Minister Makone Call For Elections During UNWTO: Hoping Against Hope The Spolight Will Stop Zanu PF Violence!

January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

MDC –T’s Home Affairs Minister, Ms Theresa Makone and a few others are arguing that Zimbabwe’s elections should be held in August, the same month Zimbabwe is hosting the United Nations’ World Tourism (UNWTO) Conference in Victoria Falls. They are arguing that the feared Zanu PF political violence will not happen, not whilst the country is under the conference spotlight!

Whilst anything, anything at all, that may help prevent or reduce the political violence must be considered; still this suggestion smacks of desperation!

The delegates to the UNWTO will be confined to Victoria Fall leaving Zanu PF thugs to conduct their mischief everywhere else. We want the political violence stopped in every city, town, mine and village right across the whole of Zimbabwe and not just in one pocket for the few days duration of the conference!

The fact that Minister Makone subscribed to this UNWTO suggestion; does that mean she and her fellow MDC leaders now acknowledge that MDC will never implement the GPA reforms everyone agree are a prerequisite to violence-free free and fair elections? If that is so then is very important that MDC comes clean on this now because many Zimbabweans are going to approve the proposed Copac draft constitution on the strength of Prime Minister Tsvangirai and other MDC leaders’ repeated promise to have the reforms implemented BEFORE the elections.

If Zimbabweans know the reforms will not be implemented before the elections and thus that the elections will not be free of the usual violence then the nation’s only way of ensuring the elections do not go ahead at this the eleventh hour is by rejecting the Copac rubbish and voting NO in the referendum.

Until the reforms are implemented in word and spirit it is impossible to have violence-free free and fair elections in Zimbabwe; that is a fact! MDC must stop lying to the people that it will have the reforms implemented before the planned elections; something it has failed to do these last four years

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  1. @Dark Knight

    Ever since MDC joined the GNU, Mugabe has seen to it that the party’s leaders, especial the key ones like Tsvangirai, Biti and a few others, had everything his own Zanu PF cronies enjoyed had learnt to expect as first class passengers on the gravy train.

    Tsvangirai has been globe-trotting hobnobbing with President Obama and other biggies; holidaying on the best Sea Liners with a different mistress; he now lives in a US$ 3 million mansion; etc. All at taxpayers’ expense; there was no way anyone could afford all that on the US$ 2 000 per month PM wages.

    Between Mugabe, Tsvangirai and five or six others GNU leaders, they have spent three times as much on foreign travel alone in 2012 than the government has spent on the nation’s 300 000 schools – not pupils, schools – in the same year!

    What did Mugabe get return for swelling the gravy train passengers? The usual – blind and undivided loyalty from all the travellers. Even the MDC leaders have been tripping over each other to sing Mugabe praises. Minister Biti called Mugabe “unflappable”. MDC leaders have certainly learnt the gravy train etiquette: enjoy the privileged lifestyle and not to rock the boat. “Kudya unyerere!” as one cynical Mugabe loyalist crudely put it.

    MDC has failed to even get one of the GPA democratic reforms implemented because that would have been considered contrary to gravy train etiquette; it is no secret that Mugabe was determined to retain the dictatorship status quo at the end of the GNU and any reforms would undermine the dictatorship. In the end, it was much easier for MDC to betray the Zimbabwean people who had risked life and limb to elect them believing they would bring democratic change than to break gravy train etiquette!

    It took Zimbabweans 15 years or so to finally realise that Mugabe and Zanu PF had betrayed the common cause of freedom, liberty, justice and economic prosperity for all and not just for the few ruling elite. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have now joined the ruling elite and they too longer care about the common people. The upcoming referendum will show whether or not Zimbabweans have learnt the lesson and stop following MDC blindly like sheep to the slaughter!

    History is a tough and unforgiving taskmaster, those who will not learn from their past mistakes will be forced to repeat the lesson and pay the dues. If Zimbabweans vote for this feeble Copac draft that will not guarantee violence-free free and fair elections then the nation will have yet another bloody elections and the people will themselves pay the consequences!

    The single most important task at present is that all Zimbabweans must know that they are being denied (by Mugabe and Zanu PF) and cheated (by MDC who are lying about implementing refoms the failed to implement in the last four years) right to free and fair elections. By voting yes in the referendum they will have unwitting allowed themselves to be denied and cheated. If enough Zimbabweans vote NO then we will have got the critic mass for real democratic change in Zimbabwe!

  2. HOME Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone has claimed that Zanu PF was refusing to release funds to kick-start the electoral process because party strategists believe any voters registering now would likely vote for its rivals.

    “At its just-ended National People’s Conference in Gweru in December last year, Zanu PF claimed it had registered one million new voters. This is a huge number, enough to secure someone an electoral victory. It would look to us that they are saying we no longer need any new registration,” Makone said.

    What a carryon! The only reason people like Makone, Tsvangirai and all the other MDC leaders are still in this GNU is because they would not give up their ministerial Benz and the other pecks, privileges and political power that goes with being minister, prime minister, etc. As for doing anything useful this GNU is dysfunctional and a waste of time!

  3. @Farai72
    I agree both sides have dragged out the maximum term life they could out of this GNU which is five years. Both sides have been fearful of holding elections because of the real danger they will not win. Zanu PF has done all it could to ensure it can use every dirty trick in the book included violence to win; the party’s greatest fear is that its dirty tricks may backfire as happened in 2008. As for MDC the party knows it has failed to deliver not even one change ever since it joining Mugabe to form this GNU. The party hopes it can still be swept to electoral victory of the people’s hatred of Zanu PF but is fearful of the growing public mistrust of MDC following its own poor performance in the last five years.

    Both parties have delayed holding fresh elections for as long as they could; they must now face the music!

    A no vote in the referendum will be a body blow to both parties; it will be a no confidence vote in the GNU and thus in both parties since they both have been campaigning for a yes. A No vote will mean other players being involved in implementing of the reforms, both Mugabe and Tsvangirai will play second fiddler in that. Frankly both men if not their political parties too will be finished

  4. @ G Galloway

    It is no “rhodies” who have murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans in the last 33 years to establish and maintain this Zanu PF dictatorship. It is not “rhodies” who have destroyed the Zimbabwe economy through mismanagement, corruption and looting throwing millions into abject poverty; Mugabe and his cronies did all that. It is not “rhodies” who are planning to have another bloody election process denying the people their right to free and fair elections it is Mugabe and his cronies, with the cooperation of Tsvangirai and his MDC friends, who are doing that.

    Your shadow boxing with the “rhodies” is fooling no one! Zimbabweans know this is one of Mugabe and his thugs’ dirty tricks!