Chamisa sheds crocodile tears over Zanu PF dirty tricks!

January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

MDC says it has unearthed dirty campaign tactic by Zanu PF in which MDC supporters’ houses will be singled out with red paint whilst Zanu PF supporters’ houses will be painted green. Those living in houses dabbed with red paint will face the full murderous wrath of the Zanu PF terror machine.

“They will be targeting MDC officials and there are plots to assassinate some of them but they are forgetting that politics is not a game of wrestling and is not even synonymous with murder,” said Nelson Chamisa, another MDC leader renowned for his fine rhetorical nonsense.

MDC had a real chance of saving the nation from further anguish, suffering and loss of one more innocent life by acknowledging that to Mugabe and Zanu PF politics is a murderous game. By implementing the agreed democratic reforms and thus ensure elections are free and fair all these Zanu PF dirty tactics will be a thing of the past.

Ever since MDC signed the GPA and become party to this dysfunctional GNU people like Chamisa, Tsvangirai, Biti and others have enjoyed a life style that they never imagined possible. Mugabe has been as generous to MDC leaders on the gravy train as he has been to his own Zanu PF loyalists. Strict gravy train etiquette demands blind loyalty to Mugabe and that no one should rock the boat. Chamisa, Tsvangirai and everyone in MDC knew the reforms were necessary for putting an end to the country’s culture of violence and for good governance. They have not implemented these reforms because gravy train etiquette stopped them.

Even in the face of all this evidence that Zanu PF is planning a murderous campaign MDC is still lying that the party will still implement the reforms just to please Mugabe in the hope the tyrant will allow them back on the gravy train!  Zimbabweans will only have themselves to blame if they fail to see MDC duplicity and allow themselves to be dragged into this political nightmare!

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  1. The almost dismissive indifference shown by Tsvangirai and his MDC friends to the real threat of another 2008 orgy of violence is mind bobbling. Tsvangirai, Chamisa, Biti and a few others have all had firsthand experience of brutality the dictatorship was capable of. The image of Tsvangirai spotting a half shaved head and an eye so badly swollen he could hardly open it.

    If Tsvangirai had his way every school book from kidder garden to University will have his swollen face image on the front page and at least six chapters relating his bravery and fearlessness throughout.

    Whilst Tsvangirai would never want the whole world to forget his swollen face there is one thing he sure as hell does not want – to ever have to relive a moment of that nightmare. When he got a whiff that Zanu PF thugs were after him; he was off to the Netherland Embassy like a shot! Not even Usain Bolt would have caught him; there was a sure Olympic gold medal for Zimbabwe, lost.

    The only reason why Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders are indifferent to the reality all manner of violence being inflicted on ordinary people is twofold:
    1.MDC leaders know their continued stay on the gravy train in by being supportive of the dictatorship and not rock the boat.
    2.Tsvangirai and other MDC leaders are now full flanged members of the ruling elite a position that “almost” guarantees their safety – “almost” because a ruthless dictatorship does not have comrades for long! Indeed, appeasing the dictatorship is an accepted way of buy their safety by compromising the safety of others.

    The world was fooled into thinking Mugabe a great statesman but they did wise up to the real man behind the tyrant. It has not taken so long for the world to see Tsvangirai for the blundering idiot he is!

  2. @Roman

    You should read what I have said all along because nowhere will you find me “denigrating a national heroe’s contribution” to the country’s freedom, etc. particularly the Chinamanos. What people like you fail to do is distinguish what these heroes did before independence and what they have done AFTER independence. The mismanagement, corruption, looting and, even worse, the denial of millions their basic rights including the right to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country is a complete negation of all that the fight for independence was all about!

    Mugabe and his cronies have haunted those who have dared challenge their betray of the nation and what freedom was about by labeling them traitors. What Zimbabwe needs is to have a few more men and women with the moral courage to stand up to these village bulies and fight to end the madness that has destroyed the nation.