Mugabe will never do anything to risk rejection of Copac: he would even kill to secure a yes Vote: I bet!

November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

A week ago the Copac constitution writing process was “deadlocked” because Mugabe was insisting that it was up to him and his two fellow principals in the GPA to make the final decision on what draft the nation will vote on.  MDC-T spokesman, MP Mwonzora has just announce a “breakthrough”; Mugabe has accepted that parliament will make the final decision. It was all much to do about nothing really!
This Copac draft constitution took THREE and HALF YEARS to write. Other nations like Egypt and Tunisia who too have had to come up with a new constitution took six months or so to draft their constitution:  we took seven times as long and, probably, paid seven times as much and, to crown it all, our Copac draft is rubbish!
The Copac draft took all these years to write because Mugabe wanted the document to be carefully crafted to give the impression that he was giving up his dictatorial powers when in reality he was not. Everyone who has read the draft agree it will do nothing to end Zimbabwe’s culture of violence and it will not deliver free and fair elections. The two MDC factions accept this and hence their initial insistence that the agreed democratic reforms must be implemented.  I say initial, because in the last few weeks the two parties seem to have completely forgotten their demands for reform.
Sadly it is not the first time both PM Tsvangirai and Professor Ncube have made a string of political demands in the morning only to ignore them before sunset! Only the politically naïve would believe Mugabe would risk this Copac draft being rejected by the people in the referendum by amending it; he knows he will still have all his important dictatorial power after it is passed. Only the gullible would believe even for one moment that Zanu PF would vote NO to this Copac draft.
A NO vote in the referendum will mean going back to the drawing board and write a new constitution and implementing the agreed reforms. That is something Mugabe will not want to see happen because he knows he will not have the same free hand as now to dictate the outcome.
So all this talk of Copac draft constitution process being “deadlocked” one week and then a “breakthrough” in the process the next week is just another one of Mugabe’s delaying tactics to remind everyone he is the boss.
I am not a betting man but I will do so this time: I will bet my bottom dollar Mugabe will do NOTHING to risk Copac draft being rejected and that he will go all out for a YES vote! Indeed if the NO vote should be strong, he will intimidate, rape and even kill to secure a YES vote. Any takers?

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  1. MDC has done nothing about these reforms for four years, FOUR BLOODY YEARS! And now a few weeks before fresh elections the idiots are asking SADC to “enforce agreed reforms”.

    Mondo, parroting the idiotic call of Tsvangirai and co is not doing anything to address this very serious problem. The last thing we want is give the people the impression SADC is going to DO something when we all know they are not. We need to find a solution and not bury our heads in the sand!

  2. @Hon Proud Zimbabwean

    The constitution governing Zimbabwe today is the 1980 Lancaster House Constitution (LHC) plus the 19 amendments passed since then. The last amendment, the 19th amendment accepts the GPA and that what is contained therein will take precedence and effect immediately, i.e. when the 19th amendment was passed.

    The GPA calls for a raft of democratic reforms and that the country was to write a new DEMOCRATIC constitution which, once accepted in a referendum, will then replace the LHC plus 19 amendments. The GPA calls for fresh elections under the new constitution.

    If the people reject this Copac rubbish, which they must because it is not a DEMOCRATIC one, the nation will be under the same constitution as it was before the referendum i.e. the LHC plus all the 19 amendments. It is nonsense to say Mugabe or anyone can revert to the LHC plus 18 amendments but minus the 19th amendment.

    If the people reject this Copac rubbish then the nation will have to carry out the exercise of drafting a new constitution all over again. No doubt other players – other than the three political parties in the GPA will have to play a role in drafting the fresh constitution – why should the nation be held to ransom by these three. Mugabe knows that and that is why he will do nothing to risk the Copac draft being rejected because he will not have the same dictatorial influence as he enjoyed in writing the Copac draft.

    At present things are looking well for Mugabe, the two imbeciles leading the two MDC factions have endorsed the Copac draft, the YES vote will carry the day if the referendum was held today. But with each passing day more and more Zimbabweans are realizing that this Copac draft is rubbish and that Tsvangirai and Ncube have for the last four years being systematically selling the nation cheaply to Mugabe in return for being allowed on the gravy train.

    This Copac draft is nothing but just another manifestation of this MDC failure to keep their promise to bring democratic change and betrayal the people. The more people realize this the more certain one can be of a resounding NO vote to the Copac draft!

    The lies about the nation reverting to the LHC is a sign Zanu PF is now worried of losing the referendum. The dictator has, uncharacteristically, already toned down his party’s 266 addition amendments to buy safe passage of the Copac draft. In his desperate effort to get the Copac draft passed Mugabe will be tempted to resort to using violence. If he does, then that would harden the people’s resolve to reject the draft and SADC and the International Community will have cause to intervene.

    Mark my words: if the Copac draft is rejected in the referendum and/or there is the usual political violence is Mugabe and Zanu PF are well and truly F*****D!

  3. @Tano
    The other worrying thing is that the two MDC are now expending all their energy on preparing for next elections and have kicked into the tall grass their initial demands to get the democratic reforms necessary to end the culture of violence implemented. All these idiots care about is that they are elected MP and take their seat on the gravy train. They do not care how many people are beaten up, raped or murdered before or after elections!