Zanu PF endorse 89 old and sick Mugabe for 2013 elections: they need a heartless brute to win – he fits the bill!

November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Zanu PF is holding its party conference in Gweru next week. Mugabe has ruled Zanu PF and Zimbabwe since toppling the party’s first leader Sithole in the 1970s and since the country’s independence in 1980 respectively with an iron fist. In the past some provinces have been slow in endorsing him as the party leader; not this time, all 10 provinces have all endorsed him as the party’s presidential candidate for the coming elections.
Like it or not; Zanu PF is the only show in town and Mugabe its only leader!
If PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had spent the last four years crafting the democratic reforms and writing a truly democratic constitution as agreed in the GPA Mugabe and Zanu PF would be irrelevant today. Sadly the PM spent the time globe-trotting and chasing women whilst his MDC friends were making the most of their time on the gravy train. No reforms were ever carried out and the Copac draft constitution is but an endorsement of the Zanu PF dictatorship.
The masses of Zimbabwe, bless them, have never believed Tsvangirai would ever deliver any democratic change he promised no more than they believed Mugabe would deliver his promise of freedom and mass-prosperity “gutsa ruzhinji”. Whilst they had an inkling of what freedom and prosperity are; it is clear povo did not have the foggiest idea what a democratic constitution is and hence their acceptance of this Copac rubbish without a murmur.
It is easy to see why African leaders have been so corrupt and oppressive; when the ruled themselves expect nothing from rulers the latter do as they please knowing they can get away with murder! And they do, every time!
Contrary to what should have happened, Mugabe and Zanu PF have emerged at the end of the GNU stronger than ever. Mugabe did not only resist all democratic reforms but he has used the windfall from the Marange diamonds to bolster the party’s finances and those of his loyalists. It is the wealth from the corruption and looting that has held Zanu PF together all these years and when Mugabe was running out of the glue he got a large shipment of superglue in the form of the Marange diamonds.
Millions of Zimbabweans now live in abject poverty, a far cry from the “gutsa ruzhinji” Mugabe promised after independence. They are ignorant of many things but they are certainly not stupid; they know the root cause of their grinding poverty is the mismanagement, the corruption and the looting. And that this criminal waste of human and material resources will continue as long as Mugabe and Zanu PF remain in power. The people’s resolve for regime change has only hardened with each passing year, so Zanu PF will have a real tough challenge to “win” the next elections.
The party will have to repeat 2008 orgy of violence to “win” the next elections.
There is one other thing that makes Mugabe indispensable to Zanu PF; he is the only one with the cold heart and nerves of steel to mastermind and see through the orgy of political intimidation, rape and murder of April to June 2008 presidential run-off elections.  What happened in those three months is the equivalent of the 5 June 1989 Tiananmen Square protest in China. Whilst the Supreme Leader Deng Xiaoping ordered the killing of thousands of protesters; he did not have the heart to order the tank to crash the protester. Zanu PF members know Mugabe would have no such quibble; he would have had the protester crashed like a scorpion under foot! That is the reason why they did not hesitate electing him the party’s presidential candidate regardless his advanced age and ill health.

The double act of carrying on with the corruption and looting, to feed the insatiable appetite of the Zanu PF loyalists whose demands know no limits, and stepping up the brutal oppression to silence the long suffering masses; demand a leader with not just an iron fist but a heartless brute to boot. Zanu PF will find a worse brute than Mugabe!

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  1. President Zuma sends his facilitation team back to Harare for the umpteenth time to help along Zimbabwe’s stalled political system.

    President Zuma has no sense of shame; for four years he has been the pointer person supposedly directing this Zimbabwe political show that is going nowhere! Where would the people of Zimbabwe and everyone in the whole region be economically if Zimbabwe’s political mess was sorted out years ago! But admittedly most of the blame for Zimbabwe’s mess must be laid on the doors of Zimbabweans ourselves.

    If I have to apportion blame then:
    Mugabe – 80% 2008 dropping to 50% now it his misrule that landed us in this mess

    Tsvangirai – 15% 2008 for signing one-sided GPA rising to 80% now for failing to implement the reforms and for agreeing to the rubbish Copac draft.

    SADC – 5% for pretending throughout that the GPA would ever work.

    If Zimbabweans vote the Copac draft in the upcoming referendum then they are 100% to blame for being so unbelievably naive and downright stupid all these years!

  2. @Savagehunter

    There is nothing rational one can say to justify the “Zanuland” philosophy in which the few, the ruling elite, are creaming off the national wealth to the detriment of the majority; you and me agree on that point. I lose you when you condemn Mugabe and his cronies being on the gravy train but seem it to think it is perfectly ok for Tsvangirai to be on the same gravy train!

    Tsvangirai didnot get his head “bashed in” to get on the gravy train and that was certainly not why the people voted for him. He told the nation he wanted to end the corruption and oppression by pushing through democratic changes and the people believed him. Millions were intimidated, beaten and raped and over 500 lost their very lives because they really believed Tsvangirai would bring the democratic changes. But of course their suffering and lives continue for nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to Tsvangirai’s bashed head particularly when it comes to the trade off – forget the changes and get on the gravy train.

    I dislike Tsvangirai for exactly the same reason dislike Mugabe: for betraying the ordinary man and woman’s dream of living a free and prosperous Zimbabwe in pursuit of their selfish personal interests which is what the gravy train in all about. Mugabe has gone further by murdering so many innocent Zimbabweans to keep the gravy train going.

    I am disappoint to note that the only possible life in a trully democratic and free Zimbabwe we all have to live in a “shack”!

  3. Zimbabwe Election Commission admits thousands of dead voters are still on country’s voters roll.

    We have known all along that the voters roll needed cleaning up. There is no freedom of expression. The scourge of political violence is getting worse.

    Everywhere we look the message is the same “There is no way the next elections are going to be free and fair!”

    It is totally irresponsible to spent US$220 million on the referendum and elections knowing fully well hundreds of thousands if not millions will have been denied their free vote!

  4. I am pleased to hear that you did not jump on the gravy train.

    There two basic reasons why getting on the gravy train can never be justified by Tsvangirai or anyone because:

    1) The gravy train is by its very nature the wasteful abuse of common resources by the powerful at the expense of the weak and powerless

    2) The people voted for people like Tsvangirai because they believed he would deliver on his promises and it is imperative that he should be held to account for this betrayal and not encouraged by turning a blind eye or worse.