National Hero’s Son Destined For Pauper’s Burial: Common Story In A Failed State!

January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The son of the late Josiah and Ruth Chinamano, Josiah Chinamano Jnr died at Parerenyatwa Hospital on Christmas day. He now risk pauper’s burial after Zanu PF failed to help the family raise money to retrieve the body form mortuary where it has been lying since Christmas Day.

This is sad testimony of the depth of the rot in Zimbabwe today – the people are so impoverished they have cannot afford to give their dead a decent sent off and have to ask the State assistance.

The deceased his mother and father played a prominent role in the fight for independence and were declared National Heroes and are interned at the National Heroes’ Acre in Harare.  a to help bury their dead! It was on the strength of his parents’ historic contribution that the family appeal for help from the State to help bury the son.

It is altogether a very common and familiar story right across the country of men and women who sacrificed their lives, some never came back and others did but have since died whilst other are still alive, and their families and relatives living in total abject poverty.  They have all jointed the millions of other Zimbabweans whose contribution in the liberation war is not so illustrious or were too young or too old to play a role who have been condemned by this corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship to a life of total abject poverty.

The late Josiah Snr and Ruth Chinamano must be turning in their graves because the State has not stepped forward to assist burying their son but worse still because a country rich is resources and full of so much promise for economic prosperity for all and not just the few ruling elite has been reduced to this sorry state where millions live in grinding poverty they cannot even afford to bury their dead!

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