MDC pass fudged democratic rules for selecting MP candidates: reforms have been kicked into the tall grass!

November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

MDC select candidates for the upcoming elections under the following rules:

a)      In constituencies where there are no seating MDC MPs: all prospective candidates will be selected by party members in primary elections

b)      Where there are seating MDC MPs party members will be asked to confirm if they still want the seating MP as their candidate.


“If sitting MPs are not confirmed by their constituencies, then they are given an opportunity to fight for a place in the primary elections.”

Well; that blows all MDC pretence that it is a democratic party; this is hardly a rigorous and competitive screening process.

What is even more surprising is MDC has been saying all along they will be asking SADC to force Mugabe to implement the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA to ensure the next elections ARE INDEED free and fair. MDC were supposed to have had the reforms implemented already but for four years they did nothing. They were too busy enjoying the spoils of being in power, being on the gravy train.

So now the party is preparing for the new elections and the reforms have, once again, been kicked into the long grass! These MDC leaders do not care whether the elections are marred by violence and millions are beaten and raped and hundreds murdered; all they want is to be back on the gravy train regardless the price the nation pays!

2 responses to MDC pass fudged democratic rules for selecting MP candidates: reforms have been kicked into the tall grass!

  1. Tracy Mutinhiri a former Zanu PF member but now an active member of MDC says she will keep a farm taken away from a white farmer in Mugabe’s violent seizures of white owned farms.

    Under the Global Political Agreement land reform is recognised as irreversible. But Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC-T national spokesperson, said: “Our position in MDC has not changed. The invasion of farms during the land reform programme was done through illegal means and there is no way we will embrace lawlessness.”

    Yaaaah it is one thing to condemn something but another to do something about it! All the nation has ever got from MDC is talk, talk, talk but no action!

  2. Speaking at a district peace rally in Mkoba over the weekend, Matibenga, who is also the MDC-T Kuwadzana MP and veteran trade unionist, said Mugabe was trying to shift attention from reforms to a debate on the election date.

    “He (Mugabe) knows full well that his stance is unacceptable, but will push for it so that it gets attention and everything else is abandoned,” she said. “We are not afraid of polls, but let’s complete a clear roadmap which will produce an un-contestable result.”

    More empty words from MDC; the party has done nothing about these reforms for the last four years and even now, at the eleventh hour, the party continues to do nothing but talk!