Maduku calls Zanu PF strategy in 2nd Conference “intelligent” vs MDC’s “childish”!

November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mugabe managed to push through Zanu PF amendments during the Second All Stakeholders Conference last month because Zanu PF delegates articulated the changes. There are no corresponding amendments from the two MDC factions because the hand-pick delegates were instructed to accept the draft “as read”. The contention now is that Zanu PF wants the amendments considered in producing the final draft to be considered in the referendum and MDC does not want any of the amendments considered.

It would be a bit strange, to say the least, after all that hu-ha that the Conference should fail to come up with even one single amendment to put forward for consideration. So Zanu PF’s strategy made more sense than MDC’s strategy of accepting the draft with no changes. Professor Maduku described Zanu PF’s strategy as “highest level of sophistication and intelligence” and that of the MDC as “childish”.

Maduku is spot on, Mugabe and Zanu PF have showed the “highest level of sophistication and intelligence” ever since the formation of the GNU four years ago which is why Zanu PF has achieved most, if not all, its set objects – block all reforms, write the Copac draft so that Zanu PF can still use violence if necessary to secure victory, etc. On the other hand PM Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have been pathetic and they have achieved nothing in four years.

“It is one thing for Professor Madhuku to constructively criticise our president and it is another thing to hurl empty insults at president Tsvangirai as if someone is on a Zanu PF payroll,” MDC responded.

No amount of denial can change the fact that on this occasion as in many other countless occasions in the past MDC shot themselves in the foot! Instead of reviewing the party’s decision making process so that they can avoid making even more blunders, the party does not like the message so they shoot the messenger!

Maduku is wrong however to his audience that Mugabe could revert to the Lancaster House Constitution if the Copac draft was rejected in a referendum. There is nothing in the GPA saying he could do that. The more logical position would be to task a new body to draft a new constitution. But then given MDC’s blundering incompetency Mugabe may be able to impose his preferred solution and get away with it!

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  1. Koffi Annan said Africa’s biggest undoing was the habit of blaming the continent’s colonial past for the problems many nations face today. He said it was time Africa looked beyond the continent’s colonial past.

    “The support for the Big Man system — Robert Mugabe an example — created a political culture that simply encourages autocrats and dictatorships,” Annan said

  2. @Tsuromangeng
    Madhuku’s wishy-washy idea of the ordinary people writing the constitution was nonsense. Yes get the people involved in the drafting process, explaining to them the significances of each clause and let them hear the counter arguments.

    What Madhuku is saying here is what actually happened during the Second All Stakeholders Conference – a nonsense in itself since the delegates were hand picked by the three parties, but that is a seperate point. Madhuku’s comments in this case are significant in that they serve to expose just how incompetent MDC really is and why Zimbabweans must read this Copac draft carefully for themselves and not take MDC’s word that it is a good constitution.

  3. Bulawayo South MP, Eddie Cross lambasted Mines Minister Obert Mpofu for looting the money from the Marange diamonds.

    MP Cross said it was regrettable that Zimbabwe was rich in diamond deposits yet is rated as one of the poorest countries on the continent.
    A few MPs who have made some effort to bring some order into Zimbabwe’s chaotic governance and MP Eddie Cross is certainly one of those few.

    Still, one has to ask why MP Cross and his follow MDC bedfellow in the two MDC factions have failed to take people like Mines Minister Obert Mpofu to task in parliament over all this looting of diamond. And why MP Cross continues to endorse the Copac draft knowing fully well it will only serve to perpetuate the corruption, looting and oppression of the people?

    People like MP Cross could have done a lot more to save the nation from Mugabe and Zanu PF but they have held back. They have done enough to ensure their re-election, yes; but no more!

  4. The poor quality of MDC leaders is lamentable. Pisayi Muchauraya here says one thing one minute and the exact opposite the next!

    ‘Who doesn’t know Sibanda’s history of violence and who in his right mind would vote for anyone seen to be associating themselves with this type of man,” he said. Nonsense because everyone knows that Mugabe was able to overturn the March 2008 defeat by Tsvangirai into a landslide victory in June 2008 after using violence.

    He then admitted in the next minute that violence is a serious problem, “and the only way to end political violence requires bringing to book those behind it”. Right; except that MDC has done nothing these last four years to bring those responsible for the beating and rape of over a million people and death of over 500 in 2008!

    The tragic reality is people like Muchauraya, PM Tsvangirai, etc do not really care if the orgy of violence of 2008 is repeated again as long as they get elected an take up their seat on the gravy train!

  5. @Yepec
    What is so brave about lying and sending innocent men and women to a lifetime of misery and many to their deaths? I told you before if people like Muchauraya, Tsvangirai do not want to be held accountable for what they say and do then they must resign their public office.

    People like Tsvangirai chose to stand for public office and promised the people change – change they have miserably failed to deliver. All they cared about is to get on the gravy train. They are now using the same dirty tactics to remain in power even to the extent of using innocent people as cannon fodder.

    You do not want Tsvangirai held to account no more than Chimbwido want Mugabe held to account. Read this very carefully: THEY WILL ALL BE HELD TO ACCOUNT.

    By the way I may take you up on that challenge to hold public office in Zimbabwe – if a ruthless tyrant and murderer like Mugabe can be President and an idiot like Tsvangirai can be Prime Minister, I am sure I am more than well qualified to be a Councilor is my rural village! And I am sure there will many other Zimbabweans with some common sense if not more to carry out the duties of the presidency!

    Let me assure you; I or the common sense President will not fear being held to account. But before the nation can hope to have leaders with some grey stuff between their ears we must clear the deck by flushing out the army of tyrants, idiots and their nymph-followers who think leaders should not be held to account!!

  6. Jonathan Moyo accuse Coltart of being a member of the notorious Selous Scout in Rhodesia.

    Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have been killed in cold blood and more lives are on the line if we do not do something to end this political madness that has taken root in our country since 1980. People like Senator Coltart have spoken against this madness and I honour them. People like Moyo have encouraged the madness and profited from it; I spit on Moyo, Mugabe and all those holding the nation to ransom today.

    To discuss whether or not the Senator was a member will be as fulise as discussing Professor Moyo’s own pre-independence role which is exactly what the latter is try to do. Senator Coltart fought in the war of independence, regardless of the military position he held from the whites’ side and that made him an enemy of the black majority then. Moyo fought with the blacks, again regardless of whether or not he killed any enemy soldiers. that made him a hero. For the last 33 years millions of our people have been denied their freedom, liberty and the right to life itself. Discussing the pre-independence role of these two individuals or anyone else is futile because many of those we will label as heroes are the ones who are oppressing the people today and many of them have the blood of the 30 000 killed since 1980.