Copac constitution impasse referred to SADC: a Mugabe dirty trick to outfox Zimbabwean public!

November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Constitution’s Management Committee has failed to agree on amendments to the Copac draft should be included in the final draft. MDC have now asked SADC to help resolve the impasse.

After three and half years of bickering the three political parties produced this Copac draft constitution which is not worth the paper it is written on. Mugabe is the one who held up the whole process to pressure the two MDC into accepting what he wanted. He is now playing exactly the same game with the people to keep them guessing what will be in the final draft and when the referendum will be held. So that when the draft is finally released the people will not have the time or the patience to give it the close scrutiny it demands.

Mugabe’s forte on the Copac draft constitution is to force the people to vote yes to this document from a point of ignorance!

Mugabe is now aware that most people now realize this Copac draft will not end the culture of violence, will not deliver free elections and will not guarantee the right to life. And so he needs to divert the people’s attention away from the substance of the draft to the process. Mugabe is a master tactician and creating a diversionary decoy is one of his favorite tricks.

The moment Zimbabweans take their eyes off the ball Mugabe will swiftly steam rolled the nation into voting yes to the Copac rubbish in the referendum and then quickly hold fresh elections in which he will use violence and all other usual vote rigging tactics. By the time the nation realize what has just happened he would be back in office looking as innocent as a saint! Watch out!

Mugabe is a tyrant and a ruthless dictator used to dictate to all and having his way. Our challenge is not allow him to have the final say on this Copac rubbish; whatever happens, no matter what!

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