appropriate institution to implement the reform going forward. In other words Tsvangirai, Mugabe, etc. will play no role.

    As for the title “Political Analyst and Commentator”; I conferred it on myself, Wizard of Oz style. I will send you my graduation photo, degree and all to prove it! If I may say so myself, in my usual shy and modest way; I look dashingly handsome and learned!

  3. Whilst the three leaders in this dysfunctional GNU celebrate “the end of a long journey” of writing a proposed new Copac constitution back in Harare down in Bikita Zanu PF thugs are having a celebration of their own.
    Ngondo, a 54 year old man was severally assaulted and showed a Zimeye fresh wounds on his buttocks and lacerations all over his body. “My crime was wearing a T-shirt with a portrait of Morgan Tsvangirai in front and the open palm MDC symbol at the back. They beat me up with electric wires and a log in what they said was a way to cleanse me of the demon of selling out,” Ngondo said.
    In 2002 two MDC supporters were murdered at the same township Ngondo was beaten up.
    Once the various parties have gone through their own internal candidate selection process and the referendum is out of the way the violence will start in earnest. People like Ngondo know the never ending “journey” of political beatings has only just began hell will break lose after the referendum.
    If Tsvangirai and the other MDC leaders told Ngondo the truth that the Copac draft constitution will do absolutely nothing to end Zimbabwe the culture of violence, of course Ngondo and millions of other Zimbabweans out there will never approve the draft. So Tsvangirai has to lie to them that it will deliver free and fair elections and safe guard their right to life!