Biti Propose Ditching Copac, Ditching Democractic Reforms and Holding Yet Another Bloody Election – Summer Madness!

January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Finance Minister Tendai Biti tell an Investment Conference in London the GNU is considering abandoning the Copac draft constitution in favour of holding new elections under an amended the Lancaster House Constitution (LHC).

After five years of endless and mindless bickering, this dysfunctional GNU now admit it has failed to agree on a final Copac draft constitution for the nation to vote on in a referendum. The problem is unless the GPA democratic reforms are implemented then there is no way the elections are going to free and fair and that problem must addressed and not swept under the carpet.

Zanu PF is proposing all the provisions in the Copac draft it has accepted can be added into the LHC as Amendment 20, while the disputed provisions fall away retaining the status quo on issues such as presidential running mates, devolution, presidential powers, constitutional court, land commission, peace and reconciliation commission and the attorney general’s powers. The two MDC partners in the GNU are reportedly considering the proposal.

What makes this proposal is doing nothing to ensure the democratic reforms everyone agreed in the GPA are necessary for free and fair elections are implemented. For the last five years this dysfunctional GNU has kicked the reforms down the road and now these clowns want the reforms into the tall grass and forgotten.

It is unthinkable to go through yet another election process in which the electorate are once again denied information to make a meaningful selection because there is no free media; denied their vote because their name is once again deliberately left out of the voters roll; or worst of all, the electorate subjected to the orgy of political violence of 2008 to force them to vote for Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Since the GNU has clearly failed to implement the reforms necessary for free and fair elections and holding elections without the reforms is simply unthinkable; the nation must appoint a new body to implement the reforms. Just because this dysfunctional GNU lacked the political will and vision to do all that was necessary to ensure all future elections are free and fair; that does not mean this task is no longer important and critical – it is the key to good wholesome government. If these GNU clowns cannot carry out this important and critical task – after five years of bickering, they clearly have failed – the nation must find other Zimbabweans who can!

It should be for the Zimbabwean people to decide whether to have another bloody election process or get the reforms implemented before any new elections. All these GNU clowns want is grant themselves another five-year term on the gravy train at the end of which none of the reforms would have been implemented and there will still be no guarantees of free and fair elections. It would folly to follow these GNU clowns down this vicious circle.

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  1. MDC-T Minister Matinenga says the committee tasked to finalize the Copac draft has made progress and the referendum may be set for March.
    Asked if they had finally dealt with all the contentious issues after three years of drafting the constitution, Matinenga retorted: ‘If I say it was a good meeting and we made good progress that should mean a lot.
    Minister Matinenga there are only three contentious issues here are:

    a) carryout of the democratic reforms without which is impossible to hold free and fair elections

    b) include the reforms above in the new constitution and thus bolster the reforms by providing legal framework.

    c) implement all the institutional reforms complete with the funding so that the whole electoral process is free and fair and not a repeat of the 2008 debacle which fraudulent and marred by violence.

    Considering this GNI has wasted four years and none of the above three tasks have been completed the nation has to take your claim of making “good progress” with truckload of salt!

    And you understanding of what is important and what is not is questionable; you have been ranting and raving about how the draft has set the maximum presidential terms to two five-year although the draft fails to guarantee free and fair vote. So the electorate will have no constitutional guarantee their vote will count but should be please the imposed president will serve a fixed two term!

  2. @G Gallaway

    No one has denied that the RF was a racist and oppressive regime. What people want to know from you is; are you denying that Mugabe and Zanu PF are a corrupt and murderous regime?

    You keep dragging Ian Smith into your answers as if you cannot talk about Mugabe except in the context of Ian Smith. What Mugabe has done since 1980 was motivated by his own greed and lust for power; Ian Smith had nothing to do with it.

    Thank God this Zanu PF dictatorship is on its last legs, regime change is upon us. It should have happened in 2008 if Tsvangirai had not got Mugabe off the hook by signing the stupid GPA.

    Both parties in this dysfunctional GNU did not to face the electorate and so they have made the GNU last it maximum five years. With all this bickering and reckless spending by the GNU clowns; it has been a torturous five years for the nation. Thank God it is finally over the nation can move on!

    Mugabe has dreaded this year and now has to bit the bullet and see through the tough decision he has made already: rather than face defeat he has already decided to refuse implementing the reforms necessary for free and fair elections and thus once again use violence to “win”. Of course he be running the same risk of the whole world refusing to recognise as the legitimately elected leader as happened following the 2008 sham elections. This time not even the stupid Tsvangirai would dare let him off the hook!

    But to make it even more interesting; Zimbabweans are going to reject the Copac rubbish during the referendum and force the full implementation of the reforms BEFORE any elections are held. A NO vote in the referendum will mean Mugabe will not have his dictatorial powers in the new body appointed to implement the reforms. The only role he can expect then would be no more than that of a sanctimonious toad!

    The elections held after all reforms have been implemented in word and spirit will be free and fair, no single Zimbabwean will be intimidated or raped and no one murdered; the results will be a true reflection of the democratic will of the Zimbabweans people!

    Mark my word; Mugabe is finished! Zanu PF is finished! And you; if you have any loot, will lose it and if you shed any innocent blood, will hang!

  3. @Chimbwido
    Did Malcolm X also talk of the black Africans who hunted and killed some and captured other fellow black Africans and sold them to the whitemen for beads and calico! If Malcolm X was alive today he would be the first one to acknowledge there are still some black African savages alive today who are selling the continent’s resources for a song to the Chinese oppressing their fellow blacks denying them resources, hope and human dignity and even the right to life itself.

    Malcolm X was about giving all blacks their self respect and dignity. Malcolm X was a wise and thoughtful leader he would not have approved of tyrants like Mugabe. Malcolm X identified himself with field negro but never with those who hunted and sold the fellow blacks in the past or those doing it today.

    Malcolm X was a wiseman you and tyrants like Mugabe are no wiser than his boots!

  4. @Chimbwido

    So you think the people of Zimbabwe do not want free and fair elections, they are looking forward to a repeat of 2008 when millions were beaten and raped and over 500 were murdered.

    Everyone knows Mugabe and Zanu PF have “bought” Tsvangirai and MDC leaders’ support on this issue of having the sanction lifted and many other issues like Copac draft constitution by allowing the latter on the gravy train. Mugabe should know the people can see what is going on and they are not fooled for one minute.

    The people will have free and fair elections and until then, the sanctions will stay!

  5. @Chimbwido

    I identify with the blacks who found selling a fellow human being into slavery totally unacceptable. I identify with all the slaves who fought to end slavery whether worked in the field or in the house!

    I am critical of the Chinese Communist Party because it is one of the few governments that has shown its willingness to do business with Mugabe regardless of the latter’s brutality. After all the violence of 2008 no responsible regime would have sold Mugabe weapons; the CCP sold the tyrant a whole ship load.

    If demanding the right of every Zimbabwean to free and fair elections and the right to life itself is “showing off to the whites” then I make no apology for that.

    I have told you before you support Mugabe because he gave you some of the wealth looted from the mouths of millions now living in abject poverty – loot that will be taken away from you – and because you have blood on your hands – you were one of Mugabe’s killers – for which you will hang!

    I was beginning to think the wheel of justice does not turn but now I can see, after 33 years, it has caught up with Mugabe and his thugs. Guess what; it turns!

    I have nothing to be ashamed of; I am looking forward to regime change with confidence and hope. The future is bright, very bright – at least for those of us who love justice and rule of law and have no blood on our hands!