With hindsight, the armed struggle to end white rule was not the wisest option for Zimbabwe!

December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

As a nation we should have considered the consequences of giving the enormous power of life and death the gun gives to whoever has the gun before deciding to launch the war of independence. As it happened, the gun did hasten the end of white rule and oppression but it did not the freedom, liberty and justice we were after.


I think you have to admit that on both the political and economic fronts Zimbabweans are worse off today than they were before independence. We did not have the right to vote in Ian Smith’s Rhodesia; we now have that right in theory only and many thousands have been murdered in cold blood because they dare exercise that right. On the economic front mismanagement, corruption and looting have turned a once prosperous nation into one of the poorest.


You can teach a monkey how to use a gun; the only reason there are no monkeys out there swaggering around with shot guns like cowboys is that no one can teach them when to shoot.

Give the gun to a tyrant like Mugabe, with an IQ not much higher than that of a monkey but enough to appreciate the power it gives and thrill generated by exercising that power and you know you are in serious trouble!


Yes Mugabe defeated the white oppressors but before the smoke of the last gunshot in that war had cleared he already had his gun trained on the defenceless black civilians. He has gone on to kill over 30 000 innocent black Zimbabweans since independence  – he has murdered more blacks than all the whites he killed in the liberation war – in his ruthless determination to retain political power at all cost!


The basic and fundamental human rights to freedom, liberty, right to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country and even the right to life itself have all been trumped by the tyrant and his cronies’ overarching “right” as liberation war heroes and heroines rule the country as they please. “What was won by the bullet cannot be over turned by the ballot!” they boost!


There many people who believed the armed struggle was necessary to end white colonial oppression, many of them died in that war, others lived but have since died fighting to end the Mugabe dictatorship and yet others are alive and fighting the dictatorship in their own various ways themselves; they will all agree, with hindsight, it was not a wise to have allowed a monkey like Mugabe to wield a gun! Whilst it might have taken ten years or so longer to end white rule using none violent means it has taken over 33 years, economic ruins and over 30 000 died and we still have not disarmed the ruthless tyrannical monkey!

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