A functional democracy demands an intelligent electorate not one with very poor IQ!

November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized


You are as thick as they come; Yepec! So you think Zimbabweans elected a tyrant in 1980, 1985 and then 1990 and then finally switched their political allegiance to vote in droves for a flawed and indecisive character in 2008 and will do so again because there was no Zimbabwean with common sense for them to vote for? You are one of the many Zimbabweans on this site who continue to swear your unshaking allegiance to Prime Minister Tsvangirai regardless all the evidence of his blunders. There are Mugabe and Zanu PF supporters who, like you, refuse to see Mugabe for the murderer he is.

I have told you before but will say so again; you Tsvangirai supporters and Mugabe supporters have one thing in common – you are both blind. You see in monochrome; black or white, right or wrong. As far as you are concerned your respective leaders are right, they are wise and can no wrong. And you opponents are wrong and can do nothing right. To you a leader is either a God or a demagogue to be worshipped or despised in equal measure!

What morons like you have failed to realize is that by treating people like Mugabe or Tsvangirai as if they are no mere mortals they have become big headed and have started to believe they are infallible and behave accordingly!

The truth is there are an infinite number of sheds of grey between black and white just as there are an infinite number of stories between right and wrong. None of us has the monopoly of what is right or the truth and that is why one must have an open mind and listen to the full story before making one’s judgment.

In fact the world we live in has more than the black, white and the sheds in between; it is full of colourful; all the colours of the rainbow. Colours you clearly have never seen! You talk of democracy not knowing that a functional democracy demand that you hold all leaders, your opponents as well as your own leaders, to account. And if necessary you must ditch one and support the other and not have to wait fifteen years or so as most Zimbabweans did with Mugabe.

Even if one was to talk a true genius of political, economics and whatever else one would consider important in the person to get Zimbabwe out of its hell-hole to stand for election as president; he or she will lose a free and fair election. The great majority of the Zimbabwe electorate are like you; they are blind. When one is so blind that they would give their whole hearted support to murderous tyrant or a flawed and indecisive character; then a genius is wasted on them.

Very few candidates with common sense ever bother to stand in a contest in which the judges hardly understand the issues at stake much less able to distinguish reason from nonsense. Tyrants like Mugabe know there can never be a functioning democracy with the majority electorate that is blind and ignorant and that is why he has expended so much energy, money and political capital in keeping the Zimbabwean electorate blind and ignorant!

Look at you, Yepec, you can read and you write some of the most grammatically correct posts complete with flowery language. But, sadly, have proven totally incapable of THINKING for yourself. You have struggled to accept that Tsvangirai made mistakes even with all the evidence before you. Because you are blind!

As a nation the average IQ of Zimbabweans is 68 on a scale of 150 = genius 100 = normal and 70 = poor. In other words Zimbabwe has more of mentally challenged people like you Yepec, with no common sense and you all have a vote! Frightening; but there is democracy for you! There is no country on earth that has ever enjoyed good governance, justice, economic prosperity, etc. where the electorate has an IQ of 68! That is a fact!

In short, people like you Yepec and Chimbwido, you are doing your bit to hold back Zimbabwe – thanks for nothing!

4 responses to A functional democracy demands an intelligent electorate not one with very poor IQ!

  1. IQ is not only a function of Genetics but a combination of social environment and DNA. Lacking one of these attributes will result in a flawed character with very little ability to distinguish the different shades between black and white, right and wrong.

    They are left with a very limited and easily swayed opinion (repetitive shouting of popular slogans will usually do the trick as proved in the Zambian training camps during the “Bush War”)
    It worked so well that the subjects are still able to frenzy and start foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of any of the words encapsulated in the rhetoric to this day.

    This phenomenon does not bode well for the future of Zimbabwe as even after this long time, the populace have not gained the ability to oust one of the biggest tyrants and murderers of our time.

    What is even more disconcerting is the fact that a great portion of the citizenry have limited amounts of both the required ingredients to make informed decisions about the future of their country.

    Call me elitist or even racist if you want but I believe that the voting public should be screened, not only by age, but by testing of their cognitive abilities as well ..

  2. @Chimbwido

    “No time in the history of this country will we (WE) allow the Uncle Toms to even think of governing this country.” WE, who is we? By we you mean Mugabe, Zanu PF and the rest of you thugs? You thugs got away with a lot of things in the last 32 years but the tide has changed.

    The right to decide who will rule the country is the exclusive right of the Zimbabwean people. You Zanu PF thugs usurped that right but now the rightful people will reclaim that right.

    Taking away what you looted away from you is absolutely necessary to get the national economy back on track again. As for hanging all those with blood on their hands that is the wheel of justice finally catching up with you thugs. You can call it “retribution” but to fail to do so is certainly not “nation building” but failure and betrayal of the victims of this dictatorship.

  3. @Yepec

    I am pitching the NO vote at the blind electotate like you, as I said, because that is the only way you will save yourseves and the nation. I accept that the electorate will not see, they are blind after all, but that should not stop me saying it.

    The Zimbabwean electorate elected Mugabe, a tyrant, and then a few years latter elected Tsvangirai, a flawed and indecisive character. What does that make the electorate? Geniuses!?

  4. @Chimbwido
    You do not hold human life in much regard. You will never to understand why people like me are so concerned about the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who have been forced into abject poverty by this Mugabe regime and the over 30 000 it murdered. To you they are nothing.

    I hold human life as the single most precious thing on this world because it is. I am very concerned about the suffering of the millions and the many lives lost needlessly because I know they could easily be my own mother, brother or me. “There, but for the grace of God, goes me!” I tell myself. That is what we call human empathy and common sense; something you, Chimbwido or people like Mugabe, will neither understand nor will ever comprehend!

    You have to be human first to be capable of something as godlily as empathy; you, Chimbwido are not human!

    The tragedy of our political system is that it allowed people like Mugabe with no common sense or a fiber of humanity in them to get into power. Thank God, his reign of terror and madness is drawing to an end. Mugabe’s rule should have ended years ago where it not for the blundering Tsvangirai who allowed him back into office through the back door. That is not going to happen again; we both know that, hence the reason rats like you are worried. And rightly so too – you will lose your loot and, for many of you, the hangman awaits!