Tsvangirai “sweating over” over reality there will be NO free and fair elections!

January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC and other parties are sweating over what they say is a covert military operation that could scupper prospects of a peaceful election,” reports Bernard Chiza of the Daily News.

In the GPA the parties agreed a raft of reforms including security sector reforms; sadly not even one of these reforms have seen the light of day. If MDC had pushed through the security sector reforms then there would be no issue Soldiers, Police or CIO messing around in politics. MDC missed this chance and now the party is calling on SADC to help force security officers to stay out of politics. A near impossible task given that this MDC has already agreed on the new Copac draft constitution which does says nothing about Soldiers and Police Officers not taking a partisan bias in politics.

Tsvangirai has already launched his campaign for a yes vote to the Copac rubbish and now the reality is finally dawning on him that the next elections will not be free and fair and all his promises to the contrary are nothing but lies!

There is nothing SADC can do to stop Zanu PF deploying the Soldiers, CIO and the Police to spearhead its campaign of violence as happened in 2008. There only thing to do now for MDC is to come out clean and admit the Copac draft is rubbish and thus force a honest implementation of the agreed reforms!

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  1. @Ellim
    Everyone who is anybody said at the time that the GPA was not a workable arrangement and advised MDC accordingly. MDC still want on to sign the agreement and tsvangirai insisted for at least two years after signing the GPA that is was working. He owes it to the people to explain why the GPA has been such a total failure.

    Even with all the oddities in this GPA, it is still nonsense why not even one of the reforms has been implemented after five years. MDC has a lot to account for today and a functioning democracy demands that Tsvangirai and MDC must be force to give a full account before granting them a fresh mandedate.

    MDC, through it incompetency, is granting Zanu PF undue influence in the next elections and beyond by failing to deliver free and fair elections! If Zimbabweans allowed themselves to be woodwinked by Tsvangirai’s lies that he will deliver free and fair elections and thus vote yes to the Copac referendum it will be too late to stop the violent elections.

  2. @Adam

    The article is about a man who died and his family and friends cannot afford to give him a decent burial. The article then talks of millions Zimbabweans who are living in abject poverty and how they too cannot afford to give their dead a decent burial. The article then answers the obvious question why millions are living in abject poverty – 33 years of mismanagement, corruption and looting by this Mugabe regime.

    If you cannot see the link between Chinamano and millions of other Zimbabweans living in poverty and the Zanu PF corruption then it is because you are stupid to see it!

    Even if Chinamano lived in UK all his life still his relatives and friends would have given him a decent burial if they had not forced into poverty.

    “As for his relatives, being poor, even Bill Gates has poor relatives.” Well that statement sums up just what a shallow minded person you really are.

    Bill Gates made his billions by producing a product billions of people want and have found very useful. He has used his wealth to help billions of other people in America and the world over. Mugabe and his cronies are millionaires from corruption and looting. Corruption and looting produce and sell nothing original everything is stolen from others and the ill got wealth is wasted on pretentious gold robs to hide the ugly monster behind.

    This is something sickening about a State President spending over US$ 100 million a year on overseas travel alone when the lives of 2 million is on the line and 4 000 have died from drinking dirty water. What a despicable way of joining the jet-set club!

    Corruption is always accompanied by oppression; you cannot have the one without the other. Mugabe and his cronies have brutalized the nation; beating and raping millions and murder over 30 000.

    Thank God, the stealing from the poor is not considered as legitimate business. Unlike Bill Gates, many of Zimbabwe’s millionaires will have to account for their wealth and, for a great many Zimbabweans who allowed themselves to be used to do the regime’s dirty work but got none of the loot, account for the blood on their hands!

    Your defence of Mugabe and Zanu PF is totally incomprehensive unless of course if you are one of the few with loot to protect and/or skeletons to hide. Well regime change is upon us, there is nothing Mugabe or anyone can delay the dawn of a new, free and democratic Zimbabwe. You will have to face the music and say where you got your wealth and/or whose blood is on your hands!

  3. And what has MDC been doing to stop Zanu PF sabotaging everything? Nothing! It is not just that MDC has failed to honour their promises but that they did so deliberately.

    Everyone knows the root causes of Zimbabwe’s political and economic nightmare is the shameless greed of those in positions of power and authority. The ruling elite live in their own world in which they are granted limitless resources (from public sources over which the public have effectively no say) to meet all their wildest needs and luxuries – welcome aboard the gravy train. The social consequences of channelling vast public wealth from critical areas like health and education to buy luxuries like Mercedes Benz for Ministers or spent millions of foreign travel are tragic. It goes without saying that the electorate want the gravy train derailed; not next year or next decade -now!

    Whilst the MDC politicians were garnering for the electorate’s support and votes it was ease to promise they will derail the gravy if they are elected. Well they were elected but as soon as they were elected they became members of the ruling elite; they were no longer outsiders looking in but they were recipients of the Mercedes Benz and the unlimited overseas travel; it was much easier to justify why the gravy train should continue to run than to have it derailed.

    What has made it near impossible to end the criminal waste of resources of the gravy train culture is the failure by the supporters of elected politicians and the public at large to acknowledge this fundamental gravy train etiquette prohibiting those on the train do NOT to say or do anything disparaging and may endanger the continued existence and running of the all-your-heart desires train service. They sample and enjoy the luxuries and delights on offer and say nothing. “Kudya unyerere!” By failing to acknowledge this etiquette the public have made it infinitely easier for politicians to find excuses why the gravy train is the only thing running smoothly when everything else is collapsing.

    The only time Tsvangirai came close to derailing the Zanu PF gravy train was when Mugabe was dilly-dallying about letting the MDC leader stay in State House or Zimbabwe House. Tsvangirai felt his political mandate entitled him to a lot more than the traditional Mercedes Benz, etc. Mugabe relented and gave him the fat US$ 3 million to build mansion he lives in today. Since then Tsvangirai got his blind-loyalty reward – “vhara muromo” – has been as obliging as a faithful poodle.

    When you are a pampered poodle on the gravy train you do not risk upsetting those running the train by threatening to implement democratic reforms particularly when the same reforms will derail the gravy train. So Tsvangirai has had to tell the Zimbabwe public all kind of stories to cover up for his failure to get even one of the democratic reforms implemented.

    Fortunately for Tsvangirai and his MDC friends most of the Zimbabwe public is pretty dozy; they cannot even remember the party promised them anything let alone the critical importance of these reforms to good governance! But fortunately for Zimbabwe, there is a growing number of Zimbabweans who are not so easily hoodwinked.

    There was NO good reason why Tsvangirai and MDC have failed to deliver on the promised democratic reforms. Without the democratic reforms it is inconceivable there can be free and fair elections and without free and fair elections it is inconceivable there can be a good and competent government.

    Free and fair elections are a must and none negotiable! If this dysfunctional cannot deliver that then Zimbabweans must reject the Copac draft and force the implementation of the reforms before the next elections!

  4. @Nyoni

    Biti does not live on planet Mars but here on earth on this Luxury Express called the gravy train. To you and me and to Tsvangirai and Biti before they got their ministerial Benz, etc. the murder of the over 500 for political gain, for example, was heinous crime.

    After they got the Benz the MDC leaders’ passion to have those responsible for the murders hunted out completed died out. MDC leaders were seating next murderers’ handlers on the garvy train and gravy train etiquette demands that you enjoy the extravagant luxuries on offer and say or do nothing to rock the boat. “Kudya unyerere!”

    MDC has failed to implement not even one democratic reform after five years in government with its parliamentary majority. Once the got on the gravy train they became as “silent” as the grave!

    In a way you are right, for the little MDC has done for democratic change, the likes of Tendi Biti and Morgan Tsvangirai may just as well be living on Mars!