Zimbabweans must be the most laidback – dodo laidback – people on Earth!

December 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Zimbabweans must be one of the most laid-back people on earth.


The Zimbabwe economy shrunk by a staggering world record of 84% in the six year period 2002 to 2008 alone throwing millions out of work and into a live of abject poverty. Zimbabweans have seen their life expectancy plummet from 68 years when Mugabe took over in 1980 to 34 years by 2004, the last time it was measured. And throughout all these trials and tribulations have done very little to stop the madness behind it all. To the people of Zimbabwe it was water off a duck’s back. Instead of water rolling off well-oiled duck’s feathers Zimbabweans had the corruption, looting and brutal oppression, concentrated sulphuric acid which burns the skin, flesh and bone. Other than groan in pain and bury their dead Zimbabweans have staidly done nothing else.


Zimbabweans have had a chance to define what kind of Police service they wanted, for example. After 33 years of a Police service that has turned a blind eye to politically motivated violence and thus contribute to the nation’s culture of mindless violence; there was one thing one expected that Zimbabweans would want to see changed. The MDC, the party one expected to be more in tune with the nation’s needs, has done nothing on the matter although they have had the parliamentary majority these last four years. The people themselves have clearly not paid much attention on the subject either.


Yes, Zimbabweans must rank amongst the most laid-back people; or am I confusing laidback with being stupid – the dodo kind of stupidity!

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  1. Could not agree with you more! But can anyone do? If after 33 years of one of the most corrupt and oppressive regimes on earth people still cannot see for themselves that the political system is rotten to the core while nothing will ever open their eyes.

    I can understand nations who have lived under a similar regime for even longer than Zimbabweans but the onething you will find is the burning desire to break free. I would bet you even the people of North Korea, without doubt one of the most oppressive regimes on earth, will not be that foolish and freely vote YES to the Copac draft before. They will be no need for anyone to organise them. We have the Movement for Democratic Change and they are the ones telling people to vote YES to a constitution that will only cement their repression! So not just the ordinary people are dodo laidback even the democratic politicalo leaders are dodo laidback!

    If the nation is pinning its hopes on educating the next generation, teach the dodo to fly if you like, to get out of this mess then we are sunk!

    Whilst the British Government is spending £500 per child per year the Zimbabwe government spent no more than £0,30! The regime spent US$ 35 million on the Army compared to US$ 1 million allocated to Ministry of Higher Education, for example. In 2008 the children had 23 days of classes the whole year, next year the country is set to have a referendum then elections and so it will be another lost year for school children. Well the next generation is bound to be even dummier that their parents. It is a rat race to the bottom!

    Zimbabweans have an IQ of 66 at present (70 is poor). Poor education, poor nourishment – since the collapse of the nation’s farming sector at least half of the Zimbabwean children are malnourished –, poor health, poor everything; is it any wonder Zimbabweans do not even know what is in their own interest! With an IQ of a moron, you are a moron and act and behave accordingly!

  2. @IQ66
    I agree with everything you said about there being no one to lead the people. However you must also agree that people should not need any leader to tell them there is something fundamentally wrong with a Police service that neglect its core duties of keeping law and order to advance selfish political gains of a dictatorship. Anyone with any grey stuff between their ears should see that for themsleves surely. If they do not, which is sadly the case in Zimbabwe, then they are more easily led astray as otherwise, which is exactly what is happening here.

  3. @ Cde George Galloway MP
    Roy Bennett has part and parcel of the MDC leadership who signed the one-sided GPA; I do not expect a good leader to be that incompetent!

    Roy Bennett has, like most other MDC leaders chosen to say nothing about this Copac draft constitution, whilst the party’s position is to endorse it one has to assume that too is Roy’s position. The people of Zimbabwe deserve a democratic constitution and not this Copac rubbish. There is no other reason why MDC is endorsing this Copac rubbish other than that this is a continuation of this party’s agenda to appease Mugabe for having been allowed on the gravy train. This is nothing but an act of betrayal of the people’s trust second only to Zanu PF’s betrayal in the Gukurahundi massacres!

    Mr Bennett must denounce the Copac draft now and save the nation from the horrors of years of oppressive rule and tyranny which destined to follow if this feeble and weak constitution is passed. Any leader with a conscience and common sense would do the right thing; let us hope that there is at least a few individuals in MDC with one or both these virtues!