Chihuri At Zanu PF Conference Not To Support “Revolution” But A Tottering Dictator!

December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

All Zimbabwe’s security sector chiefs attended the just ended Zanu PF Conference. “We are part and parcel of the revolution,” replied Police Chief, Augustine Chihuri when challenged on this blatantly partisan act. “We cannot be divorced from that revolution; those who are thinking of leading this country without respecting those who fought for it must stop dreaming.”

Yes Police Commissioner Chihuru is part and parcel of the revolution leading to independence in 1980. Since then, he has also become part and parcel of the corruption and brutal repression of this dictatorship. He has loot to safe guard and the blood of many innocent Zimbabweans on his hands he does not want to account for. He does not want to see regime change because of what has happened after the revolution and not for the revolution for revolution’s sake!

The revolution was to give every Zimbabwean their human rights and dignity including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and the right to life. Rights this dictatorship has blatantly denied the people a position Commissioner Chihuri and the rest of the dictatorship are defending. They are all defending the indefensible.

The revolution is not complete until all Zimbabweans; every man, woman and child; are accorded all their democratic rights and human dignity. The looted wealth must be recovered and used to pull the millions forced into a life of abject poverty out of poverty. Those with blood on their hands must account for it.

No Commissioner, it is not the revolution you are defending but a ruthless and murderous dictatorship; you know! You are doing your best to bolster the dictator and the dictatorship on its last legs; you know that too!

Sadly it is NOT against the law for members of the security sector to attend any political party’s conference or campaign for the election of the said party.

The South African constitution, for example, explicitly forbids this; we would have been wise to follow their example, particularly after the 2008 elections orgy of violence. There was nothing in the Lancaster House Constitution one could fall back on and there is still nothing in this Copac draft to force the Police, etc. to stop behaving in a partisan manner.

In the GPA, security sector reforms were listed amongst other things as necessary for free and fair elections. The fact that none of the reforms were ever implemented is largely PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends’ fault: in the PM’s case he was too busy globe-trotting and chasing women! It is rich that the same incompetent individuals should now be complaining about Police Officers and Soldiers attending Zanu PF Conferences and/or campaigning for Mugabe!

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  1. Traditional Chiefs attended the Zanu PF Conference confirming they are “inseparable” from the party, said one of the Chiefs.
    “Chief Charumbira is simply being sycophantic, and is trying to ingratiate himself with Zanu PF,” said MDC spokesman, MP Mwonzora. “It’s a cheap publicity-seeking stunt. He is a victim of Zanu PF paternalism. Chiefs are supposed to be impartial and apolitical; there is no need to append them to a political party.”
    The nation is sick and tired of MDC bitching about this and everything when it is the party’s leaders who have betrayed the people by failing to ensure the democratic reforms necessary to stop all this madness were implemented.