Copac draft “caucus rat race” continues!

November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The GNU have appointed a committee move the Copac draft constitution after the process stalled for the last two weeks.

The one thing millions of Zimbabweans out there would have wanted in the new constitution to deliver is free and fair elections because without it nothing politically, economically and socially can change – the corruption, looting and oppression will continue! Everything, absolutely everything hinges on this one thing above also else – free and fair elections. And that is the one thing the Copac draft constitution that has failed to deliver.

The Copac draft is “not perfect”, MP Mwonzora, PM Tsvangirai and the rest of the MDC leaders tells us. Typical isn’t! The nation has this one in a generation chance to replace this oppressive constitution with a democratic one and MDC scuffed it. They let themselves be bully into accepting the Copac draft which will never deliver the one thing millions of Zimbabweans wanted above all – particularly since the orgy of violence in 2008 elections! And they say the draft is “not perfect”; it is rubbish, a complete betrayal of the nation!

At the Second All Stakeholders Conference there was a chance to amend the Copac draft; the most important being those necessary to ensure free elections. All the amendments to emerge from the Conference were from the Zanu PF delegates, MDC delegates had no amendments to improve the “not perfect” draft. So this newly appointed committee will only be considering whether to make a rubbish constitution even worse!

Zimbabwe Vigil called the whole Copac draft constitution process an Alice In Wonderland “caucus rat race”. The nation is desperate to get out of this hell-hole it finds itself but is instead wasting time and money on a totally pointless charade! This is truly tragic!

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