Zimbabwe’s scourge of political violence matches on contrary to MDC lies!

January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

At a meeting at Makoni country club in Rusape, the notorious Zanu PF bully, Jabulani Sibanda told over 400 traditional chiefs and headmen that no MDC-T meetings should be sanctioned in the district. They were instructed to record the names of MDC-T supporters who would be denied food, farming inputs or all free government assistance.

Those who do not support Zanu PF have been warned that the violence of 2008 will be visited on them is they do not vote for Zanu PF in the coming elections.

The meeting was attended by ZANU PF stalwart Didymus Mutasa as well as several high ranking police and CIO officers.

‘We have 10 people who have fled from Nyamukamai in the Headlands who have been receiving threats from these chiefs,” MP Pisai Muchauraya and MDC spokesman for the area told SW Radio Africa. “At Gandanzara a family of five fled their home this week after a headman David Zumbanu issued threats against them.’

“Mirizhonga chaiyo yatotanga! (The scourge of political violence has started!)” admitted MP Muchauraya.

Whilst MDC publicly acknowledges the scourge of political violence is getting worse and thus tacitly accept that the party failed the people by failing to get the necessary reforms implemented that would have stop the violence. What is worse, MDC lying to the people that the party will get the reforms implemented and the violence stopped before the elections just to get them to accept the Copac draft constitution.

PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have had four and half years to get the democratic reforms implemented and for reasons best known by to themselves not even reform has been implemented. If they had done so all this nightmare of chiefs and headmen being threatened in the presence of the Police and the chiefs in turn threatening defenseless citizens with the horrors of 2008 would not be taking place. It is a complete outrage that these MDC minions should seek to hide their failures and thus drag the nation into yet another bloody election.

Zanu PF and MDC will both be held accountable for every Zimbabwean beaten or raped and every life lost in the coming elections – the former for the heinous act and the latter for lying that there would be no violence.

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  1. @Volcano

    This is great stuff, thank you very much Volcano for posting it!

    China has use Africa to damp its cheap products. Africa used to produce the low technology stuff and import the high tech stuff. China is the biggest produce of low tech stuff and in Africa it found a ready market squeezing the local producers hard. Whilst China has used its growing economic clout to improve its skill base and thus expand into high tech sector it still has a large pool of unskilled labour and so its dominance in the low tech industries will remain for generations to come.

    Most Africans today earn a living selling stuff – needless to say mostly made in China – in the informal street markets. Before independence most people had stead form jobs, not any more. The danger of Africa being turned into a source of raw materials ship to China and in return an importer of everything down to the bottle of water from China is real.

    Corruption in China has grown at the same breath taking rate as the Chinese economy itself. Whilst there are sign already that the latter is slowing down the former is still growing in leaps and bounce. Someone has already said the lack of transparency is going to choke-off China’s economic growth. As pressure to end corruption increases those Chinese mafia will be looking outside China to do business and political despots like Mugabe will only be pleased to see them. Indeed this is already happening; remember the case of a Chinese Businessman who sold Grace Mugabe new Lorries worth millions of dollars but delivered old bangers!

    Corruption is a serious problem in Africa and it still remains Africa’s biggest impediment to economic growth. The last thing the continent needs is to take this corruption to new nauseating height by allowing the Chinese into the mix – the Chinese state is itself corrupt they will certainly not lift a finger to stamp out corruption in Africa.

  2. @voa
    It is not just the ZHRC that is not working; none of the other bodies like Zimbabwe Election Supervisory Commission, the various Media Boards and even the GNU itself are working. Mugabe set them up to give all the outside appearance of a working democratic institution whilst allowing the dictatorship to continue operating as smoothly as ever.

    Professor Austin has had the courage to point out that the Emperor is completely naked and by suggesting Government should address the ZHRC’s concerns we are suggesting a fig leaf to cover something as insignificant as the knee cap!

    This GNU has failed to implement the necessary reforms for free and fair elections and we should demand these are carried out by voting NO to the Copac draft. To let the draft pass and hold elections under these conditions be the biggest act folly since the signing of the GPA!

  3. @savagehunter
    People like Mugabe and Musekiwa will not allow the debate to examine the details of the case in hand. Here, they want you to look at Professor Austin a white man and immediately go back to the days before independence and judge him on the basis of whites did then. In the Herald and ZBC Mugabe has had his wishes carried out faithfully but, of course, not here. Here the case has been and will continued to be reviewed properly.

    We have identified the keys of the case are will repeat them (just to remind Mugabe and Musekiwa we have the facts):

    1) There have been serious human rights violations in Zimbabwe since independence with over 30 000 killed. The scourge of brutal repression continues to hang over the nation’s head.
    2) ZHRC was established to investigate the human rights violation and it was Mugabe and Zanu PF who set the time limit to after 2009 (to hide the thousands of cases committed before then) but even then Mugabe and Zanu PF have seen to it that the commission will never do its work.
    3) ZHRC is not the only commission or body that is doing nothing all the others are in the same boat.
    4) Professor Austin resigned in frustration but also to warn the rest that the nation is sweep walking into another blood election.

    What Zimbabweans must do now is ensure the Copac draft is rejected in the upcoming referendum because that will get the wheels off this Mugabe juggernaut once and for all! Mugabe is convinced the referendum is as good as won now that he got Tsvangirai to foolish give his thumbs up.

    For decades Mugabe has denied Zimbabweans their democratic right to free and fair elections; 2008 must be last time he has done this. Zimbabweans must demand all future elections are free and fair.

    F*** Tsvangirai and his “incremental change” b*** S***! What are we supposed to expect from it; a 10% reduction in those beaten up and rape and a 5% reduction in those murdered.

  4. @Musekiwa
    Well since you are one of the Zanu PF idiots on this site, it would not be unreasonable to then conclude that your mama created you and thus Zanu PF.

    You used to be proud of your Zanu PF connections; are you now trying to put some distance between you and the repressive regime. Now that the writing is on the wall – Zanu PF’s days are numbered – it is natural that rats are abandoning the ship. If you have loot or worse still blood of innocent Zimbabweans on your hands – you can run but you cannot hide! You have an appointment with the hangman the nation owes it to your victims to see to it that your keep that appointment! Chawakadya chamuka!

  5. @ Giribheti

    Eric Knight to run for Mbare seat under MDC-T ticket.

    Whilst one would welcome anyone who throws their hat into the ring and thus increase the competition; still it is hard to take any such candidate seriously when the do so on an MDC ticket!

    Join MDC, the party led by a flawed and indecisive character? You are joking, you must be!

    With all the best will in the world I fail to see how anyone who is serious about bring change in Zimbabwe can say they will achieve anything by joining MDC. After all the blunders Tsvangirai and MDC have made in the last four years particularly it must be clear that party some serious purging to get it out of the squalor of mediocrity it has sunk. One would have to fire Tsvangirai and 90% of the top leaders and half of the leaders below that at least. That would be an impossible task; it would easier to remove a barnacle from a whale, particularly now with the price of the gravy train ride so close they can smell the good food!

    Anyone joining any of the MDC factions will not do anything to change the mediocre character of that faction. It will have to be the gravy train ticket he or she is after!

    Anyone who is serious about making a real difference to the lives of the people will have to accept that a quality party with competent leaders will have to be built from scratch with each new member carefully accessed. A great party is like a house, its strength and beauty depends on the careful selection of materials and the competency of the designer and builder.

    There is simply too much deadwood in MDC, like in Zanu PF before it. Even the most competent leader will be hard pressed to manage the rubbish to do anything else. It pays in the end to get the best in the beginning!

  6. @Tora Bora

    What I find disappointing about people like you Tora Bora is that you PRETEND Mugabe, Mutasa, the Police and the rest of the Zanu PF dictatorship are good law abiding people! Give me a break; we all know they are greed and ruthless tyrants who will stop at nothing to retain political power and their loot.
    When Mugabe and his fellow thugs decided to disregard human rights, the rule of law and all the other niceties of a free and democratic nation to establish this de fact one-party dictatorship they knew exactly what they were doing. By the mid1980s when the beatings, rapes and murders started mounting they knew they had crossed the Rubicon, the point of no return. Ever since then they had acted consistently like the ruthless dictatorship they had become.
    “The amazing thing is Diesel from rocks Mutasa was there and did not stop this blatant violation of the GPA,” you said. Did you really expect Mutasa or the Police to stop Sibanda making the threats? To be fair to you Muchauraya, Tsvanmgirai and the rest of the MDC leaders, who should know better, have expressed similar sentiments. How naïve can one be!
    Indeed Tsvangirai is basing his whole argument that there will not be violence in the coming elections on thing but that naïve the Mugabe his Zanu PF thugs stop using violence if the nation pretends they are incapable of such acts of barbarism.
    Wake up! Mugabe has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans already. How many more Zimbabweans do you want him to beat, rape and murder before you will finally accept we have venomous viper in State House?
    We can restore the rights of all our people including the right to free elections without have to risk one more Zimbabwean beaten, raped or murdered is we stop pretending Mugabe the just man we wish him to be and not the murderous tyrant he is!