Mugabe agree to June 2013 Elections – Thank God he can not move it beyond that – we can finally kick the lot out!

December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

A Zanu PF Official says elections will be moved to June 2013 instead of March 2013 Mugabe has been calling for up to now. This dyfunctional GNU has wasted the nation’s time and money for the last four years and have nothing to show for. Thank God they can to drag their feet beyond June 2013 – the five year, maximum, life of this parliament has been reached!


It is Zanu PF who have been dragging their feet The real big challenge is whether or not the elections will be free and fair. It is now four years since the formation of the GNU in 2009 this dysfunctional administration has yet to do one thing right; not even one of the democratic reforms have been implemented, the voters roll is a complete mess and the Copac draft constitution is not worth the paper it will be written on. What does the nation want and what can we realistically expect Mugabe and Tsvangirai in the next six months: .


  1. Top on that list has to all the democratic reforms include security sector and media reforms. MDC have failed the nation by failing to come up with details of the reforms and thus allowing Mugabe to come up with his own totally meaningless changes and then say it is enough. It is highly unlikely that MDC will come up with any concrete proposals in the next six months and, even if they do, Mugabe is not likely to yield an inch.


  1. All the democratic reforms must be implemented and put into practice as soon as possible but no later than three months before the voting in the elections, especially those with a direct impact on the contact of the electoral process like security sector and media reforms. For the referendum the security sector and media reforms should be in place to ensure that vote is an informed and free vote.


  1. The three parties in the GNU should stop wasting time bickering over the Copac draft and concentrate on items 1) and 2) above. The Copac draft released in July 2012 is a weak and feeble constitution that will not safe guard and guarantee any individual rights including the right to a free vote and the right to life. Since July the GNU has been been bickering about whether to add Zanu PF inspired amendments or not; amendments which will only make the July draft even worse.


The whole Copac drafting process has been a time wasting exercise by Mugabe to take attention away from the real important tasks. Sadly the nation is totally helpless to do anything about it.


  1. The Copac draft should be put to the nation in a referendum. The draft is too weak and feeble to safe guard and guarantee many the people’s basic rights and freedoms including the right to a free vote and the right to life. The people must therefore reject this Copac rubbish as totally inadequate.


The nation must reject MDC’s promises that the Copac draft will be fortified with the reforms the party says will be implemented. The reforms should have been implemented and added into the draft to give them the constitutional foundation. The reforms without the constitutional basis are not worth the paper they are written on especially to a tyrant like Mugabe.


A resounding NO vote in the referendum will underline the nation’s demand to have tasks 1) and 2) above implemented properly.


Four years ago this GNU was tasked to carry out a number of reforms, write a new democratic constitution, hold a referendum on the proposed constitution and then hold free and fair elections. For four years this dysfunctional GNU has dragged its feet wasting time and money and has produced nothing. In the referendum on the Copac draft constitution the nation has its only chance to tell the parties in this GNU what the people think about the Copac rubbish and all their wasteful ways.

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  1. @ Guest G O
    Or is it that those in the diaspora need to suffer before they too realise that making sure that Zimbabwe address its political problem with the seriousness it clearly deserves. Things can easily turn upside down in SA, for example; the country is sliding into the same chaos as happened in Zimbabwe because of corruption.

    If everyone in the diaspora spoke to their relatives back home explaining to them why they need to be more politically savoir faire and not just follow like sheep! If you want the truth, those in the diaspora are not as political shrewd as they claim. They have been singing the praises of MDC leaders, regardless of the latter’s blunders, just as feverishly as many of us praised Mugabe for years even when we knew of his murderous repressions.

  2. @ Kaffirboy

    We all know you would want us to focus on the fight against the whites colonial oppressor because it is a fight in which you were the hero, and an excuse to remind us of your heroic exploits is not to be missed. But you also want us to focus on the “rhodies” because you do not want us to talk about what has happened since independence. You want us to see “Rhodies” everywhere threatening to recolonize the country, disruption the economy and you the preindependence heroes are going to fight them off again – but of course.

    Well there are others who see you for what you are – corrupt and ruthless murderers – and we are exposing the lies of all these imaginary “rhodies” behind which you have been hiding. You do not like that, do you. Well my demonic fiend, we are not done with you yet because you are going to give back all the wealth you have looted and if you have blood of one innocent Zimbabwean on your hands you will pay dearly for it!

    Chawakadya chamuka!

  3. @KVW
    What most people have failed to appreciate is just how close Zimbabweans came to ending Mugabe’s dictatorship in 2008! Mugabe should have been thanking Tsvangirai a lot more than he has done because it was the latter’s incompetency that got the tyrant off the hook again and again!

    Zimbabweans will have another chance to end this dictatorship; Mugabe has worked himself into a corner. And this time not even an idiot would let him off the hook!

    What tyrants like Mugabe forget is that it is the human intellect that made the gun and therefore soon or later the former will prevail over the gun wielding monkey! Mugabe is no more than a gun wielding monkey; he is a man of little intellect!

  4. @Analyzer
    Well if one was to take the gun wield monkey to its logical conclusion; one should not be surprise to find many monkeys with gunshot wounds and many dead from gunshots. I would not say the monkeys are ruthless as such because that presupposes the monkeys were aware of the consequences of their actions. I would say the monkey are stupid and hence the reason why Mugabe is not a man of great intellect. Yes his IQ is above that of the monkey but, sadly, not that mush higher!