MDC promise 1 million new jobs in JUICE program: election gimmick for the gullible!

November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

MDC has unveiled a new economic program, known as The Jobs, Upliftment, Investment, Capital and Environment Plan, or JUICE. The party claim the program will create a million new jobs from 2013 to 2018, expand the economy by 8% a year over the period and increase power generation to 6,000 megawatts. The party has conveniently ditched its last program, RESTART; without even bothering to explain why the promised economic recovery never materialised.

JUICE will seek to reverse the Zanu PF flagship policy of indigenisation in which white owned mines, banks and other companies are forced to sell 51% of their equity to blacks – in practice to Zanu PF loyalists. “The problem that indigenisation poses is that it kills investor confidence,” said MDC Minister Mashakada. And yet for the last four years the party has done nothing to stop this policy being rammed down the nation’s throat.

Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo was quick to respond “indigenization is a reality and it is not reversible.”

For the last four years MDC had the chance to clean up Zimbabwe’s mudded political system, sadly the party has failed to get not even one of the raft of reforms implemented. PM Tsvangirai has already endorsed the Copac draft constitution although it will do nothing to end the country’s culture of political violence and restore the people’s individual rights. In these mudded political water it is Mugabe and Zanu PF who will thrive and so corruption and looting (indigenisation is but one manifestation of the looting) will continue.

PM Tsvangirai and MDC have lost a lot of political credibility in the last four years – they promised democratic change but delivered nothing. JUICE is nothing but a juicy election gimmick to once get the people’s vote; once back on the gravy train the program will be discarded just as RESTART was!

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  1. @Savagehunter
    Tsvangirai was supposed to be pushing through the agreed democratic reforms so that we would have a free media not one in which Zanu PF’s voice alone is heard; have a Police force keeping the peace and not one turning a blind eye to Zanu PF lawlessness; have a judiciary committed to justices not one refusing bail for over a year to 26 MDC supporters accused of murdering a Police Officer although the State’s own witnesses say they did not commit the crime but grant bail to Zanu PF murders ignoring all the evidence of the crime; etc.

    Tsvangirai was supposed to be writing a new democratic constitution and not agreeing to the Copac rubbish.

    Why has Tsvangirai failed in all these tasks? Because he needed to appease Mugabe to get on the gravy train, that’s why! The only time Tsvangirai has threatened to withdraw from the GNU was when Mugabe would not allow him to live in Zimbabwe House or State House – a gravy train peck he strongly felt he was entitled to. He relented only after Mugabe gave him the US$3 million to buy the house he lives in today. Tsvangirai has been a happy bunny ever since he got on the gravy train and to have pushed for any democratic changes would have been to bit the Mugabe hand that fed him!

    If you really believe by being on the gravy train Tsvangirai has in any way advance the nation’s common cause of freedom, justice, liberty, etc. then you are really naive!

    Former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Dell, said Tsvangirai was “a flawed and indecisive character” back in 2002. Yes Tsvangirai has since become the Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe, has been introduced to world leaders as such, he now lives in a US$ 3 million house and not a shack, etc., etc. Indeed, if wealth and titles bestowed on those on the gravy train is the measure of a man’s worth then Tsvangirai is but a shadow compared to Mugabe and many his Zanu PF cronies. No, by accepting the ride on the gravy train Tsvangirai, ipso facto, proved Dell was right. A monkey in a silk dress is still a monkey!

  2. @Savagehunter

    Tsvangirai had the chance to end the dictatorship and for failed to do so because he was too busy enjoying the spoils of power. It was for the love of the US$ 3 million house, the globe-trotting, the countless nights with all those women, etc.that Tsvangirai betrayed the people. It is for the same selfish greed that Mugabe and his cronies have been on the gravy train. Who was the devil he was going to bed with and to what end and purpose? To suggest any good could possibly come out of greed and betrayal is to suggest the Nazi tyrant, Adolf Hitler, will be a saint some day!

  3. So in 2009 all the MPs got a US$ 30 000 car loan – which they never paid back. Last year each MP got a US$ 15 000 bonus; when the best paid civil servants, better qualified than most MPs, are not paid that much in a year. Add to all that the lion share of the US$ 80 million wasted in the drafting of Copac constitution paid in allowance to MPs plus God knows what else. The MPs are back demanding to be paid their “sitting allowances. Welcome to Zimbabwe’s gravy train!

    Is it an wonder that people are fighting like wildcats to hold public office; they are breaking all the democratic rules in their respective party primary selection processes and some (no names are necessary – zvinemuto ndozvineyi) will intimidate, beat, rape and even murder just to be on the gravy train.

    MPs are referred to as “The Right Honourable MP so and so” because they are supposed to be in parliament serving the nation and everything they do is supposed to be nothing but honourable. There is certainly nothing honourable about our political leaders whose greed knows no bounds and instead of getting the nation out of the political and economic hell-hole they are dragging the nation even deeper down the hole. What makes our situation even worse is that the rascals in power have completely usurped our powers to elect who should seat in the august house of parliament and rules!

  4. “For the last four years, we were in transition – being shown keys, being made apprentices, being taught how to run government,” PM Tsvangirai told his supporters in Gweru.

    The only thing MDC learnt from Zanu PF is how to enjoy life on the gravy train and do nothing! Kudya unyerere! Tsvangirai and his MDC friends were supposed to to push through the democratic reforms – not even one reform was implemented – and write a new democratic constitution – not the Copac rubbish. All Tsvangirai has done in the last four years is globe-trotting and chase women; he certainly learnt from the master of greed and he was excellent pupil!

    Tsvangirai told his supporters that he would step down if he does not win the coming elections. Given his costly blundering performance of the last four years, he would have done the nation an even greater favour by stepping down with immediate effect.

  5. What are you talking about; “the majority of Zimbabweans ran away when he needed us”?

    Tsvangirai is considered a hero because he stood up to Mugabe and demanded democratic change. Mugabe and his thugs beat him up just as they have murdered over 30 000 other Zimbabweans because the tyrant did not want to accept change.

    Mugabe too is considered a national hero because he stood up against white oppression. He was imprisoned for years and many Zimbabweans lost their lives in the fight for independence.

    Both Mugabe and Tsvangirai betrayed the common cause as soon as they got into power. The attractions of life on the gravy train was irresistable to them. Whilst you have readily condemned Mugabe you are bending over backwards to justify why Tsvangirai should betray the same people. The hard you try to justify this betrayal the more pathetic the excuses sound.

    There is no justification for betrayal and jumping onto the gravy train. By trying to do so you dug yourself into a hole; stop digging!

  6. @ John
    John, I agree with you about Zimbabweans choosing wrong leaders and then sticking with them. Although, I am sure, you will agree with me that it is out of ignorance that they do so. No one would knowingly choose a tyrant or a blundering idiot to rule and then KNOWINGLY stick with the tyrant or idiot in total disregard of the mountain of evidence proving the tyrant is a tyrant or that the idiot is indeed an idiot. In this case since the people have gone to choose a tyrant and stick with him and then go on to choose an idiot and are now sticking with him; I would say ignorant does the people justice!

    I agree Tsvangirai must be in shock; being Prime Minister for someone with the wit of someone who can not even be trusted to herd more thanf ten goats is a great shock! When he was sworn in in 2009 even though it was by then clear he would be no more than a paper tiger still he drummed his chest like a silverback! Sadly, it was the nation that was to pay dearly for having a paper tiger to fight a very cunning and ruthless fox!

  7. @ Savagehunter
    Everyone warned Tsvangirai against agreeing to the GPA because it gave Mugabe all the dictatorial powers but he would not listen. USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGhie said the GPA had more holes in it than Swiss cheese, holes so big one could drive a lorry through. Mugabe knew Tsvangirai was so desperate to get on the gravy train, he would accept anything Mugabe offered him.

    It was Mugabe who need the GNU after the sham elections not Tsvangirai. After the orgy of violence the whole international community refused to accept Mugabe as the “legitimate” Head of State. By agreeing to the GPA Tsvangirai got Mugabe off the hook and Mugabe thanked him as only a tyrant knows how – by kicking the idiot in the teeth! Zimbabweans have paid dearly for this GNU’s failure to deliver any meaningful democratic changes – they would be forgiven if they too kicked the idiot in the teeth! As if that was not bad enough; there are some people out there in denial, who simply will not see Tsvangirai for the blundering idiot he is. What chance do we have of ever digging ourselves out of this hell-hole when the nation has such a myopic electorate!

  8. @ Chichi

    You “endorse the party not the person!” Of all the feeble excuses for doing nothing to hold leaders accountable – that takes the biscuit!

    The party has no soul to be damned or backside to be kicked. No I prefer to hold the leaders accountable for what the party does and fails to do.

  9. @ Savagehunter

    I told you that you are in a hole and you should stop digging!

    What do you mean “when you have ingredients for soup you make soup, we are African and things shasha differently in our neck of the woods at this point in time”! Zimbabwe had so many good chances to end this Mugabe dictatorship and yet one after another these chances have been wasted away by Tsvangirai and his MDC party. Those chances were as sound and real as the stones from Marange real and sound diamonds.

    Instead of using the chances to ending the dictatorship we have ended up strengthening the very thing we wanted to end. Mugabe, thanks to Tsvangirai’s blundering incompetency, is stronger now than he was in 2008. Be the same token, we have allowed Mugabe to use the Marange diamonds to finance his tyrannical dictatorship when the wealth should have been used for the good of all. Blessings are blessings but in the wrong hands they can be the worst curse!

    Zimbabwe has the good weather and rich soil to produce all the food so no one should ever be hungry and have plenty left over for export. And yet for years now millions of our people have gone hungry and millions would have starved were it not for food aid. The same can be said about mineral and other resources and yet poverty stokes the nation. Zimbabweans continue to be denied their basic and fundamental rights including the right to life 32 years after independence. The only reason all these things are happening is that we have had the great misfortune of having leaders with no common sense, cheered on by gaggle of idiots who have their head stuck in their backsides!

    When the white supremacists talked of “blacks being incapable of self-rule”; they had people like Mugabe, Tsvangirai and their myopic supporters in mind! Anyone incapable of learning from their own mistakes, the one thing Mugabe, Tsvangirai and their myopic supporters have excelled in, is ipso facto, proof of being incapable of self-government!

    The right to self-government is a basic right but given to the myopic it too has turned into a curse!

  10. @Savagehunter

    To start with I would have never ever signed the GPA to get Mugabe off the hook for two reasons

    1) I do not deal or save murderers who are already on the hook, particularly when they can come back and commit the same corruption, looting and oppression

    2) The only thing Mugabe offered to entice anyone to sign the GPA was a ride on the gravy train; all I have ever wanted to do is to derail that train becuase that is the only to end the madness of Zimbabwe’s failed political system.

    Even after signing the GPA Tsvangirai and his MDC friends could have done something useful for the nation by forcing through the democratic reforms and then making sure that the new constitution was a trully democratic one. But having sold their souls to the tyrant it is hardly surprising that they failed to deliver in both these two. And now their last act of betrayal, the Judas kiss if you like, Tsvangirai and MDC is lying to the nation that this Copac rubbish is the democratic constitution the nation had been hoping for. They got their 30 pieces of silver, but do they have to sell the nation too because if this Copac rubbish is passed it will affect the nation for generations!

    I serious hope MDC leaders will come to their senses and tell the people the truth about this Copac rubbish.

  11. @Ngengezo
    We all accept that Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant but that does not change the fact that Tsvangirai failed to implement the agreed democratic reforms and to ensure that the new constitution was a democratic one and not the Copac rubbish. Unless the next elections are free and fair then we have NO CHANCE of end Mugabe’s dictatorship. NO CHANCE, you understand! And without the democratic reforms and a democratic constitution we have no chance of having free and fair elections.

    You clearly neither understand the importance of the reforms and the new constitution nor appreciate the dire consequences of holding new elections without the reforms and the rubbish Copac constitution, which is almost a certainity now. If you did then you would be cursing Tsvangirai and MDC, not thanking the idiots.

    What chance do we have of having quality leaders when all we have is stupid supporters backing a dictator on the one hand and morons supporting a flawed and indecisive chjaracter on the other! After 33 years, one would have thought we learnt something but clearly we have learnt nothing. How tragic!