Without political reform; MDC’s 1 million new job promise will remain a pipe dream!

January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Employers’ Confederation Of Zimbabwe said 3 000 people lost their jobs in 2012, 4 432 in 2011 and 6 972 in 2010.

MDC produced its JUICE plan last month in which the party promised to created 1 million new jobs in the period 2013 to 2018 or 200 000 new jobs a year. So we have the same party that is a partner in this GNU and for the last five years it has created no new jobs instead the nation registered a net loss of 5 000 jobs a year. The plan is an election gimmick, MDC is seeking to full advantage of the suffering and despair to gunner votes when it has no intention of doing anything to create jobs because they are doing nothing to address the underlying causes.

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have blamed Mugabe and Zanu PF intransigency for the GNU’s failure to stop rot, in particular Zanu PF’s continued land seizures and indigenisation drive. There is no doubt these short-sighted Zanu PF policies have done a great deal to frighten away the much needed foreign investment. What the people have to ask is why MDC has done nothing to stop this Zanu PF madness all these last five years?

What makes the JUICE plan a pipe dream is that MDC is effectively negotiating a new political dispensation in which Zanu PF will still exercise excessive power over all our lives. As long as there are no free and fair elections Mugabe and Zanu PF will continue to dictate what the nation can and cannot do.

If MDC is serious about changing anything then it must start by finally doing something to end Mugabe and Zanu PF’s dictatorial political powers. MDC has already compromised by endorsing this rubbish Copac draft constitution. Zimbabweans must reassert their basic right to free and fair elections by rejecting this Copac draft.

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  1. @KWV

    Unemployment was a nauseating 80% to 90% in 2008 and therefore creating jobs was without doubt top in the to do list of the GNU. What happened, the Zimbabwe economy continued to lose even the few jobs it had thoughout the last five years! Millions of Zimbabweans have been forced to leave the country because of the country’s crippling poverty and despair. What is there to be cheerful about?

    The only reason why you have never been outraged by Tsvangirai and MDC’s blundering competency is because you have never really understood anything. Ignorance has its plus side, it has insulated you from the tough reality. Well there are others with the intellect to see the criminal waste of material and human resources going on and it is their duty to warn the nation of that reality. I would love to read something positive Tsvangirai has done, sadly I have yet to find one such story!

  2. @Shumbar
    “At least they are trying!” You see that is the classical stupidity that landed us in this hell-hole.

    I am trying to get you to ask the all important question “What has Tsvangirai and MDC TRIED to do in the last five years?” Because only by asking that question will the country have a real chance of ever getting out of this mess.

    MDC promised democratic change, the GPA had a raft of democratic reforms all agreed were necessary for free and fair elections. Tsvangirai has had five years to get these reforms implemented and not even one reform has seen the light of day.

    The parties to the GNU were tasked to write a democratic constitution and what did they produce? This Copac draft which everyone agrees will not guarantee free and fair elections and is so feeble it does not even safe guard the right to life.

    As soon as Tsvangirai got the chaque for his US$ 3 million house, knew he could globe-trot and chase women at the taxpayers’ great expense he fall into line. |He like everyone else on the gravy train learnt to enjoy the considerable comforts on offer and not rock the boat. “Akadzidza kudya anyerere!” That is what Tsvangirai has been doing. There is a piece of reality you find very difficult to accept just as many Zimbabweans found it difficult to accept that Mugabe was a murderous tyrant, so you bury your head in the sand. That is not going to change the reality that Tsvangirai has failed to deliver any reforms and is going to drag the nation into yet another bloody election. Worse still, buring our heads in the sand will not change the fact that the nation will still pay dearly for the marred the nation.

    It is not too late to stop this political madness but first Zimbabweans have to realize Tsvangirai is taking them for a rid! It is myopic supporters like you who need help, not me!

  3. @Shumbar

    Good governance is a lot more than standing in a queue and voting; but that is a lesson yet to be learnt. Good governance demands that the voters must understand the issues at stake, even set the agenda themselves and follow the issues through, holding those in power to account.

    We have here a situation where MDC promised democratic reforms five years ago, they failed to deliver not even one reform. When someone points this out idiots like you think that is irrelevant