Senator Gutu accused of Zanu PF of being in denial – he should look in the mirror!

January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Obert Gutu, MDC Senator for Chisipite in an opinion in New Zimbabwe predicts that “change in upon us”.

“There is no use being in denial. People don’t eat history,” he wrote.

Talk of being in denial; Senator you should look in the mirror to see who IS in denial!

Mugabe is a ruthless tyrant; we all know that and the nation does not need a lesson in history to be reminded of that. Yes elections should be about ideas and the electorate freely choosing whoever they believe will best govern the nation and not “a declaration of war” on the people. Mugabe is a ruthless tyrant, we have already agreed, so surely it should not be surprising that a tyrant should consider elections an act of war! Indeed, you wrote about the orgy of violence during the presidential run-off elections of 2008.

Senator, was it not agreed that the three parties in the GNU would implement the agreed democratic reforms and write a new constitution for the sole purpose of ensuring the next elections are free and fair and a true reflection of the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe.

Senator why after four and half years has not even one of these reforms seen the light of day?

“We should forcefully insist on the levelling of the electoral playing field,” argued the Senator. So MDC can “forcefully insist” and have the reforms implemented in four months what it failed to accomplish in four and half years!

Why this GNU wasted four years and nearly US$ 100 million to produce this Copac draft constitution which is so weak and feeble it cannot guarantee even the most basic rights like free elections or the right to life itself!

Senator you and your Leader, PM Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leaders failed to key thing the nation expect from you – free and fair elections – but are all in denial and some have even lied that coming elections will be free of the scourge of violence.

You wanted to project yourself as a man of ideas and so will ask you once again: Do you believe the coming elections will be free of political violence?  If not, do you believe the elections should still ahead regardless?

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  1. @Yepec

    I have offered solutions; just because you do not comprehend or agree, that does not mean they are therefore not solutions.

    I am saying people should not look at the ZHRC as the only failed institution but everything that this GNU has done. We will not have free and fair elections even if all the issues Professor Austin mentioned about the ZHRC were put right.

    Rejecting the Copac draft will force the nation to implement the reforms and write a democratic constitution in place of the rubbish Copac produced.

    If the Copac draft is rejected it will be final curtain call on Mugabe and this Zanu PF dictatorship. I do not believe a CIO agent would make such a bold proposal ever!

  2. @Sarungano

    You have jumped the gun there Sarungano; before you get to writing “the most perfect constitution” you must first ask yourself why was it that after four and half years and at a cost of nearly US$ 100 million all we got was this Copac rubbish? The answer to that is we compromised so much it was naive to expect anything else but rubbish.

    Look at the individuals we entrusted this task; Tsvangirai, a flawed and indecisive character who by right should be herding goats. Then there is Mutambara; the man with a very large ego but no brains. And then have Mugabe, a ruthless tyrant with loot to protect and skeletons to hide, not only to head the democratic change process but even granted him veto power over everything.

    Everyone said the GPA would never work but telling that to an idiot like Tsvangirai was a complete waste of time. The way Tsvangirai was drumming his chest like a silver back when he was sworn in; it was clear here was a man high on the most potent of all narcotics – political power. He had only sniffed it at this point and yet already he was seeing grand visions and there was clearly nothing on this earth he would not do!

    Other than waste taxpayer’s money glob-trotting and chasing women Tsvangirai has done little else. He has failed to get not even one of the reforms implemented. All his failures and blunders have done nothing to dampen his silver back enthusiasm; that is the thing about being an idiot, you have no idea just how stupid you are!

    What matters now is whether Zimbabweans will believe Tsvangirai’s lies that there will be no political violence in the coming elections – contrary to what their can see with their own eyes -, vote yes in the referendum and thus commit the nation to going through the planned elections. Of course the scourge of violence will continue after the referendum and beyond; Zimbabwe will soon realize that Tsvangirai lied about ending the violence but it will be too late to stop the elections. What matters now is whether Zimbabweans are smart enough to see the folly of believing what Tsvangirai says when their own eyes and common sense tell them the exact opposite!

    Zimbabweans are not new to folly, we would not be in this mess otherwise; what is important is whether or not we have learnt from the past mistakes!

  3. @Gono Goto

    Whenever I have said Tsvangirai please read Tsvangirai, Ncube, Mutambara, Biti, etc., etc., etc. I agree they are all to blame for the blunders. Still as the figure head Tsvangirai has to take the blame for all the failures and blunders. And in the interest of clarity one does not name the general, the section commanders, right down to the private who fought in a battle; they all played a role but that is hardly the point.

    Why do you want Ncube and the rest named each time Tsvangirai’s name comes up anywhere? Is it because that you think it would make Tsvangirai appear more competent and his blunders more acceptable. Not even Josef Goebbels, the master of propaganda and spin, would be able to portray the failure to even one reform implement in five years as anything else other than the shambolic failure it is.

    As for me, I prefer to face the facts rather than bury my head in the sand and pretend there are not there! I make no apology for that and never will!

    As a matter of record Mugabe did sign the GPA but you are right he did not “suddenly change and become a democrat”. There are two main reasons why there have been no democratic changes in Zimbabwe five years after the signing of the GPA (it was changes in Zimbabwe we wanted, whether Mugabe himself changed too was in fact irrelevant):

    1) When one is dealing with a tyrant like Mugabe then one must necessarily have a watertight agreement; that is imperative. US Ambassador to Zimbabwe James Mcghee said the GPA had “more hole than Swiss Cheese and they were so big one could drive a lorry through them”. Tsvangirai, Mutambara, etc., were advised not to sign the GPA but, of course, they did not listen.

    2) Even with all its weaknesses the GPA has something that could have been salvaged if Tsvangirai had not been such a waste of space. He could still have implemented the reforms. He did not have to accept the Copac rubbish much less to be campaigning for its approval in the referendum.

    The consequences of yet another election process that is NOT free and fair are so far reaching and devastating than it is sheer folly to let blind loyalty to a failed leader blind us to this gruesome reality.

  4. @Shumbar

    I am not obsessed about Tsvangirai or Mugabe or anyone, no one EXCEPT the ordinary Zimbabweans who for no fault of their own are the heavy price because we have a tyrant in power and a incompetent idiot, who should have ended the dictatorship, but because of his stupidity is keeping the dictator in power. I am also angry at the morons who blind loyalty to the tyrant have kept him in power and morons like you who have in turn kept the idiot Tsvangirai in power.

    The way out of this crazy situation is not for more political parties to emerge whose moronic supporters think exactly like you, MDC morons, and Zanu PF morons who see entering politics as their chance for them too to get on the gravy train.

    I am not interested in getting on the gravy train; what I am interested in is showing you how stupid you are. Tsvangirai promised you democratic change in 2008 and five years later he has failed to deliver not even one reform. The consequence of this failure is that there will be yet another election process marred by violence whose result will do nothing to move the nation out of this mess. You have to admit it only a very stupid person will still pretend Tsvangirai is a great leader! You should go and look in the mirror – you will see that person!

  5. @Tora Bora

    I understand you are angry with the way Mugabe has ruled the country what I am disappointed about is that you have failed to take that further. You hatred of Mugabe and Sibanda should not blind you to the reality that for the last ten years the nation has failed to end this Mugabe dictatorship because of the sheer incompetency of the part of Tsvangirai and MDC.

    Mugabe will never win free and fair elections we both agree on that. By failing to get the reforms implemented Tsvangirai effectively allowed Mugabe to use violence and thus win the elections. Tsvangirai is foolish to allow that, of course he is but we the people will be equally foolish to follow a fool! That is what I am disappointed about!