Moyo gives his Goebbels explanation of new Zanu PF rules barring young turks from standing for elections!

November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

According to Zanu PF’s recently passed rules, only members who have served the party for five consecutive years are eligible to stand as party candidates in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

The rule is seen as a response by the old, old guard to stop the increasingly vocal “young turks”, particularly from the security services who played a decisive role in the 2008 orgy of violence that stop the party and Mugabe from being wiped off the political map. They see an increased role in politics as their just and deserved reward, now that they have retired from the Army, Police, etc. They may have dabbed in politics but as a Soldier or Police Officer they could not be an active Zanu PF party member and thus they will run afoul of the new rule.

The Young Turks should have learnt a lesson from how the old, old guard had egged the war vets and Njambanja youths to haunt the white farmers off their land. As soon as the dirty work was done the old, old guard kicked the war vet and Njambanja off the farm. Many of Mugabe and his cronies have five farms or more each!

Of course the old, old guard will need the Young Turks to do the dirty work for them again if the party is to win the next elections.

Old, old guard’s grip on power is not going to last much longer; the pressure for meaningful change has been growing and cannot be contained for much longer. When change happens then those responsible for the corruption, looting and all the political violence will have to account for it all. You can bet the old, old guard who disown the War Vets, Njambanja and Young Turks!

It looks like the new rule design to bar the Young Turks from holding political office has snared some of the old, old guards too; notably Professor Jonathan Moyo, Zimbabwe’s very own Josef Goebbels. The Chief of Propaganda lost his position in 2005 after the failed palace coup to topple Mugabe. Moyo literally cried tears, “izinyembezi” according to the tyrant, pleading for his life. But no doubt the tyrant felt he needed Moyo’s propaganda skills and so Moyo was welcomed back into the party in 2009. So if the new rule was applied without favour Moyo too would be barred from standing for election!

“These good for nothing fools should know that what is important about rules is not their dogma but how they bend,” explained Zimbabwe’s Goebbels. “The fact is that all rules have exceptions in order to avoid breaking because a rule or ruler that does not bend breaks!”

Even Germany’s Josef Goebbels at his best would have taken his hat off to that one!

But to help our Young Turks, it would take them a cat’s nine lives to figure that one out, what Professor Moyo is saying is the new party rules were passed to stop the stupid one from getting on the gravy train but not the clever.

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  1. @Kules

    You are right the fight to get on the gravy train is heating up! Fortunately for Mugabe his pockets are very deep and well lined thanks to the money from the Marange diamonds.

    What should worry the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans is Zanu PF’s contemptious disregard of the for trules and laws. Zimbabweans are being asked to vote a weak and feeble Copac draft to become the next national constitution. Clearly Mugabe and Zanu PF has no intention to treating ordinary Zimbabweans with respect and dignit and no wonder the tyrant did not want a democratic constitution. Zimbabweans would have a fight on their hands getting Mugabe and Zanu PF to up hold a strong law what chance do they have when the law is weak and feeble!

  2. Madzore’s lack of bitterness is admirable still what the whole nation really wanted to hear is that he is disappointed that 32 years after independence the same injustice of the colonial days are still there. And more significantly, that he will be pushing his fellow MDC leaders to push for the democratic changes the party promised.

    Mugabe and his cronies have used their heroic abuse by the Smith regime as licence to do as they pleased after independence. PM Tsvangirai has in turn reminded Zimbabweans of his swollen face at the hands of Mugabe’s Police to justify why he too should not be questioned.

    We want the abuse of power stopped not another badge of honour of yet another victim, period!

  3. Thank you for this interesting post. I am often amazed at the stories you share here. My heart bleeds for beautifull Zimbabwe.

  4. @Chimbwido
    Mugabe has had the great fortune of having to deal with one of the most incompetent leaders in human history; some of the things Tsvangirai has allowed Mugabe to get away with showed the PM is not a full shilling! Just because Mugabe has got away with all these things that does not prove he was right or those falsely accused, as in this case, are guilty.

    As for Madzore’s blind support of Tsvangirai as the next president in stake contrast to overwhelming evidence of the latter’s failure to bring about any of the democratic changes he promised; this is a common enough shortcoming in Zimbabwe. How often have we seen the messenger become more important than the message, the cause. Being a Mugabe supporter yourself, Chimbwido, you must know how those who prophesied to serve the national cause of independence, freedom and liberty have gone on enslaved the nation denying all their most basic rights and freedom including the right to life itself. Madzore was bitten by the same liberator-today-oppressor-tomorrow bug!

  5. @Dumbu
    Minister Makoni was able to get Minister Mutasa’s relative out of jail within days and you want to tell me she, PM Tsvangirai and the whole MDC party could not get Madzore and others out of jail or at least force those with evidence to come out forthwith for over a year?

    God helps those who help themselves. Over 500 Zimbabweans lost their lives to elect PM Tsvangirai and company on the promise they would bring democratic change in Zimbabwe. The idiots cannot even stop Mugabe harassing their own party leaders let alone protect the public! You should be asking PM Tsvangirai to stop his globe-trotting and chasing women and bring the changes he promised and end this lawlessness instead of asking for divine intervention at every turn.

    Being pious is one thing but that is no excuse for leaving the lens-cap to one’s brains permanently screwed on! Dumbu, you forgot to take-off the lens-cap to your brain again!