More Fresh WikiLeaks In The Pipeline!

January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said his site will be releasing new leaks covering every major issue in the world today. The site has become a source of some home truth, people said in confidence not knowing WikiLeaks would get the details and broadcast them for the whole world to hear!

As far back as 2002 the then US Ambassador to Zimbabwe said of the then leader of Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, he was “a weak and indecisive character” who is “far from ideal” and the Ambassador was “convinced that had we (the US) had different partners, we could have achieved more already.” The people of Zimbabweans have had ample opportunity, the last five years of which he has held the office of Prime Minister and a senior partner in this dysfunctional GNU, to judge Tsvangirai for themselves. Was Ambassador Chris Dell right in pronouncing Tsvangirai a weak and indecisive or was that a diplomatic understatement!

Zimbabwe is in this hell-hole because for the first 15 years after independence the nation would not acknowledge Mugabe for the ruthless tyrant he is; it has taken the remaining years to try and flush out the cunning fox out of office. The nation would have achieved that years ago if we had elected a more competent leader than Tsvangirai to do it.

Tsvangirai is a weak and indecisive leader it is sheer folly on the nation’s part to keep pretending he is something he is not!

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  1. @Comon sense

    My step grandmother suffered from a throbbing migraine headaches, she talked about nothing else. Zimbabwe’s economic and political problems are a throbbing migraine affecting millions of ordinary men, women and children who have been thrown into abject poverty, denied all hope and the right to life itself. Unlike my step grandmother’s migraine, there is a ready cure for the nation’s migraine – have free and fair elections.

    “Wilbert, some of what you saying is correct, but you are like a broken record player now, writing novels about the same message every time,” you say!

    Well I sure hope all I say is correct but will happily settle for “some”; thank you.

    As for why I keep going on and on, “like a broken record player” about the nation’s migraine headache and the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans murdered by Mugabe and his thugs in political violence. My answer is simple; because there are millions of innocent Zimbabweans today, this minute suffering the ill effects of being unemployed, collapsed health and education services and thousands are at risk of politically motivated beatings, rape and murder. But even more significantly, I will keep on drumming about it because nothing is being done to stop this madness.

    You are many others keep talking about how Zanu PF has all the power and MDC is powerless to do anything. You are wrong. To start with MDC signed the GPA against all the advice that it was a one sided agreement; it is therefore stupid for them now to use that as the excuse. Secondly, even within all the limits of the GPA MDC could still have forced through the democratic reforms. They did not. MDC does not have to lie to the people that the reforms will still be implemented to ensure elections are free and fair. Why are they lying about?

    Those who are suffering the migraine headache have the right to talk about nothing else; it is totally intolerable that those who are well much less those causing and/or doing nothing to end the suffering.

    Tyrants like Mugabe and failed leaders like Tsvangirai know most Zimbabweans are like mother hen, she will make a racket when the eagle snatches one of her chick but will have forgot all about it ten minutes later. We are in this mess because Zimbabweans will complain about corruption or whatever for two days tops; leaders do not need to end the corruption but wait for two days!

    Zimbabwe has a real chance of ending the madness destroying the very core of the nation by voting NO to the Copac rubbish and thus force the implementation of the reforms necessary for free and fair elections. That is a bone worth fighting for and I for one have no intention of giving this one up!

  2. @Dark Knight

    Most people would agree that unless we have free and fair elections there is no way we are ever going to stop those heartless brutes using all manner things including violence to give themselves undue political muscle. If there was any good that has come out of the 2008 orgy of violence then it must be the acknowledgement that something must be done to ensure the next elections are free and fair.

    The GPA is all about having a raft to democratic reforms implemented and a new democratic constitution written only to achieve end – free and fair elections whose result will be a true reflection of the democratic will of the people.

    After five years of bickering and wasting millions of dollars this dysfunctional GNU has failed to get even one of these reforms implemented. Instead of admitting this Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are lying to the nation that they will still get the reforms implemented just to get the people to approve the weak and feeble Copac draft constitution.

    The challenge to every thinking Zimbabwean out there is to expose the MDC lies and get the people reject the draft and thus force the implementation of the agreed reforms without which there will be no free and fair elections.

    Some people are already concentrating on the next elections; these are typical of generals who always go on to lose battles because they failed to prepare. People like Tsvangirai talk of a “level playing field” and yet he is the one who has failed to get the reforms implemented which would have levelled the playing field and, worse still, he is the one calling for new elections ignoring the reality that the playfield is not level. No doubt the idiot will be the first to complain that the playing field was not level when it is too late to do anything about it!

    The upcoming referendum is the real battle ground where all those who want free and fair elections in Zimbabwe must make their stand and no give an inch!