Fervent Wish 2013: Zimbabweans finally Open Their Eyes To Reality Of An Indecisive Tsvangirai!

December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

For four years Zimbabweans have appealed to Tsvangirai, begged him, groveled before him, flattered him, anything to get him to implement the democratic reforms and to stop letting Mugabe continuing riding rough shod over the people. But all to no avail.

By the mid-1980s it was clear the Zanu PF government has leading the country into trouble. The people appealed, begged, you name it, Mugabe to something about the mismanagement, the rising corruption and, even more worrying, the increasing political repression. But all to no avail.

The truth of the matter was that resorted to appealing and begging year after year because we didnot want to accept whilst he might the surrounded by bad advisers and corrupt ministers Mugabe himself was a great leader. Of course, he was the fountain from which all the rot flowed, he is a heartless selfish brute who cares for nothing but power and wealth; the people all different reasons and weakness just did not want to accept that reality much less take the necessary decisive action to replace him as national leader. Sadly history has the habit of repeating itself.

We have all know for years now that PM Tsvangirai is “a flawed and indecisive character” as US Ambassador Chris Dell rightly pointed out in 2002. Whilst we would have all wanted the PM to have been a decisive and visionary leader; the reality is that he is not and no amount of appealing or begging has made one iota of difference.

Zimbabwe is already paying a heavy price for years of Mugabe tyrannical rule and PM Tsvangirai’s failure to implement the necessary democratic reforms to end the tyranny. My fervent wish for 2013: that Zimbabweans finally accept individuals like Tsvangirai for the indecisive blunderer he is and stop this folly of groveling to him as the infallible great leader they wish him to be!

We desperately, desperately need to end this naval gazing and face reality if we are ever to get out of hell-hole!

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  1. @Savagehunter

    It was the people of Zimbabwe who elected these incompetent individuals and kept them there, in MDC’s case without any coercion. In all these years the people of Zimbabwe have shown a notable weakness, the inability to distinguish good wholesome men and women with some common sense at least from the riff-raff and chaff.

    The electorate have the right to vote and thus chose the nation’s leaders but with that right comes the duties and responsibility. It is the duty and responsibility of the electorate to ensure they understand the issues at stake, argument their knowledge with that from the competing sides and carefully evaluate the choices before them and then and only then cast their vote. Those who dare exercise their right to choice but without the due diligence and invariably make a mistake have to pay for their mistakes.

    In nations as in private life; elect good leaders and there will be peace, justice and prosperity for all; elect bad leaders and there be troubles galore!

    Zimbabweans could have removed this corrupt and oppressive regime of Mugabe years ago. In 2008 Mugabe was on the hook after the sham elections and it was Tsvangirai who go him off the hook by signing the GPA. Zimbabweans have to realise that the prerequisite for good government is a competent electorate!

  2. @IQ66
    And what happened to those ideals of one man one vote, freedom, etc.; they were thrown out of the window long before the war was even won! Both Zanu and Zapu were fighting to defeat the whites but with a red eye on the other side. As for the ordinary civilians, the gun totting “liberators” brushed them aside without a moment’s consideration of their rights.

    I agree evil leaders have emerged the world over but what history will tell you is that tyrants never ever go of their own accord, never ever.

    In Africa we have the history of replacing one tyrant with another tyrant or at best with a flawed and indecisive leader like Tsvangirai – a waste of space! You know why? Because in Africa we have a mediocre electorate, so stupid they do not even know what day of the week it is. So from such an electorate expect mediocre leaders. Do not expect a silk purse from a sow’s ear!

    You may think I am judging the electorate too harshly! If we accept the universally accepted maxim that people get the government their deserve then it surely follows that Zimbabweans must be stupid to have deserved Mugabe for two decades and then this dysfunctional GNU the last four years!

    Stupidity is like sin, one has always a chance to repent and redeem oneself. The upcoming referendum will test whether Zimbabweans have learnt anything in the last 33 years and now have some common sense.

    The referendum is essentially to decide whether or not this dysfunctional GNU has carried out its set task: to prepare the nation for free and fair elections whose result will not be disputed.

    None of the reforms been implemented, even the slow thinking Tsvangirai acknowledges these are vital for free and fair elections and thus insist they will be implemented before elections. Only the very naive would believe he will accomplish that in four months when he failed to do so in four years. But let us push that to one side; we have a confused electorate, they will have a tough time getting their heads round that one.

    Instead of the democratic constitution to safe guard the individual rights the GNU have produced “a compromise” Copac draft so weak and feeble it guarantees nothing. But once again, let us leave that one; the complexities of law confuse the best minds what more simpletons!

    Mugabe has already deployed the Police, Army, CIO and Zanu PF thugs all over the country the problem of political intimidation and beatings, which never completely die down after 2008, have significantly increased – the 2008 scourge of violence is already upon us. After all the mayhem of 2008, one would have thought this was the one thing even the morons comprehended and would NOT want repeated ever again.

    So to paraphrase the upcoming referendum: Has the GNU done its set task to ensure the next elections are free and fair, free of political violence, etc.? YES or NO! One can even think of the referendum as a subtle substitute to the direct question: Are you an idiot? YES or NO!

    If the people can see with their own eyes that the violence is still there and that it is getting worse and yet their vote says otherwise then the only logical conclusion is that they are idiots. Only an idiot would see a danger and not take the necessary evasive action because, being an idiot, they saw the danger but it did not register in their pea-brain.

    As a nation we have more than our fair share of idiots there is no denying that – we would not be in this mess otherwise. What the referendum will decide is whether any Zimbabweans have learnt something from all the traumas and torments of the last 33 years borne out of the nation’s foolishness and folly; enough edge the national IQ average from the current 66 (moron)! We have so way to go given IQ 70 (no common sense), 100 (has common sense) and 150 (genius)!