Tsvangirai did not implement any reforms because he had learnt gravy train etiquette – “kudya anyerere”!

January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The single most important task Tsvangirai and MDC had to do was to ensure the agreed democratic reforms were implemented. They have had five years now and still not even one reform has been implemented. You have to ask why? The truth is Tsvangirai took his eyes off the ball.


A senior Zanu PF member once cynically remarked, a few months after the formation of the GNU in 2009, that “Tsvangirai adzidza kudya anyerere!” Meaning that Tsvangirai had already learnt that the price for enjoying the benefits of being on the gravy train was that he must not criticise Mugabe and Zanu PF, he must never rock the boat!


Forcing through the implementation of the democratic reforms would have constituted rocking the boat. The Copac draft constitution is as feeble and weak as the draft Mugabe produced and Tsvangirai and MDC rallied the nation to reject in the referendum in 2000. Tsvangirai and MDC have already endorse the Copac rubbish knowing fully well it will not bring free and fair election, help end the country’s culture of violence or safe guard the right to life itself! The only reason Tsvangirai and his MDC friend are campaigning for a yes vote to this Copac rubbish is because to do anything else would constitute rocking the boat!


Zimbabweans can see for themselves that this dysfunctional GNU has failed to deliver of the key task of ensuring the next elections are free and fair and the result a true reflection of the democratic will of the people. In other words the referendum will really be a chance for the people to judge this GNU’s performance on this single issue: Has the GNU done what was expected of it to ensure free and fair elections? Of course common sense will say the answer is a big NO and thus vote accordingly in the referendum. But is a country where common sense is not so common; it is highly probable the people will still with a big NO but vote yes in the referendum!


In the 1970s the American car industry faced ruin and collapse; it was failing to compete with imported cars, especially from Japan. American car manufacturers mounted a concerted “Buy American” campaign spending billions of dollars which only increased the unit price of American cars making the Japanese car even more attractive.


Americans were buying Japanese cars because they were cheap, small, fuel efficient with very useful extras like air-condition thrown at no extra charge compared to American cars which were very expensive fuel guzzler, oversized with very expensive upholstery and all manner of gadgets the buyer did not want but still had to pay for.


It took one Smart Alec to point out the obvious: Instead of spending all this money trying to sell the American people a car they neither want nor can afford, why not produce a car they want and can afford! The penny in the ivory tower blocks in Detroit and across America finally dropped, common sense prevailed, and one of the greatest and finest American industries was saved!


The countless stories of increasing violence right across Zimbabwe should have set Church bells ringing nonstop, not just dropping pennies, warning Zimbabweans that there will be NO free and fair elections and therefore vote NO in the referendum. Many Zimbabweans are going to follow what their political masters tell them to do and vote yes even when it makes no sense. They do not have common sense.


Americans have an IQ of 108; common sense is a very common currency. In Zimbabwe where the average IQ is a misery 66, not must better than that of an idiot, common sense is as rare as “a 16 year old virgin at Mupandawana Growth Point”, as my friend would say! “Dzaka chochonya kare!” (They hatched a long time ago!)

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  1. @IQ66

    You are right there. What many Zimbabweans do not seem to appreciate is that Tsvangirai is taking them for a rid. Noone has forced Tsvangirai in any way or form to endorse this Copac draft constitution. The only time Tsvangirai put his foot down was when Mugabe was dilly-dallying about allowing him to live in State House or Zimbabwe House. The GNU came to the closest it has even come to collapse when Tsvangirai stopped his ministers attending cabinet meetings and otherwise working with Zanu PF. Mugabe relented and gave Tsvangirai the US$ 3 million for his house. Ever since he got his fat cheque – “vara muromo” paying for his silence – Tsvangirai has been a “stooge” as you rightly said.

    The biggest payback Mugabe wants from Tsvangirai now is for him to deliver the yes vote in the referendum . If he delivered this one, Mugabe will reward him big time. If Mugabe wins this referendum then Zimbabweans will lose big, big time! The biggest challenge facing Zimbabweans today is to ensure the Copac draft is rejected in the referendum! It is that simple

  2. @Afrika

    The argument here is the Zimbabwe economy is in a mess a real big mess because of three decades of mismanagement, corruption and looting. The nation been helpless to change this becauses of the brutal repression. For 33 years Zimbabweans have been denied a meaningful say in the governance of the country.

    It is right and reasonable that the regime that forced all these millions into abject poverty should be asked to help its victims. Even when the victim happens to be the son of the man and woman who can rightly claim to have done as much for independence as the ruthless rats who have governing the nation all these years.

    The truth is this dictatorship would have happily buried Chinamano and helped all the other war vets now living in abject poverty IF the regime had the money. The three decades of misrule have left the nation poor. The regime is “struggling to keep kids in school”, it is struggle to run hospitals. prisons, etc. because it is broke. Zimbabwe is broke, which part of broke do you not understand; you stupid idiot!

    “If his family can’t afford to bury him then he should be incinerated to free space, morgues are overflowing, and I am sure the staff will appreciate a free stal,l” you say. Is that a way to talk of a fellow comrade in arms’ dead son. Well it is what one would expect from vultures like you There is no such as a life long friend amongst vultures; we all know that.

    Well not to worry, the days of the vultures in power are over. Mugabe is finished!

  3. @Savagehunter

    When you have nation with an IQ of 66, you sure have a lot of idiots. What I am waiting to see is whether Zimbabweans are going to be that stupid and approve this Copac draft constitution which is only going to perpertuate the dictatorship. They can all see this draft will not bring free and fair election; the prerequesite of good governance; and many will vote to say that is what they want. You cannot be more stupid than that!

    The upcoming referendum will decide whether we are a nation of morons totally incapable of learning from their past folly! That is what the Copac referendum is about!

  4. @Farai72
    The Zanu PF dictatorship is more than just Mugabe himself, it will survive after Mugabe is gone and to do mischief. What Zimbabweans should be looking for is a lasting solution to the country’s failed political system. Fo the last five years the nation had a real chance to end this dictatorship by implementing the agreed democratic reforms. Why has Tsvangirai and MDC failed to implement these reforms? The important thing now is for the ordinary Zimbabweans to understand that it is Tsvangirai who has let them down in failing to implement the reforms. And even more important than ever Zimbabweans must realize how Tsvangirai is lying to them saying he can still deliver free and fair elections just to get them to approve the Copac draft constitution.

    There is overwhelming evidence that the next elections are NOT going to be free and fair, Zimbabweans will have to be real naive to vote yes in the referendum and be, once again, denied this basic right without which good governance will remain a pipe dream!